Kelly Dodd’s Husband Michael Wants Full-Custody of Their Daughter Jolie

Kelly Dodd has been married to her husband Michael for 11-years, and we have just learned that their divorce battle might be turning in a nasty direction, as reports claim that Michael wants full-custody of the couple’s daughter Jolie.

“Michael has lawyered up because he wants full custody of their daughter,” a source says. “Michael feels Kelly’s often traveling and busy filming. He is furious.”

Kelly and Michael first filed for divorce in 2012 before reconciling. Both of them have been dating other people since announcing the split in September, but the person who matters most to former toy company COO Michael is Jolie. “He wants to make sure,” the source tells Life & Style, “that she gets all the attention she needs.”


8 Replies to “Kelly Dodd’s Husband Michael Wants Full-Custody of Their Daughter Jolie”

  1. I don’t blame him..he’s just concerned about their daughter! He knows that kelly’s Partying/ drinking lifestyle are going to be a concern! Their daughter needs stability and I think the courts will end up giving them joint custody! As the daughter gets older she can choose who she wants to live with!

    1. Nah! I don’t like Kelly but I really don’t believe she’s such a bad mother that Michael has to fight her for full custody. This smacks more of Michael wanting to “stick it to her”.

  2. Isn’t the daughter old enough to choose? Let’s face it, filming doesn’t last 12 months. I’m assuming Michael works, in which case, no reason not to have joint custody. Their marriage was acrimonious. I don’t see their divorce being any different.

  3. These two need to grow up and realize this is their child’s life they are playing around with. It’s bad enough she will have to go back and forth from moms to dads, she does not need this bickering about who is the better parent. I think they both have many issues. If they were STUPID and allowed the courts in to help make a decision they are playing with fire. The decisions made are all going to be made by a judge and they will have no say in anything. IF they were smart (which I question) they need to stop the nonsense and sit down like big people and come to a decision on how to keep Jolie OUT of the madness and put her needs before their own.

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