Kelly Dodd: We Weren’t Laughing at Peggy

RHOC star Kelly Dodd is taking to her blog to react to Peggy Sulahian’s behavior on the cast trip to Iceland this year. Dodd mocks Sulahian for her dramatic behavior and clarifies that she and Tamra were not laughing at Peggy.

Kelly also believes that Peggy is out of her element with these women and that Peggy’s behavior at dinner was bizarre.

“When Peggy made her grand entrance in Lydia’s room before dinner, I couldn’t help but laugh. Her shirt says “WHATEVER” but her face screams “HIGH MAINTENANCE.” She lets Lydia know right off the bat that she’s cold, she’s starving, she’s tired…and Lydia, being the gracious host she is, scrambles to make sure Peggy is comfortable. It’s like watching Smithers and Mr. Burns on The Simpsons. And just like Monty Burns, Peggy is ready to release the hounds.

First of all, to answer this week’s burning question, Tamra and I were NOT laughing at Peggy. At one point in the night, we all went and got into our pajamas. When Tamra and I came out of our rooms, I was banging on Vicki’s door and Tamra was banging on Shannon’s door. We did it at the same time, and looked at each other and just burst out laughing. I can’t tell you why it was so funny—I guess you had to be there. Then Peggy opened her door and started screaming at us to stop laughing at her! It was so bizarre, it made the whole thing even funnier, and we laughed even harder.

The only weird thing about Tamra and I having a good time was Peggy’s compulsion to record us on her cell phone. Who does that?

I appreciate that Lydia tried to explain to Peggy that when I said I would have my dad call her dad, I was using a figure of speech. I’m not surprised that Peggy still insisted on taking it as a personal insult. In Peggy’s world, everything is all about Peggy, all of the time.

Because it was our last night in Iceland, Lydia had organized a viking dinner experience for us. They really pulled out all the stops. It’s too bad Lydia had to miss most of the fun because of Peggy’s pity party. When we walked into the dining room, I truly felt like I was transported into a Stanley Kubrick movie, with all the men in their matching sweaters. When they revealed themselves to be the Karlakór Rangæinga Choir, it was surreal to say the least.

Now I know what Sigurder, our host, meant when he said there would be singing and fighting at dinner…but he probably didn’t know the half of it. Only Peggy would show up over an hour late, keeping Lydia, and act like it’s a gracious act of compassion. It’s just plain rude! She acted like she was doing Lydia a favor, by ruining the last night of her trip. Who does Peggy think she is? Am I the only person who finds this a little outrageous?

The a cappella choir was the perfect soundtrack for Peggy’s arrival, wearing satanic red. I think Shannon bolted up to join the chorus because she wanted to be anywhere but at our table. She knew nothing good was going to come from this late arrival. She probably would have run off and joined the Vikings if she could have!

I apologized to Peggy at dinner because I was worried about her feelings. I was being sincere. Her response was as cold as I have now come to expect. I always liked Peggy and felt like I had gotten to know her back in the O.C. But seeing her away from Diko and the safe spaces of her Lambourghinis showed me who she truly is. I might be coarse with my language and sometimes I like to drink, but I’m not a bad person! I just want everybody to get along and have fun…and Peggy is the ultimate buzzkill.

I think Peggy’s accusations at dinner, attempting to reveal her phone recording, and her spontaneous attack on Meghan’s parenting threw everyone for a loop. As I said then, I will say now—it’s beyond. But did you notice how the second she left the restaurant, the mood lifted? Lydia seemed truly relieved to stop babysitting her. And you’ll notice no one was talking about her after she was gone. Earlier, Peggy had told Lydia that she hoped we were saying bad things about her. She wants us to be the villains, and it couldn’t be more transparent.

Taking a step back and looking at the big picture, I think Peggy is out of her depth with these women. She said she had never been on a girls’ trip, and earlier in the season she said she was coming into our circle in order to make some new friendships outside of her family bubble. In groups like ours, we drink, we argue, we apologize, and we move forward. Something that was so silly and could have been quickly resolved the next morning turned into a cataclysmic event for Peggy. It’s not that serious!

