Kelly Dodd Teases RHOC 13 Reunion

RHOC star Kelly Dodd is reflecting on season 13 and teasing the drama-filled reunion that the ladies just filmed last week.

“I’m happier so I think you see that on camera,” Kelly said of her time this season.

Kelly stopped by The Decider and when the mention of Emily Simpson’s husband Shane was brought up, she said, “You’re a dork!,” which she called Shane out for getting involved in an argument that Kelly was having with Vicki Gunvalson’s boyfriend Steve Lodge. Dodd reveals that this was definitely discussed at the reunion.

“Emily came after me, ‘You did this, you said this,” and I’m like, you know what? I could’ve said more. I was kinda holding back. I controlled myself a bit. I could’ve said worse,” Dodd admitted.

Dodd also maintains that she really doesn’t remember meeting Shane earlier in the evening, explaining, “I met so many people inside Tamra’s house that I don’t think I was paying attention.” And what caused Kelly to get so angry at Shane? When “I tried to walk away until he said I was drunk.”

“I knew it was gonna come up,” she confessed of the reunion taping, adding, “People love to hate him,” when it comes to Emily’s “snarcastic” husband Shane. “Oh, you should’ve seen her at the reunion. That chick’s got rage,” Dodd said of Emily.

However, Kelly did apologize to Shane later in the season. “I do like Emily and I know it was very important for her. I didn’t want it to feel awkward the next time I’m around that dork of a husband, or that little bitch of a husband, rather. It was necessary for me to say sorry, not that I really wanted to, but just for her sake.”

As for Kelly’s feelings about Steve? “I called him a little bitch too because men should not be going and talking on behalf of their girlfriends. He’s not married to her. Stay in your lane,” she explained, revealing that he is also discussed during the reunion. “He didn’t really say anything bad to me, it was just that he went to the press is really what bothered me,” Dodd admitted.

As for the rest of her life, Kelly is busy hitting the town and even hanging out with some very famous Housewives.

“I was with Ramona last night!” she shared. Dodd also recently hung out with fellow RHONY-er Dorinda Medley and RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice, saying of her new pal, “She’s cool. I was not expecting her to be that cool.”

“Teresa’s coming next week to Palm Springs and we’re gonna hang out.” But believe it or not, the women tend to not talk about the one thing they have in common when they’re together. When asked if they compare notes on their shows, Dodd said, “Not really. We kinda try not to talk about it.”

Dodd also revealed which other Housewives shows she could see herself fitting in. “I would love to be in New York. New Jersey, not so much. New York, Beverly Hills, and that’s about it.” And speaking of the upcoming season of Beverly Hills, Dodd teased, “It’s gonna be a good season for Beverly Hills. I’m in the know.”

Back to RHOC, the reunion was a draining 16-hour day with these women, a reunion filming that Dodd admitted was “more emotional than previous years. You have to defend yourself, and defend yourself over lies. People just saying things. It just is draining. You can’t wait for that day to get over with.”


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