Kelly Dodd Talks Breast Reduction and Plastic Surgery

Kelly Dodd says she went into her second season of The Real Housewives of Orange County looking “beat up from the feet up… but now I’m coming out looking OK.” And she is revealing what helped improve her look… a breast reduction.

“I actually wanted them smaller than this,” she recently told The Lookbook. “I always had big boobs and when I breastfed they were like down to here, so they said I just needed a breast implant which even was bigger. It was just like, I couldn’t run. It was hurting my back… Forty sucks. You see changes.”

She notes that “it looks the same. Just perkier.” Adding, “I thought it was going to be smaller. Big boobs are out of style, nobody wants big boobs anymore. Like, flat’s the in thing.”

In the clip below, Kelly Dodd talk more about plastic surgery.

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Photo Credit: Bravo