Kelly Dodd is Tired Of Apologizing


Kelly Dodd is taking to her blog this week to call Tamra Judge out for her behavior as an instigator and to say she is sick of apologizing for her behavior and getting nothing in return.

“For starters, I love how Tamra questions if I ever think before I speak, then later admits to doing the same thing. The many faces of Tamra Judge… collaborator, instigator, facilitator, peacemaker, preacher, forgiver, friend. No wonder she is a fan favorite and thrives as an OC Housewife. Gotta love Teflon Tamra!

It seems all I do is fight, defend myself and then apologize for doing so. This week, I apologize to Heather when we were having dinner at the Deck in Laguna Beach. As usual, the offending party takes no responsibility for their actions and offers no apology to me. For those of you who follow me, you know I wholeheartedly apologized to all in my blog two weeks ago. Enough with the apologies! Shannon’s shenanigans at the 70s party seems to have been quickly forgiven, dismissed or outright overlooked by the rest of the ladies. In reality, Shannon’s attempt to smear me was the cause of all of my craziness. Regardless, I am moving on.

Thanks to Vicki for inviting me to her and Briana’s birthday party at the Merv Griffin home in La Quinta. I had a wonderful time. The footage used in the episode really didn’t capture the grandeur of the estate. The weekend was all about the importance of family and friends. I was honored to be part of it. Vicki surprising Briana with a homecoming for Ryan was the highlight of the weekend. Tamra was a hoot to hang out with. She makes me laugh… a lot. It was also nice of Meghan to stop by. It showed she is willing to move on and invest in a relationship with Vicki.

There really was very little drama at LaQuinta, since everyone got along and enjoyed each other’s company. The only point where there was any controversy was when Tamra stated Heather’s concerns regarding my language and behavior around kids, since we were both invited by Tamra to Eddie’s birthday bash in Glamis. Of course, this was outlandish and unfounded. If truth be told, Heather curses at least as much as I do.

Even though it was still spring, it was hot as hell in the desert. Throwing each other in the pool with our clothes on was spontaneous but refreshing.

Reflecting on other parts of the show, I have to mention Heather and Terry’s “date night.” It was subtle, but Heather was explaining to Terry how I imitated her, then you see her drinking champagne, just as I had acted out. Too funny. I don’t know about you, but Heather’s constant nagging that Terry works too much is wearing on me.

Next week is our trip to Glamis. While I haven’t seen how the episode comes together, I promise you DO NOT WANT TO MISS THE MOST SHOCKING EPISODE (OR TWO) EVER.”

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  1. Here’s a tip, Kelly. You won’t have to keep apologizing if you don’t act like a total ass and spout off curse words that don’t go away. Sorry does not undo any of it, and it is taken with a grain of salt if the behavior is repetitive. Kelly, if you read this, you have some chip on your shoulder, and I don’t know why. Is it because you are married for financial reasons only, and you, perhaps, are envious of those around you who seem happy. Does misery love company, and maybe that is why you latched on to Vicki. Are you always the one left out of parties, or the one people laugh at and not with? Whatever it is, you need therapy. It is not the world at fault here. It is you, Kelly. You can try to straighten up, and first of all, maybe you need to get sober and stay there.

    1. Well done Sandy, reading this story I thought about what I needed to say, you have said it all! Thanks my friend xoxoxxoxox

      1. Excellent post Sandy and love you both Sandy and suze❤️❤️❤️. She is immature and ridiculous and she thinks just because she says sorry afterwards and cries that it makes everything ok!!!!! And in her tiny mind she can’t comprehend why people can’t move on!!’ So those who give her kudos for apologizing are misguided. And I don’t give a shit how much ‘pain’ she is in. She’s a grown rich woman, GO GET HELP!!!!! That’s typical alcoholics behavior , they screw up, then they cry , say sorry, play victim etc etc etc. We all know this . Even Kim had a better handle on her shit

        1. Thanks Suze and Rain. 🙂 xoxoxo❤️❤️❤️
          Yes, Rain, she really acts quite immature with the saying sorry as if it is just fine and that everyone should accept it as over and done with, and now you are my best friend. That is delusional thinking.
          She really does appear to have an problem with alcohol. A bar on every floor of her home (was it 4 floors?) and one in her own closet…says a lot to me in itself. I cannot feel sorry for someone who really does this to herself and to everyone else and wants some excuse for being downright nasty and vulgar.
          I hope you guys are having a nice day..RAIN AND SUZE. 🙂 XOXOXO

          1. Thanks Sandy ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’d love to see Kelly, Brandi, Kenya , Rinna and Porscha all in one show where they just go at each other LOL . I know I know, feeling a little agro today 🙂

