Kelly Dodd: I Sensed An Ambush Coming


Kelly Dodd is taking to her blog to explain her side of the story in Ireland when the cameras were down. Kelly said the women had a plan to gang up on her and she wasn’t taking their bait. Read what she had to say about her last day in Ireland below.

“As excited as I was to visit Ireland, after Tamra hit me I was suffering from an emotional hangover for the remainder of the trip. Tamra, Shannon and Heather had all turned against me; Vicki was trying to play both sides. She wasn’t acting like the friend I had come to cherish. Thank goodness Meghan continued to act friendly towards me. That made the trip somewhat bearable.

Day three started with Meghan and I sharing breakfast. When she told me she wanted to visit Graystones to see if she could find a long lost relative, I said, “I’m in.” Hanging out in a quaint village was preferable to spending another morning with those mean girls.

After Meghan got lucky and found a member of the O’Toole family, who happened to be a look-alike for her mom, it was time for us to go meet up with the rest of the ladies at Baileys Farm for a sunset barbeque. I was dreading sitting down with these women the entire ride over to Baileys.

When we arrived at Baileys, the tension was palpable and showed on everyone’s faces. I felt I was being ostracized, as all the ladies ignored me. Hearing Tamra discussing receiving a Mother’s Day card gave me a segue to try to make amends. I felt compelled to try to clear the air and apologize to Tamra. My apology was heartfelt and sincere. As usual, my apology was not really accepted.

I am naïve sometimes. I thought that if I apologized for what I said, then Tamra would apologize for hitting me and telling me “F*** YOU!” As a life-long Christian, my faith taught me we are supposed to forgive those who trespass against you. I know Tamra claims I test her faith, but as a new convert she doesn’t seem to have learned the most fundamental lesson.

Tamra knew she had screwed up badly. I believe that she took the opportunity to say she was going to kill me and attend my funeral in two different instances as part of a strategy to desensitize and diminish the significance of her heinous act. Sorry Tamra, no amount of verbal gymnastics will soften the impact of your aggression. Regardless of what I said in anger, your anger towards me was beyond the pale and inexcusable.

Despite my attempt to apologize and get back into the ladies’ good graces, I still felt like I was on the outside looking in. So, I just tried to smile and get along.

Baileys Farm was beautiful. The management and staff went out of their way to provide us with a lovely evening. Unfortunately, the ladies didn’t act with the decorum befitting the Baileys event. I was especially embarrassed when, in response to Vicki saying how she is bothered by the alignment of her nipples, Heather quickly calls her husband, Terry, to check out her friend’s boobs. Really, Heather? Then you have the gall later to call me trashy? I know Terry is a plastic surgeon, but it’s not as though Vicki was seeking professional advise in a clinical setting. You did this at dinner with the Baileys staff looking on. I don’t know what kind of kinky stuff goes on in the Dubrow household, but if Michael found out that one of my girlfriends asked me to Facetime my boobs to their husband, surgeon or not, he would be beyond pissed. Rightfully so. Oh, and why, later, is Heather checking out and commenting on how my boobs looked while I was playing croquet with Meghan?

Before I leave the topic of the Baileys barbeque, would it really have hurt Tamra and Shannon to take a sip of Baileys liqueur out of respect for them hosting us? It’s not as though they weren’t drinking.

After the Baileys barbeque dinner I called it an early night and went to bed.

For me, the fourth and last day in Ireland included a bike ride around the grounds for Powerscourt, a picnic on the grand lawn and a sober dinner at the resort followed by lots of drama all the way back to the airport.

I had decided I had better keep my wits around me when dealing with these scheming women. No matter what happens or how hard they try to tempt me, I decided I was not drinking alcohol the rest of the trip.

At my “funeral” dinner that last night, Shannon started her shenanigans again. In addition to Shannon pushing drinks on me, Shannon was shaming me the entire evening and into the night for not drinking with them. I got a bad vibe at dinner as I watched Shannon, Heather and Tamra interact. Something about their body language and the sly looks they were exchanging was giving me the willies. I sensed am ambush was coming.

