Kelly Dodd Talks Post-Divorce Plans

RHOC star Kelly Dodd just recently announced her plans to divorce her soon to be ex-husband, Michael Dodd, but that isn’t stopping her from making plans for her future.

Kelly recently sold her home for $6 million in Corona del Mar and has enlisted the help of a fellow Bravoleb to sell her home. Real Estate Wars‘, Leo Goldschwartz.

Kelly is looking for “a more suburban house” for her and her 10-year-old daughter Jolie. “Jolie’s really interested in having, like, a trampoline, a backyard, perhaps a pool,” Kelly told ET. “[Also, more] security. Being behind a guard gate is really my main concern.”

Enjoying our time in Santa Monica..

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10 Replies to “Kelly Dodd Talks Post-Divorce Plans”

  1. I used to live in Orange County right at the time the OC housewives started…. Suburban area – gated ?? Hope she has a huge bank account.

  2. She recently sold “her” house. Interesting. That happened quickly. I wonder what her net worth is or will be after the divorce and the division of assets. I guess she is banking on huge alimony payments to cover her expenses.
    What happenedmto her mother and brother? Did she throw them out?

  3. Good for her. I hope she takes some anger management classes and gets her drinking under control for her daughter’s sake.

  4. I always liked Kelley & Michael. I wish them all the very best. Hope it is a friendly divorce for their daughter’s sake.

  5. Being lonely after a divorce is never easy. I went through it myself in 2011. At the time — I never thought I would be able to handle al the feelings (especially with kids involved). But I eventually did.

    Socializing is the best form of stimulant when one feels alone. Isolation is not. Whatever you do, Kelly – don’t curl up in the fetus position at home just crying for yourself behind closed gates as that is going to make you feel even worse. For your daughters sake.

    “The Woman Men Adore” also made me realize a few of my errors and why the divorce might have happened in the first place. While it wasn’t completely my fault — I know I wasn’t the best wife. I recommend any woman out there currently in a divorce our about to be in one to have a read. There is no guarantee your next relationship will last, but there’s a lot of things you could do to better your view on love.

    I advise you to read up a bit on what it is men want from women. You should make the next guy completely adore & respect you. “The Woman Men Adore” helped me out a lot on my dating journey. Good luck!


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