            1. What would they call that show. The Real Houseb..hes? Or just Big Mouths Uncensored…on another channel?
              Porscha, Kenya, Kelly, Brandi and Rinna…hmm. The camera crew would have to wear protection around them most likely. There would be a lot of yelling and cursing, and therefore, the entire show might be bleeped, but there would be catfights galore. I would put Teresa in with that crew too…really. Then tables would be tossed…but I don’t think I would be watching! 😮

              1. Yre the show may have to be in HBO so the language can fly lol…. they will be sequestered like Big Brother and we can call it ‘Miserable housewives’ lol. I should patent this idea and send it to Andy 🙂

                1. Yes, Rain, please do it now, if it is not already taken!

    2. REAL SANDY!! BRAVO! Exactly what I was thinking when I read her rhetoric. The only thing I want to add is that Kelly? Deep down, you are MISERABLE. It’s written all over your face. And YOU are the common denominator with your apologizing, hence YOU are the one with the problem. NOT the people who are sick of you after barely getting to know you.

      1. Thanks, Gigi. Yes, Kelly has a problem. She will take down everyone else around her because deep inside she is troubled and miserable, most likely. She wants attention too…in a negative way…and I cannot pity her. She does this to herself.

      1. ❤️ Aunt Bee! She has ammo in that safari vest pocket, in case she needs to attack one of her her fellow AA group 🙂

  2. Teflon Tamara. That’s cute.

    Kelly, I don’t blame you. Enough apologies. She has apologized,& condemned her behavior,& has asked to move on, but Shannon, & Heather have vetoed your apology.
    They can’t see their part in the fray, so screw ‘ em.
    So, my dear, Don’t give them any ammunition to use against you.

    1. Hi Southern Plaid. I have a question about your thoughts on Kelly. Since she has continued her behavior, how many times are the women supposed to accept her apology and wait for the next eruption? One time with her blowing up and verbally assaulting people? Okay. But it’s been a number of times now plus her mocking people. Why should she get a free pass? Frankly, I am sickened by Tamra this season.

      1. I even miss that bitch Sidewinder, with his dry wit and snark lol. He could give it but could take it too! I saw Skeptic today and said hi

        1. Yes, I know. It is like Sidewinder quit, unless he is around incognito. I think we would know him, however. 😉

          1. Oh yes, we would know him. There’s no mistaking that snark lol. Maybe he’ll return with RHOBH , we know he loves to slam LVP and Kyle . Or maybe he met an Irish lass and is busy playing house ❤️❤️

  3. Everyone said everything I want to say. All I would add is the deep denial this woman is in. It’s not the fact that she curses (since she mentioned Heather does too). It’s the amount of rage inside her. As Sandy said: the chip on her shoulder. Before I got sober I had a lot of rage too. And it came out a lot when I drank. I was embarrassed (& scared) by it. I would try to down play it later like she does. She says she’s “moving on,” but it’s clear she’s not. That anger is still in there. You can’t will it away. Bitch needs help. Years of it. It’s important to pick your battles in life. The longer she refuses to look at herself the longer it will take for relief to come. Sucks for her.

    Ps I hope you’re all doing well. Love you!! I’m back in school & adjusting to getting up way too early ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Good luck with school DeeDee, I’m so proud of you 🙂 I know it’s a lot of work, part of my job is working with students and I know how much pressure they’re under. Kudos to you hot mama ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    2. Dee Dee! I hope you are enjoying your new school! Keep up the great work! You’re awesome! ❤️❤️

        1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thanks, Dee Dee.
          Dee Dee, you are so motivated and so admirable. You can do this! 😉 xoxo

          1. Thank you Sandy! I just need to stay positive & focused! Thank you so much for the encouragement!! ❤️❤️❤️

    3. DeeDee, thinking of you and know you will do it my friend! Just keep plugging away and think of us when you get a moment xoxoxoxxo

      1. Thank you!!! I think about you often Suze!! I really do, & I send you prayers every time ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    4. DeeDee, bravo for your sobriety! Yes, kelly doesn’t seem to understand that her REPEATED angry rages and violent verbal outbursts have happened so often, that NOBODY BELIEVES she is actually sorry. You can say “I’m sorry” all you want, but that doesn’t mean the offended party has to a) want to be around you; b) want anything to do with you; c) believe you; and d) FORGIVE AND FORGET. Kelly is NOT in control of her behavior. Her behavior controls her. Typical alcoholic victim behavior.

    1. As for Tamra….. she’s the worst… her past performances are uglier than Kelly’s….. now she’s trying to pretend she’s changed…. lol….sure……..