Remember back to the ’70s party. Does anyone doubt Shannon’s willingness to scheme against me now?

The question is why? What were they up to? I believe that Tamra embarrassed herself when she hit me, that she, Shannon and Heather were trying to get me seriously drunk then agitate me to the point where I would lose my cool and act badly. They were hoping I would say and do something would make Tamra’s transgression pale in comparison. Too bad I was onto them from the start.

After dinner, I was tired and went back to the room to take a nap before packing to leave. Later that night I met with Vicki in her room. Vicki said she wanted to go to the bar with Tamra and I. We stopped by Tamra’s room and knocked, but she didn’t answer her door. So I went back to my room.

As you saw in the footage, while I was upstairs resting, Tamra, Shannon, Heather and Vicki went back to the bar and continued to get their drink on. Then, per her MO, Tamra started harassing me over texts. She was trying to cause problems between Vicki and me. She claimed Vicki said I was talking about Tamra behind her back. Later when they left the bar and returned upstairs, the ganging up continued. I left my room to deal with their blame game. However, unlike them, I wasn’t wasted. When Shannon claims that she wanted Heather to video me because I was on an angry rampage, it’s another lie. As you saw, I was despondent and trying to understand what Tamra was accusing me of. At no time did I lose my temper, but I did shed some more tears.

When it was time to take the shuttle bus to the airport, it was the wee hours of the morning. Nobody expected all hell to break loose. When I got on the bus, all I wanted to do was listen to music on my headphones and get home. That entire evening, whenever I was in Shannon’s presence, she was constantly harassing me. Trying to get me drunk and provoke me. Tamra and Heather were in co-hoots with her the whole time. When I leaned across the aisle and whispered to Meghan, “These women can dish it out but they can’t take it,” Shannon butted in and began antagonizing me again.

As the argument on the bus escalated, Tamra and Heather joined the fray. They were ganging up on me, but I wasn’t worried, I knew I was very capable of defending myself.

At one point in the episode, Heather said I have a pattern. I say outlandish things and then apologize, admitting that I didn’t mean to say what I said, then ask for forgiveness. Okay, that’s true, but let’s point out Heather’s pattern.

Every time I have conflict with one of the other ladies, Heather decides she has to step in, take charge, and tell me what I can and can’t say, and how to act. She did this at the sushi dinner. She did it again in Ireland on the bus from the department store to the hotel, when she told me to “shut up and turn around.” She tried again during the bus ride back to the airport. Heather’s superiority complex kicks in and she assumes the role of puppet-master.

I said early in the season that I thought Heather is pretentious. In the wake of the accident in Glamis, I told her I was wrong about her. It turns out, though, I was right. On trip to the Dublin airport Heather’s pretentiousness prevails. Heather calls me trashy. Really? Heather chastises me for bringing up the subject of Tamra’s estranged daughter then has the audacity to say she feels sorry for my daughter (because Jolie has me for a mother). What a hypocrite. Heather, you know nothing about my daughter. Jolie knows she is loved beyond measure. Jolie is a thriving.

Finally Heather has the audacity to question my mental health? She calls me insane and says she thinks I am having a psychotic breakdown. Why, because I defend myself from this group who schemed against me? The last time I checked having a drama degree doesn’t qualify you to psychoanalyze anyone. You are a worse shrink than you are an actor.”

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  • Oh Lord! I just can’t with this

    • The only truth here is Kelly saying ” Sir ( waiter’s name ) the drink she ordered for me, I would like ….. instead. Don’t bring me a tequila drink.” Period.

  • Suze☕️

    Well that was all a bit of a joke! Is she for real? She is absolutely nuts and that is the kindest thing I can say about her.

    • Kelly would make a great friend to a bulmeic person because she can sure trigger that gag reflex 🙂
      NO TAKING responsibility for ANYTHING. She only wanted to apologize to Tamra to her an apology back , not because she thought she said something aweful .

      • Suze☕️

        I though Rinna was crazy but this B…. beats her hands down.

