Kelly Dodd’s Former High School Classmates Claim She Was a Bully


Real Housewives of Orange County’s Kelly Dodd allegedly had a reputation in high school of bullying other students, a new report claims. That’s right, Dodd’s former classmates are coming forward, claiming that she was a mean girl in school and that she was a bully before she joined the Bravo show.

“High school and beyond, she has always attacked people she felt were inferior to her,” an alumna of St. Mary’s High School in Phoenix, Arizona revealed. “Her behavior was always so hateful and loud.”

The insider explained how Dodd would “try to pass herself off as a nice, Christian kid,” but instead would act like a “horrible person.”

One example of Kelly’s mean-girl moves was when she spread a rumor “like wildfire” about another student, and showed no remorse when confronted, according to one insider.

“She has done nothing to improve or educate herself,” the source told RadarOnline. “[She] dwells within her ‘glory days’ as a pom-pom girl.”

“Kelly was hotheaded and was known to fight before she spoke,” a second source claimed. “She would fight at any given time. She got into quite a few fights.”

Her classmates also explained how Kelly would lie about her upbringing.

“[Dodd] had a keen focus on money and status. So much so, that she lied about being from Scottsdale, AZ when she really grew up in Glendale, AZ. The difference is like being from East LA and Beverly Hills,” the first source claimed, as the second added, “She portrays her life to be one way when it’s not the reality.”

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32 Replies to “Kelly Dodd’s Former High School Classmates Claim She Was a Bully”

  1. I think the real bullies are the people digging up these stories. You have garbage bag two faced bi polar Shannon Beddor and her children who don’t behave and a husband who is as worthless as she is. Heather has more problems and is a snob with her house and she acts like she is better than everyone. Also did everyone forget Tamara was the mean girl for many years. Just because Kelly is nice to Vicki……don’t ruin her reputation. Not nice Bravo.

    1. Agree Lindsey. The shows are not good entertainment any longer. They are tainted. Totally unhealthy environments. But love Southern Charm and Below Deck. Those ones I watch !

    2. The reason those Housewives were bad casting was because THEY ARE NORMAL!! The mean, crazy drunk slutty HW are the popular ones, who likes to watch a nice normal person? There is always one normal HW with quick wit to comment on the craziness of the others Carole, Heather, Dina, Kandi come to mind.. but then people say they are snobby or boring.. They are what separates HW from shows like Jersey Shore where they are all drunken fools. Aside from that.. Calling someone a garage bag two faced bipolar is the definition of bullying.

    3. You sound like your name is Kelly Dodd lol. She needs a lesson on anger management because the stuff that comes out of her mouth when she’s mad are unforgivable. She needs help. She called Heather a cunt. She told Tamara she knows why her daughter doesn’t’ talk to her. She told Shannon no wonder your husband cheated on you. She is the bully here not the others. I’d be pissed at Kelly Dodd to if I witnessed any of these things she said.

      1. I think it was Kelly Dodd herself! Not like that lazy dirty slob has anything else to do all day than to reply and try defending herself in her very obvious hateful way!

    4. Did we touch a nerve in you Kelly?

      Kelly is greasy and dirty looking. No surprise that she was arrested for criminal domestic violence on her husband. She looks like someone who sits around the house when she has nothing pressing to do, and looks like a dirty slob, unbrushed teeth, stringy dirty hair, dirty underwear, just nasty! I get all that from that nasty personality and that ugly face, and that goofy, dorky, clumsy frame- that ugly you, have to walk around with. Kelly Dodd needs some deep mental help. She is barely a human being. Not at all surprised that she was a nasty bully in school. The problem is though, that most everyone who admit to being unkind in school, they CHANGE for the better and ask forgiveness.

    1. Yes Kelly, be glad it is only 2 so far that have come forth, or have you physically subdued the others so they can’t speak?

  2. Everyone comes out of nowhere when you are in the public eye. What is fact or fiction is hard to discern with such “sources.”
    Would I be surprised if she was a bully in her youth? No, since she has no problem being less than a caring person at present, (putting it nicely) or at least from what I have seen. It also seems like she has a problem with alcohol consumption in a big way IMO. That never helps.