Have you noticed that Peggy loves to police other people’s behavior? She even wants to censor crying infants. (Newsflash: babies cry.) Shannon and Vicki have much deeper issues than Peggy does with Tamra or myself. Yet, still, the two of them were able to get along, be civil, and even share a few laughs. Tell me: whose behavior is more inappropriate?”

I happen to agree with Kelly that Peggy is out of her element. Whose side are you on… Kelly or Peggy?

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13 Replies to “Kelly Dodd: We Weren’t Laughing at Peggy”

  1. You are such a liar and a mean girl and drunk! Peggy called your behavior out for what it was! You can’t fool her! The “dew is off the rose honey” and you are going to find out that men will “ hit it and quit it but won’t buy that cow! You think you are so clever and so hot! You are really an ugly woman inside and out! People can see your issues a mile away and I pray your ex NEVER lets you manipulate snd use him again and moves on to a better woman more age appropriate! Poor kid with a mother like you! You’ll be drunk and partying all the time and pawn her off as you live the Miller high life! Do I hope she ends up with her Dad who is far more stable!

  2. Kelly really has disappointed me this season. 90% of Vicki’s problems with Shannon and Tamra come from Kelly not keeping a secret . What a friend. She is so extra for no reason.

  3. Kelly is trying way too hard to be part of the so called “IN CROWD”. In so doing, she’s lost everything I liked about her last season. She’s changed & not for the better.

  4. Spot on Kelly…Peggy is just weird, boring & not very bright..Calling Mehgan an unfit mother was the end for me…children cry, even while you are holding them & trying to comfort them. For Peggy to insinuate that Meghan would leave the child alone unattended in a foreign country is just disgusting, the fact that Meghan even brought her daughter to be with her instead of leaving her at home shows what a good mom she is….then to top it off Peggy made fun of the way Meghan looks ..sounds like she is jealous & a bully. Peggy is not a good fit for this show, too much of a phoney, attention whore while trying to act like a dumb dumb woman….

    1. Kelly was bullied last season and she has forgiven the mean OC girls,I love Kelly this season I am Team KELLY on this whole Peggy issue .Poor Shannon got the same Peggy treatment.. BYE Peggy .do not hold your breath to see Peggy next season U will suffocate Bye Clueless Peggy She is everything this show is not she has class and the other women are not ladies . Meg I just CANNOT stand !!.

  5. Peggy maybe from USA but I would bet and win the $$ her family at home spoke their language so the english is not her first language .

  6. Most of you with nothing but negative comments should try out for the shows you would fit right in. I see a huge difference in Kelly from last year and like Shannon when your in an unhappy marriage you take it out on others at the strangest times. Kelly knows when she drinks her mouth gets the best of her but she was trying to be a better person, she was afraid to loose the only person who put up with her and that was Vicki so she went off on Peggy because she was trying to run the show. Peggy to me is a hypocrite, she talks crap about the others to her husband and then says their talking about her behind her back, has such a low self esteem when she hears the girls laughing she immeditely believes their making fun of her when it had nothing to do with her. She needs to take her spoiled self who believes she so tough which we see is not the truth and stay home and live her life her way with only friends like herself. No relationship is always niceness and kindness, we fight but if it’s important enough you put on your big girl boots and work it out, the saying of when you come out of that room you will be buddies or bloody still goes. Bring us some new players so we don’t want to be on the computer rather than watch the show and Kelly I like your long Blog, the more you talk the more I’ll see the real you or just BS.

    1. Oh, so it’s okay for you to make negative comments, but no one else. Got it. Any other rules we should know about?

  7. Kelly, have you forgotten Dublin? How did you feel and your comment to Tamara was far worse than anything Peggy said. Bad behavior and alcohol make mean girls worse. The girls were uncomfortably mean this season.

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