        • Anonymous


        • I honestly did not think they could go lower than Brandy Glanville or Danielle Staub. But, they managed it. This person ( Kelly ) has that thing where if you know someone, you are responsible for everything they say and know. It can not be described or reasoned out. I know someone like her really, really well. It took 20 adult years to figure out that there was NO figuring it out.
          She does something stupid, that “look at the stain” that is on your blouse then hitting someone in the nose, which is disrespectful, and she was asked not to. I agree with Viki for once that it is disrespectful whenever it involves touching someone’s face. So she starts saying “what is wrong with all of YOU?” Instead of what would have ENDED it by saying “sorry, that is a stupid kids joke.” Then it’s over. No, no, no, she has to keep it up until it is a full blown argument, and Viki, the biggest back stabber of all, who ASKED Tamra to say something to Kelly, then in TH says she felt bad for Kelly too because Tamra should have let it go! Then Kelly starts crying, now that is a different kind of crying than, say, when Kyle cries, because when it’s Kyle, it is from something SHE has done wrong, or something that hurts her that is personal, not what a group of “mean girls” has “done.” ( what a joke that Kelly calls THEM mean ), IMO. Kelly cries for pity, and she is pitiful. She is a pitiful, arrogant , cruel, unreasonable bitch.

          • Awesome post 3DS! Yes , Kelly is hands down the WORST HW , at least in the shows that I watch. She repulses me to no end.

            I hope you’re having great weekend ❤️❤️❤️❤️

            • Hey, Doll, ditto. My S-Daughter was here since Tuesday, on vacation from taking care of her GrandMother, which is her full time job. Not 40 hours a week, either, all day every day, day after day and night after night, every moment. So, she got to do exactly nothing from the time she arrived Tuesday afternoon till she left a half an hour ago! It was SO GREAT to have her here, she is so much fun, and we talk and talk, and have easy, peaceful silence, too. I am blessed.

          • Anonymous

            Well they did rake it too dar. But i agree she should’ve said I’m sorry I won’t do it again and kept it moving. . But she was there for Vickie when the other ladied were still mad at her and Vickie doesn’t even have her back. Vickie surprised me I really like her. But I am starting yo feel differently about her. She was playing both sides it was terrible to watch. Heather saying that she felt sorry for Kelly’s daughter was terrible.

      • Jacks

        Friend to bulimic person cause she triggers gag reflex???? GOOD ONE..!! If you ask Kelly what color that red sweater is – she’d say blue….she is totally delusional…just waiting for her and Vick to go at it…

        • It’s a matter of when and not if befor she and me Vicki go at it lol. Knowing how stupid Andy is, Kelly is definitely coming back. But I won’t be watching anymore

    • Amy

      They are ALL bat shit crazy, mentally unhealthy women. ALL OF THEM. Surprised they are not wearing clown masks jumping out at people to tell you the truth !

  • Teresa

    I think they all acted like a bully they need to stop drinking there trying to act like teenagers well there not I FELT BAD FOR KELLY THIS TIME

    • missrox

      I felt bad 4 kelly

  • Kat

    In my opinion the show has stooped to a new low! Kelly is a train wrecked mean girl and the others are just as vile. I think this will be my last year to watch.

    • Daisy

      So true Kat. I think a lot of us here feel the same way

      • Suze☕️


    • Dana

      I find it hard to believe grown woman fight like this. It has become over the top intolerable to watch. The addition of KELLY is a huge mistake! She has mental issues. She’s a troubled mean spirited vile speaking woman. Take her off the show or I’ll stop watching

  • Miss Moneypenny ☂️

    Good morning ladies:) xoxoxoxo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    See that pic up there of her looking at Shannon? That’s the kind of look she gives on camera that is kind of a heads up to me that she has a real scary inner dialogue going on in there, that’s the look to me that indicates instability. She did say she has the disorder correct me if I’m wrong someone ? But I think she’s extremely narcissistic too so that plays into it too, imo. This lady just shouldn’t be in front of a camera, to be fair. Bravo knows this and that’s why I have 0 respect for them. Andy Cohen is playing with with real dolls. He should be axed from the show I think he’s twisted under that golly gee corny side smile.

