Why Did Kelly Dodd Stay With Husband Michael For So Long?

RHOC star Kelly Dodd announced last month that she was divorcing her husband, Michael.

In this week’s episode, Dodd opened up about why she stayed in her marriage for so long when she wasn’t happy.

“My mom got married when she was 18 years old. My dad was 27 and they got pregnant right away and had a horrible, horrible marriage,” Kelly said. “My mom and dad were married over 30 years and got divorced when I was 25 years old, but they should have split when I was 10. My mom and dad were very Catholic and they wanted a family unit. They didn’t want to split us up.”

Kelly continued, “Growing up I watched my parents fight so much that I wished they would get divorced. Michael and I, we fight a lot in front of Jolie. I thought keeping the marriage together for Jolie would be right for her because I didn’t want to see her flip back and forth. But it might be okay for Jolie to have a happy mom and a happy dad. I don’t know.”

Kelly revealed that all these years later, her parents still have a hard time being around each other.

“She holds in so much animosity,” Kelly said of her mother. “It’s hard to have them both in the same room, and I’m afraid that Jolie’s going to feel the same way about Michael and I.”

“I see a lot of similarities between there marriage and my marriage and it scares me to death that things are repeating themselves,” Kelly continued. “I just don’t know what to do.”

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20 Replies to “Why Did Kelly Dodd Stay With Husband Michael For So Long?”

  1. Kids have enough problems in this world without watching a $hit show at home every day. Home should be a safe place to land – always. Divorce is somwetimes best.

  2. He had money.. she used him..it’s all about “her” and whomever she has waiting in the wings! She’s a drunk.. she’ll crash and burn.. she’s more and more unattractive.. bizarre looking as she ages! It’s the alcohol abuse.. it takes its toll on you!

  3. I am praying for California- especially all the firefighters and residents , please get outta there — Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico , California -to much

    1. Thank you sweetie ! We still smell smoke but no ashes . News is saying they are getting a handle on it but it’s too late for those who lost everything. It’s tragic

  4. I remember their conversation about why the divorce never went through. Kelly was saying that she couldn’t get the settlement that she thought she was entitled to. She told Michael that was only because he had better lawyers than she did. It started a bit of an argument. She gave up because it was too hard. I also think Michael was going to sue for full custody.

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