    1. Don’t like Kelly’s personality…but for worst casting on HW? What about Cindy Barshop from NY, most of OC season 1, deShawn from ATL, all from DC? kelly brings drunk drama-yuck, but still drama. The other ladies I mentioned brought absolutely nothing to the show.

  3. I agree Lori… this chick is crazy. IF and I say IF this story is real it explains Kelly’s crappy behavior and how she believes she is so much more than she really is. She has a trailer trash mouth and her body language is that she is ready to fight all the time. She is a get up in your face little girl trying to intimidate everyone who she does not like.
    Lori she is a terrible choice for a housewife and I will add another Jules Weinstein from NY. She is an anomaly and dumb as dirt. Whomever is doing the hiring needs to step down and let someone else pick the HW. let me add one more thing The OG of the OC or the old lady Vickie she needs to go too.

      Was Kelly brought to the show to be the Big Bad Wolf??? She is totally bullying Shannon, from day one she was rude… on the boat. She and Vicki probably met up and planned to destroy Shannon. I don’t understand why she is blaming Shannon for what comes out of someone else’s mouth. It’s unreal what she does and nobody ever checks her!

  4. Whoever dug up this trash, should be horse-whipped. That was mean & hateful & to a great extent, fabricated I’m guessing. There is the other side. If in fact she was a bully in school, maybe she had to grow a back bone in order to cope if the kids were as mean as the women on the OC.

    1. Your actually right about that BUT when you choose a reality show ESPECIALLY the Housewives your life is an open book. If her past is now catching up with her then she should stay off the tube and keep her life private. I just can’t have any sympathy for these people who choose to take the paycheck but then feel victimized . If there are ANY skeletons in your closets than it’s probably best to NOT to sign up for this stuff.
      I see how these Hw’s have just brought out the worst of themselves and then cry about it. Someone like SOnja who is so sad to watch… I think (yes just me) that she has sealed her own fate. She has shown the world that she will sleep with anything and anyone. She is not afraid to go out and get hammered (and god only knows if she is mixing the booze with prescriptions drugs. Who in their right mind would take Sonja home to meet their children or family. It would have to be someone who is needy and thinks they might find fame. No upstanding nice man who has value and morals is going to take a chance on that. She is ALL over the internet and 95% of it is NOT pretty. I feel for her daughter she is going to take the brunt of the damage as she grows up. I guess I was also surprised that JP didn’t take full custody of Quincy when she was younger to keep her away from SOnja’s gross antics. SOrry about the Sonja rant. Im in a mood.
      Bottom line stay off if reality TV if you don’t want your life under a microscope.

  5. Well I don’t care what Anyone saysKelly’s a bitch and Vicki did know about his cancer she is if she would just tell the truth all the girls would forgive her but she does need to apologize to Shannon Shannon was the only one there for her and then she treated her the way she did Kelly just need to leave the show

  6. Kelly herself admitted to “anger issues” so that explains it all. She is emotionally unhinged at the drop of a hat and I think she is a very damaged little girl who never had to support herself (Daddy issues) and is extremely jealous of the other women. The mere fact that she is “friends” with that lying POS Vicki is all I need to know that I don’t like her. Plus, sorry Kelly, but YOU made the decision to go on national television so all your skeletons will be exposed. If you don’t like how you are being perceived, it’s nobody’s fault but your own.

  7. Stopped watching all of the idiotic housewife shows a couple years back and I don’t miss it at all. These women have no class, most of them don’t have the money they think they have and what classy nice woman would want any of them for a friend. Thersa is the most revolting. She thinks she is the queen and Bravo does anything she demands. The day an employee told me she wouldn’t work because she didn’t like another person, I would tell her not to let the door hit her in the ass on her way out. Andy has no balls and he needs to leave and get rid of these stupid shows.

    1. Years ago? I’m not quite convinced of that though. Why would you bother to comment on something you no longer know anything about anymore? Seems a little odd.

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