Kelly Dodd: Vicki Gunvalson Never Meant to Hurt Tamra

Kelly Dodd has a lot to say about the women after this week’s episode of RHOC. In her blog, Kelly writes that Tamra Judge seems to blame everyone else for her problems but herself. Dodd also says that watching Shannon and David Beador’s marriage reminds her of her own.

But that’s not all Kelly has to say… she insists that Vicki didn’t mean to hurt Tamra when she repeated the rumor that Eddie was gay. Kelly believes that Tamra uses this rumor to hate on Vicki.

“I hope you all enjoyed episode 7. I have had such an eventful week, I was in Chicago with Vicki at an event and then we came to Cabo for a little R&R. Vicki and I really enjoy our time together. In Cabo, we stayed at a beautiful resort, shared a ton of laughs and ate some incredible food.

Now, on to the show. Thanks to Tamra helping me reconcile with Shannon, I am now on reasonably good terms with all the women!! FINALLY! It feels good.

Let’s start off with Meghan since she always seems to be digging at me every chance she gets in her blogs and interviews. It is strange to me that Meghan would be so critical of Jimmy, considering that he seems to support her on everything she wants to do and provides her with a pretty amazing lifestyle. I was surprised that she felt compelled to say that Aspen has brought out the “softer” side of Jimmy. That is, as she explains, when “…he is not being a huge a**hole, he is so sweet” What? I don’t understand why she would say such a mean thing. Whenever Michael and I have been around Jimmy, he is always sweet and extremely nice to everyone.

Relationships can be challenging at times. We each have our perspective, our ideas, our unique personalities, and our varied interests to cope with as we live our lives together. You see the underlying conflict with David and Shannon when they discuss Shannon wanting to start her healthy food restaurant. You see it with Tamra and Eddie discussing Tamra’s relationship with her estranged daughter and the heartbreaking impact it has on her life. You see it too in my discussion with Michael over dinner.

Speaking of dinner, it thought it was interesting to see the contrast between Tamra and Eddie, and Michael and I. Did you notice that Eddie ordered dinner for them and I ordered dinner for us? I thought I came across as a little controlling. It seemed that I wasn’t interested in hearing what Michael had to say. In reality, I was just really hungry and even if Michael wasn’t, I figured we would just bring the leftovers home to my mom and Jolie.

In retrospect, Michael really didn’t say anything negative, but I misconstrued what he said as a “dig”. I tuned out and really wasn’t listening when he said, “how you are is why I love you”. Sometimes just watching yourself makes you realize how in the wrong you can really be. Sorry Michael.

Now on to Lydia, what a lucky girl!! I love to watch Doug spoil the crap out Lydia. He clearly goes over the top and it is well deserved. Doug too is a lucky guy. Lydia has a lovely aura. She is great mother and a great wife. Congratulations Lydia on your new Aston Martin. I want to go for a ride.

I am glad, based upon everyone keeping their composure at Meghan’s Sip-N-See, that Lydia felt comfortable inviting us all to her Nobleman magazine launch party. The Sip-N-See at least proved that we can all be in the same room without all hell breaking loose. Yes, we can all act with the proper decorum, at least when baby Aspen is around.

First, I want to congratulate Doug and Lydia on bringing their vision of Nobleman to life. The quality of the magazine is first class. I would expect nothing less from those two. While I was happy to be invited, I would have preferred that Michael attend the party with me. However, his brother was in town from Houston. For Michael, spending time with his brother was his priority. By the way, I am not sure why I was the only one commenting on my husband not being there. David, Eddie and Vicki’s boyfriend, Steve weren’t there either.

At times, watching Shannon and David reminds me so much of my marriage. Like David, Michael loves snacks. Michael can eat whatever he wants and still have a good body. Me, on the other hand, I have to watch what I eat and work really hard to stay in shape. Michael, like David, is a successful businessman and tends to analytical about all things business. That’s great, but sometimes we just don’t want to hear their advice. Shannon and I have a lot of things we are passionate about, things we would love to build businesses around. One example is Shannon’s healthy restaurant idea. However, our husbands are quick to point out the real challenges of bringing our ideas to life. It’s frustrating at times. We really just want them to say, “Yes dear, how can I help you realize your dream”.

I felt like crying when I heard Tamra’s mom crying on the phone. To me, it seems like Tamra puts a lot of blame on everyone else. Her Dad, her Mom, Vicki, Simon…

I just want to get something clear and out in the open. In discussions with me, I don’t believe Vicki ever intended to attack Eddie or Tamra’s marriage. I was the one that spewed the rumor in response to Tamra’s aggressiveness towards me in Ireland. Vicki never intended for that to happen. Sometimes when I watch Tamra, I think she is using the rumor about Eddie as a reason to hate on Vicki.

Which brings me to the discussion between Tamra and Peggy at the launch party. Why does Tamra have to tense up and take on an aggressive posture just because someone mentions Vicki is a nice way? For Tamra to be happy, does everyone around her have to hate on Vicki all the time? I think Peggy’s intentions were noble. She was coming from a good place when she offered her advice. Peggy said, in essence, stop discussing it, stop digging up the past, get over it and move on. I agree with Peggy. I know for me, it takes a whole lot more energy to stay angry than to forgive. The negativity eats me up inside. It’s just not worth it.”

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  • shirley

    1. I think Meghan knows her husband better than you…
    2. Dinner? Eddie did what gentlemen do. You on the other hand act too aggressive in your marriage but at least you own it.
    3. (Tamra puts a lot of blame on everyone else.) SO DO YOU!!! You have never owned to creating a rift between you and Shannon, from the beginning.
    4. On the rumor about Eddie, yes you put it out there but Vicki new you would because you are a bully and can’t keep your mouth shut and Vicki is a fake, hiding behind her friend coward!
    5. I’m feeling Peggy on the continuing saga, but if she was sincere why do she have comments about it? and why hasn’t she told Vicki to drop it???


    It is odd how Tamra wants her daughter to forgive her yet she can’t forgive Vicky. I love Vicky and am so sick of mean girls Tamra and Shannon.

    • Heather

      She doesnt want to be friends with Vicki due to Vickis bad character. So what? There are millions of people I wouldnt want to be friends with. That hardly compares to a sacred mother child relationship.

  • AuntBee

    Not counting the two newbies there is not a single woman on the many seasons of the OC that Vicki icky Gunvalson has not gone after and stabbed in the back. I see absolutely nothing to love about her and Kelly is a close second.

    • Heather

      Amen Aunt Bee.

  • Heather

    Vicki spread rumors that Tamra’s husband was gay. That wasnt trying to hurt her? STHU Kelly. Go back on your meds.

  • starr

    Holding on, feeding on it, loving negatives, never forgiving–wonderful way to live!!!!!!!!
    Kelly is right, Tamara thrives on hating Vicki right now. She’s been hateful to so many through so many seasons. Yes, so has Vicki, but not half as bad as Tamara. It’s her daily meal & she enjoys every morsel. I wonder who’s next? Shannon perhaps? Time will tell with this mean, beady eyed human. She focuses too much on body & only eating right. When was the last time she really enjoyed a meal?! Pathetic woman.
    Meghans marriage that Kelly tipped on. Jim is not normal & he has divorced other wives who has had his off-spring. He’s more enamored by baby Aspen right now. But babies grow, then what? The marriage is holding because for the most part, they live separate lives & they basically have very little in common.
    Kelly needs to put more effort into hers, she attacks right away. I’ve said it before, if you show kindness & love, you receive the same. But, at least she recgonizes her flaw & is trying to work on it.