    • Daisy

      So true Miss M . I agree

    • Suze☕️

      Good morning Miss M xoxoxoxoxox
      Well said I agree with everything you have said! Xoxoxoxxo

    • Excellent post Miss M 🙂 I don’t remember her saying she has a disorder but I could be wrong. You’re right , Kelly and Kim etc have too many issues and it’s cruel to exploit them this way. This is no longer ‘entertainment ‘ becuase it’s just sad and tragic as you watch someone implode. We have seen what happened to Kim. Andy is a misogynistic sadist and he should be fired

      • She said her husband had a 730 exam and was told he has narcissistic personality disorder. I just looked to see what that was about.

        • Aunt Bee

          Please let us know what you find out 3D’s..

    • Stacey

      And yet you watch. And Andy wins. Again.

      • Oh yes I watch , as do you dear

    • She had the gall to say she sees why David had an affair, called Shannon ugly, Mrs. Roper, over and over like everything she says, called Shannon a Cunsxt tuesday, Tamra a dumb fuck, and on and on, then says she didn’t mean it. Well, I mean this, I see why her husband drinks so much.


    And another one who makes a mockery of Christianity. No Kelly, you are NOT a Christian who is setting a good example. First of all, I’ve pretty much said all I can about this slime-filled, buck-toothed, foul-mouthed, angry drunk. She needs to go away and I hope the other women rip her to shreds at the reunion.

    • GIGICAT and Sandy , I know you guys watch MDLA , how cute what that young seller, Sasha , the jewelry designer who’s glamorous grandmother ( lovely pic of her) got the Navajo the right to vote ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Next time they want to introduce a young lady into HW , why not someone like this lovely young woman

  • Aunt Bee

    I would like to add another personality character of Kelly’s: PARANOID

  • Cin

    I have to agree with Kelly…. it was ambush time. I didn’t like Kelly’s behavior but even more I hated Tamra, Heather and Shannon’s behavior. They were mean girls one hundred percent.

  • Justmedoubleb

    Ok, Kelly is a train wreck…but she has valid points. Tamra did threaten to kill her, Heather has brought Kelly’s daughter up in reference to Kelly’s actions, and Shannon was sooooo trying to set her up. The mean girls strike again and Vicki kissing butt so they won’t gang up on her. Megen is the only one showing class…or she’s afraid for the safety of her child around ALL these drunken vipers.

  • Miss Moneypenny ☂

    And I agree with everyone’s opinion here, I think Kelly was played by the women in a very psychologically disparaging way. She’s just way too easy a target that’s why I felt so badly that it was not okay to isolate conquer and destroy. No human being deserves to be treated that way again imo, only ISIS.

  • starr

    Kelly is right. Heather is the most pretentious, artificial woman I have ever viewed. Shannon is a drunken mess, add lying, conniving & spiteful to my assessment. Tamara is a true trouble maker & her priorities are all messed up. I always saw her with small beady, unkind eyes.
    Vicki is a people pleaser & uses everyone as it suits her, she lies as they all do.
    Bad to the bone group. The meanest of the mean girls groups.
    Meghan is quiet & reserved & fair this season. Her pregnancy has shown her priorities.
    Can I blame Terry for running to work & keeping longer & longer hours away from that ‘do as I say, don’t do as I do’ witch? Not at all.
    Do I blame David for also running from that hypochondriac & her non-stop nagging, complaining , drinking? Again, Not at all.
    Do I blame Tamara’s daughter from running as far away as she can from an “other” as I cant call her “mother”. She’s a shrew, with total lack of class & trying to desperately hold on to a faded youth. What child would not be ashamed?
    Vicki is in a No Class all by herself & leaves everything to be desired. Her kids are users like herself & clearly disrespects her.
    Meghan, get out & now.
    Kelly, do the same. I think she’s been used, abused & is the sacrifice for these horrifying witches. In my mind, she’s now the best of this bad bunch.