  4. Sort of off the subject – sort of. Watching the trailer for next weeks show it looks like Kelly is in the crashed dune buggy. All this time they were saying it was Tamra. Anyway I don’t think I can watch the drama of an injured Vicki. It’s not that I don’t believe she was injured it’s just that I believe she will enjoy more victim drama than necessary. Does anyone think Kelly will bring her some casseroles????

  5. Kelly, oh my. Get professional help. You don’t cuss around kids…no not unless your drunk and pissed, which is any minute of any day. She said, oh, is Merv Griffin around, like she wanted to hook-up with him. She’s soooo in love with her husband. Like I said before, she went back to him for the money. And, like Shannon’s party guest said, she doesn’t have to ______ to pay her bills. Kelly does, because hubby won’t let her divorce him. Pathetic, miserable, emotionally stunted, abusive, mean, bitch. No wonder her and Vicky are buddies. The only thing I loved about this episode was Shannon and David. My husband and I were both laughing when she ran up to the camera, and said, you want to see these…breasts. What a hoot. Glad to see the effort they’re making is paying off.
    Kelly stop apologizing to everyone, look in the mirror, look into your beautiful daughter’s face, and get professional help.

            1. He is staying at an awesome hotel in NYC for a speaking engagement I believe.
              I wrote something that was just very basic, really:
              That looks like a posh hotel. Enjoy it!
              Looking forward to seeing you at the helm again soon, Captain Lee.

              That was all! He favorited and retweeted. He did not respond to me directly or anything. Still nice. 😉

              1. Yay!!!! That would make anyone excited. So now you and Suze have gotten attention from bravo celebs ❤️❤️❤️❤️

                1. Yes, Ken was so nice when I asked him to Tweet Suze. He just did it.
                  LVP Tweeted me directly 3 times years back, thanking me for my twets to her and Ken.
                  That is all. I am not a super Tweeter or anything. I just retweet art and scenery pics mostly..not too many people. 😉

                  1. I was just thinking about that yesterday! How about if I tweet him asking him to pop over to Scotland on his own for a few days! Do you think it would work? Maybe, I will just stick to my dreams! Lol xxxooo❤️❤️❤️❤️

                    1. A swing surrounded by pink flowers? 😉

                      My little pup is now 1 3/4 years old, but still puppy sized…sweet. He is 9 lbs of cuteness, but needs a trim again. 🙂 If only we could beam over (with Ken of course!) Xoxoxo

                    2. Hmmm. Keep dreaming, Suze, but…it’s worth a try? 😉
                      Maybe he will be visiting family not too far away, and it will just be a quick trip to Scotland!
                      He would have to follow you too on twitter…for those private messages….

                    3. Not pink flowers I’m more of a blue girl! I would love another Cocker Spaniel, but problem is Meg would hate it! Xxoo

                    4. Meg is loving all of that attention. She does not want to share you.
                      Are you sure she would not accept another puppy in the house. She may mother the little one.
                      Well, I do have to say, however, that puppies are a lot of work. They are high energy and want to be chased and played with a lot and then you have to train them. My little guy still has tons of energy, but thankfully he outgrew the chewing phase where he chewed everything, toys and even some of the doors. I spraye repellent that stunk so bad, and he liked it and licked it off….
                      He is mellowing a bit more, but he is spoiled of course. I don’t think he would like another pup here, but I could not handle it myself.
                      There are neighbors a couple of blocks away who own 3 dogs. They have 2 mini dobermans and a small doberman mix who is a nervous little do they recently adopted who was abused or something. That dog still gets along with the oldest and meanest and other dog…but I am sure it took some adjusting.
                      That is all on puppies. 🙂 I like blue too…and some pinks but not pastels. My mom only dressed me in blue, though I love turquoise and the brighter and deeper shades of pink now too.

        1. I LOVE Below Deck! I’m a sucker for all the beautiful scenery. I like Captain Lee’s crew, and I have to say I really enjoyed the new Med. installment as well – all those sunny skies and blue waters, le sigh…

          1. Yes, me too! I love the scenery. Oh, I just read yesterday on Twitter that Below Deck Med. is renewed for another season. I am happy about that. I love these cruises in beautiful places.

            Most of the crew is new this season for Captain Lee from what I have seen. I am happy Chef Ben is back most of all. I am amazed at what he creates, and he is so much fun to watch too.

  6. I’m sick of her apologizing as well. On these shows there is often a tendency to absolve everyone else of wrongdoing when one cast member stands out because they are not as subtle or strategic with their f***ery as the others. I find that problematic, and believe that any and all cast members should be held responsible for whatever individual contributions they provide to the BS that transpires on this show- any show.

  7. I agree Kelly needs some therapy. Her out bursts are out of control. The others press her buttons & she loses it and badly. They are all a bunch of underhanded hypocrites & because they keep their tempers under control, does not make them any better.

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