Kelly Dodd Understands Why Shannon Didn’t Invite Lydia to Dinner

Kelly Dodd is opening up about her breast reduction and how it feels to make up with the women in her blog this week. She also comments about Peggy Sulahian’s behavior.

“Of course I was nervous about having breast reduction surgery, but Dr. Niccole eased my anxiety throughout the process, from the initial consultation all the way through recovery. As you can see, I was able to get out and about, and be my version of normal, within a couple of days. When had my prior breast augmentation, the cuts we tiny. This lift procedure is more invasive and the cuts more extensive. This is the first time I had to deal with relatively large cuts, which take weeks to fully heal, and months of wound care to prevent scarring. The professionals at Cosmeticare helped with my wound care, including a couple of scar-preventing laser treatments to sure my boobs look spectacular!!!”

Kelly also says she was very thankful that the ladies came to visit her while she was recovering.

“It was so nice of Vicki, Shannon and Meghan to visit me and bring me flowers. Thanks Meghan for the new bra. Typical Meghan, she is always thinking ahead. When Meghan stopped by my house, it gave us a chance to forgive each other for the hurtful text messages that triggered our fight. I also appreciated Shannon’s comment that she can move past our tumultuous history and she can get along with me because she believes I “have shown remorse”. I feel the same way about her.

I am convinced that being able to finally get along with all the ladies reduced my stress, made me happy and sped up my recovery from surgery.”

Lastly, Dodd says she understands why Shannon didn’t invite Lydia to dinner.

“It was thoughtful of Shannon to get us all together for an early dinner at Farmhouse. It would have been nice if Lydia could have joined us, but I understand why Shannon didn’t invite her. Although, watching the episode, and seeing Lydia’s reaction to being excluded, made me regret her absence. We had a great time, despite the fact that Peggy continues to confuse everyone practically every time she opens her mouth. Just as Shannon and Lydia struggle to find some chemistry, I am really starting to struggle to do the same with Peggy. Peggy = craziness from the peanut gallery (that’s the one without the art). Stay tuned as my frustration with Peggy reaches a boiling point.”

What do you think about Kelly’s thoughts?

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7 Replies to “Kelly Dodd Understands Why Shannon Didn’t Invite Lydia to Dinner”

  1. Shannon is trying to be friends with everyone and get them to alienate Vicki – it is a strategic move – not that I care who Shannon or Vicki are friends with. They both drive me nuts to watch them. “Shannon’s comment that she can move past our tumultuous history and she can get along with me because she believes I “have shown remorse”. I feel the same way about her.

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    1. The same can be said of Vicki. Vicki used to be very nasty to new housewives but as soon as she lost her friends, she kisses the butts of any new housewives.

      1. I agree! Vicki, used to be the “OG” from the “OC”, that put every New Cast Member through Hell..
        Now, all of a Sudden she is “Playing Nice” with the Newbies and digging up; Slade/Slime, Gretchen, infinitum.

  2. Kelly last season everyone thought you had a serious drinking problem and were out of touch with reality! Your mean girl acid throwing comments alienated everyone! Now you want to come across as the “voice of reason” on behalf of Shannon! Lol This is too funny! The blind leading the blind! You just focus on divorcing your husband (because that’s what you intend to do), get out there and find out “the grass isn’t greener and you are 41 and not that hot”! The thousands of newer, younger models are out there just looking for someone like Michael! He’s a nice man who doesn’t deserve the way you have treated him! You’ll see! You just needed the Housewives franchise to be financially independent of him! I’ve seen too many women just like you! In defense of Lydia, she is a truly nice woman who is a natural peacemaker..but with Shannon Lydia can SEE that Shannon has some serious mental health issues ( and probably a secret drinker.. which is what alcoholics do)! It is ALWAYS drama and victimhood with Shannon ( it’s like watching a train wreck you know you can’t take your eyes off of and you know the end will not be good)! I feel sorry for Shannon because she has a problem with impulse control and probably trauma from childhood! Hope she can get some help from someone other than Kelly Dodd for heaven’s sake.. she’s enabling her!

  3. All I can think of is The Lunch, which was hysterical when, Kelly used the term, “Peanut Gallery”.
    I Loved Peggy’s, talking head response;
    “I go to Galleries with Art, not Peanuts”..
    Classic Line!

  4. Clearly Lydia is the bigger person. Shannon deliberately left her out & in the same breadth, Lydia included her. Kelly better judge which side her bread is buttered on. She’s finally feeling part of the group, (& what a group to aspire to being part of), but one wrong move & Kelly will be banished back to the dog house.
    As for Peggy, leave the woman alone. I know someone, born here, of foreign descent & her confusion of sayings are still a mystery to her & to all who know her. English is Peggy’s second language, so leave well enough alone.
    Of course they all had a wonderful time at their early dinner. Taking apart others & gossiping makes for fun with them. Do they even know how to converse without belittling? Not in their nature I suppose.

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