Kelly Dodd and Shannon Beador Make Amends; Shannon Reveals David is Distant Again

This week on The Real Housewives of Orange County, we were still dealing with the aftermath from Lydia McLaughlin’s Nobleman party and what happened between Tamra Judge and Peggy Sulahian. Vicki Gunvalson got jealous that Kelly was hanging out with Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge wanted to get a group together to do the Spartan Race.

As Tamra trained for the race with her husband Eddie, she shared what had happened with Peggy at Lydia’s Nobleman party. Judge was upset that Peggy told her to let things with Vicki go and Eddie remained calm, telling Tamra not to let Vicki affect her life.

Shannon met with Peggy for lunch and they discussed what had happened at Lydia’s event. Shannon told Peggy that she had heard she was becoming good friends with Vicki and gave her a warning about what to expect from Gunvalson.

Peggy said that Vicki was supportive of her cancer journey opened up about her double-mastectomy. Sulahian stated that she tested negative for the BRACA gene, but that an MRI had detected cancer cells that a mammogram could not. Then, she revealed that she later got a phone call that everything was good, but she went ahead with the double-mastectomy anyway because her mother died of breast cancer.

Peggy defended Vicki when Shannon brought up Brooks’ cancer scam. She told a befuddled Beador that she thinks with her head, while Shannon lets her emotions get in the way.

While watching her grandson’s swimming lesson in her backyard, Vicki confided in her daughter Briana how she was ready to meet up with Tamra and talk. Briana confessed to the cameras how tired she was of hearing about the drama and told her mom to meet with Tamra one-on-one and get to “okay” place.

Meanwhile, Meghan posed for a photo shoot, while Peggy and Diko grabbed lunch together. Diko advised his wife to reach out to Tamra and make amends so there wasn’t any tension. In an awkward moment, he also acted like a butterfly when the waitress was at the table. Peggy told the cameras that laughter is a necessity in a marriage…

Vicki and Kelly met up to do some shopping and get their oras read. The energist told Kelly she needed luck in her life and that’s when Kelly decided to reveal to Vicki that she had plans to hangout with Meghan and Shannon on St. Patrick’s day.

Vicki admitted she didn’t like the idea of Kelly hanging out with Shannon, because Shannon has been awful to Vicki. “It’s bullsh*t,” she confessed. When Vicki started complaining about how Shannon drank Tamra’s kool-aid, Kelly also shared that Tamra had apologized to her. This didn’t go over well with Vicki, who believes she deserved an apology more. Kelly thought Vicki should be happy for her, while Vicki told Kelly that Tamra had a plan to befriend Dodd and then turn on her.

Shannon and David went on a double-date with Tamra and Eddie before the Spartan Race. Shannon shared with the table she had lost 4lbs and 3% body fat and had been training very hard. Shannon also shared how her lunch with Peggy went and that she was confused about whether or not Peggy had cancer.

Beador also opened up about how her husband David had been distant with her and her children recently because he had been spending too much time training for the Spartan Race. Shannon said that exercise is David’s first priority now.

Next, Tamra met up with Peggy to discuss what had happened between them at the Nobleman party. Judge shared that she needed to give Peggy another chance because she had a lot going on in her life, but told Sulahian that she needed to fix her resting bitch face. Peggy confessed to viewers that she sees Tamra as someone who blows things out of proportion and the only drama that happened the night of Lydia’s event was going on inside Tamra.

It was finally time for the Spartan Race and Lydia, her husband Doug and David Beador joined Tamra and Eddie for the event. Tamra described the military obstacle course as brutal. Tamra and Lydia ran and talked about how Shannon should have been at the race to support David, but Tamra revealed Shannon had a problem with David working out. They both agreed it would help their marriage if Shannon joined David in his healthy hobby.

Kelly, Meghan and Shannon met up to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Shannon brought back her Irish accent and Meghan was ready to drink. Meghan asked Kelly about meeting up with Vicki and Kelly spilled that Vicki is worried about Tamra and that she believes Tamra gets in Shannon’s ear. Beador pointed out how Vicki is the one who gets in Kelly’s ear. Meghan confessed to viewers that she also believes Vicki is manipulating Kelly.

Shannon opened up to Kelly about Vicki’s allegations that David beats her. Kelly asked Shannon, “How do you think I felt when you had your friend set me up?” Shannon insisted she didn’t set Kelly up and explained how mortified she was by Nina’s behavior. Kelly believed Shannon and she apologized for how she acted the night of the 70’s party. Both Kelly and Shannon were emotional and declared they wanted to move forward.

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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5 Replies to “Kelly Dodd and Shannon Beador Make Amends; Shannon Reveals David is Distant Again”

  1. A pile of hypocritical garbage right around the block. David is distant with lazy Shannon as she shares nothing with him & he wants to get fit. It would only benefit her to get fit herself.
    It’s late & I’m tired, but may well revisit tomorrow.

  2. I would love nothing more than to see Tamra, Shannon and Kelly make amends, just to piss off the OG of the OC.

    Shannon and David are terribly sad to watch, she is a nightmare of a broken person. If you say that you’re going to forgive and move on, then do it or don’t and get out. On the show, David can say or do nothing right, she complains about everything, she puts forth no effort to engage in activities with him or support him. Watching David at the Spartan finish line, by himself, tugged at my heart. She just cannot let things go…ever, anything, ever. UGH

  3. Watching how Shannon files off the handle in a split second makes me thankful I don’t have to be around her all the time. You can always tell when it’s about to happen. Her faces changes and the next thing you know she’s storming off yelling “I’m done, I’m done.” David probably walks on eggshells around her.

  4. I have always liked Shannon but I think Tamra was right about demeaning your husband in front of others. Hope you saw that Shannon and correct it.

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