Kelly Dodd’s Father Also Charged With Assault in the Past


According to a new report, a bad temper runs in RHOC star Kelly Dodd’s family. Kelly’s father was charged with assault years before she was arrested for a similar crime. Documents obtained from the City of Phoenix Municipal Court, reveal that Frank Meza was charged with assault on March 20, 1992.

The case was later dismissed without prejudice.

Kelly was slapped with a similar charge when her then-estranged husband Michael filed a restraining order against her in 2014 after a domestic violence dispute.

“Kelly Denise Dodd did willfully and unlawfully inflict corporal injury resulting in a traumatic condition upon [Michael Dodd], who was the spouse of the defendant,” the court papers, obtained by RadarOnline, read of the July 6, 2014 arrest.

The protective order was terminated on February 4, 2015, and the case was dismissed when she completed 10 AA meetings and six months of therapy for the arrest.

Dodd was hit with a second restraining order when her then-boyfriend’s estranged wife filed.

“Within the last two years, Kelly Dodd on numerous occasions has sent emails and texts to me, which are derogatory in nature, inflammatory and harassing,” Dana Caldwell wrote in her declaration. “She attempts to conceal her identity by sending such text messages from the phone of Jeff. She has also sent inappropriate messages from his iPad concealing that it is her.”

The case was dismissed on February 18, 2014.

Are you surprised by Kelly’s past?

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20 Replies to “Kelly Dodd’s Father Also Charged With Assault in the Past”

        1. Well…. I’ve been blamed for my daughter doing triple science when she did her A levels! The fact that I never could get her to do anything other than what she wanted……! So I guess I’ve come out ok if it’s just that!

  1. Surprised??? Oh hell NO! Apparently the AA meetings were unsuccessful as she drinks like there IS no tomorrow. I think the anger issues have been apparent all along and I, for one, am not surprised that she has had legal action taken against her for it. In order for Michael to get injured from corporal punishment, she must have been in one heck of a rage. I mean, he isn’t some wimpy dude here. I just hope that Kelly is able to reign in her anger and get it in check before she turns it on her daughter. I hope against hope that she doesn’t lose her mind toward the child when she is older! I think some anger management of some type would be advised, but if AA didn’t work, who is to say that AM would help her. And, her mother seems to be such a nice lady.

  2. So now she can blame her genetic disposition towards alcoholic rages and anger? There needs to be a statute of limitations on just how long a person can blame their parents for all THEIR problems! Sorry Kelly, you are an alcoholic, a disgusting piece of human excrement with a filthy mouth and an ugly heart.

  3. Doesn’t Bravo do full background checks on their casts? How would someone with a documented violent history be approved for the show? Doesn’t Bravo have a responsibility to the other cast members to protect them from potentially harmful situations? One guess…..ratings!

    1. Doesn’t it make you wonder if they do know the seedy pasts of these women and book them BECAUSE of it? Or are these drunken, mouthy, low class slobs that have appeared in every HW franchise a true representation of women today?

  4. I wish this story never surfaced, because her father is not on this show. The stories from one’s past always seem one sided,& not telling the entire story.
    I mean one can read it as her father was walking down a road, & just popped the fire out of someone, cause he was bored?
    If the ” Investigators,” are digging up stories; at least tell the entire story.

    Dana Caldwell, she wants her 15 minutes of fame.

    1. I do agree with you that it’s unfair and uncalled for to talk about people who are not on the show. I felt the same about the stories of Erikas son . She’s fair game but not family who are not on the show

  5. No. I’m not excusing her PAST behavior. She has anger issues; she has freely admitted that. Does she need more therapy- yes.

    As far ad the 10 AA meetings, my best friend, who has never been arrested got a DUI, & had to do the same AA meetings. It’s all contingent upon the Judge.

  6. I can’t find anything about her that I like, and that’s unusual for me. Everything I read about her is bad, extending to her family now apparently.

  7. I like Kelly, because she stands up to Heather. What she said to Tamra and Vicki, is true. Heather acts as if she is SOOO superior to everyone else. And, her imitations of Heather are spot on.

    1. I am sorry but I can’t agree. Kelly has no purpose or need to be on this show. I’d much rather deal w/Heather. Kelly was on WWHL a little bit a go w/Rachel Draft(?) She was rude, constantly just sat there looking bored and really mad the episode uncomfortable. She also was never asked a hard question about her attitudes and potty mouth. Hopefully Bravo ditches her before next year. Wish they’d do the same for Victim Vicki who has never and won’t ever come clean about the scam she and Brooks tried to pull last year.

  8. Blecccchhh. Nothing here has changed. What would possess such LADIES to succumb to the self torture of committing to the ritual observation of these drunken, lowclass slobs and disgusting pieces of human excrement?

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