    • missrox

      Thanks You R Right 100% I try to say it I get attacked

      • starr

        missrox, thank you. That’s exactly how I view them. If you speak your truth, no one will attack you here. We just agree to disagree. Go brave.

        • Suze☕️

          Starr, you and I disagree on OC and agree on BH but I don’t think we have ever attacked each other and I know we wouldn’t. Xxxxooooo

          • No one attacked you misrox! Come on, it’s a discussion. I can tell that I disagree with these women greatly on BH and have never been attacked! Have fun 🙂

          • starr

            So true, sweet Suze, favorite of all. We are great together, never a quarrel as to our different views. Although, I do feel bad & sad from dear Rain who loves her Shannon. So Rain, if you see this, forgive me. I did side with Shannon her 1st season when the meanies were attacking her, but now, she’s just as bad as they are. We will continue, I’m sure, to agree to disagree from time to time, but always with much respect & love, never pointing fingers at each other. Prayers are on-going always for you. Tons of love.

            • Suze☕️


            • You’re so sweet starr! ❤️❤️ No forgiveness neeeded. I DO love my Shannon but I acknowledged she was WRONG in this instance

              I’m also old and mature enough to know this is just a show and I respect opinions and varying points of view. Also, we may disagree in this show but may agree in another show, right?? 🙂

              I love you too and thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

              • starr

                You’re so right, Rain, it is just a show. And yes, you do acknowledge Shannon’s weaknesses, I must say. Love you too.

    • Starr I agree with you . Everything you say is true in my opinion. Right On

      • starr

        Hey, Thanks Rusty Bumper.

  • Debbie Reed

    Kelly is a sick, paranoid, out of control mental case. How can that be doubted when we have been told she has several restraining orders against her. I hope her husband would get sole custody w/custodial visitation only if they should divorce. Kelly needs to check into a mental hospital and try to understand what she’s doing in her life.
    I love Megan and her great sense of knowing who she is. Loved that she was smart enough to figure out the Vicki and Brooks scam, and am happy for her and her baby. I find it funny weird that so many posters talk about not liking all the negativity some people bring to this show (and the other RHs) but then call Megan boring?! Whatever, I’ll miss her.

  • Shirley

    It seems she was brought on to antagonize. Funny how she attached herself to phony Vicki and as soon as she met Shannon she went in and didn’t let up. Now that she is getting a taste, she’s crying like an infant in a wet diaper. Vicki is a selfish individual and nobody’s friend! Kelly “The Bully” says she don’t like bullies, we’ll I’m sure she don’t, now!!!

  • Allie

    Kelly is right

  • What The

    I finally watched this episode. What a hell fest. Yes, Kelly was set-up. Kelly tried to be funny in the bar and it fell flat. Okay. When she said to Tamra, oh, keep on walking, she was kidding. Kelly is right, they don’t get her sense of humor…BUT…Kelly has a drinking problem coupled with anger issues. She needs therapy. I’m disgusted at how the others treated Kelly on this trip. Bullying is never okay, in no way, shape or form. When Kelly starts sprouting, walk away from her, and keep away from her. Then she’ll get the message. There is no need to be vicious. I’m done with this show. Will not watch it again. I hope to catch some of you when Beverly Hills starts.

  • Queen Reen

    I no longer think I will watch OC. Vicki is a disgusting liar and left Kelly to fend for herself just to stay on the good side of these hags. Shannon is a bitter nasty crow, Tamra needs to grow up and lay off the eye liner. Heather is a pretentious holier than thou money grubbing phony. I felt bad for Kelly. She just wanted to fit in. I believe Shannons hubby slapped her around, cant say I blame him. I just realized I only like Kelly and Meghan. Meghan is kind of boring but hopefully she will be content with her baby and move on. Im sick of hearing Tamra screech at everyone. Heather is a witch and Shannon is a follower. I thought Atlanta was classless, OC is catching up.

  • Phz

    You talked about Vicki’s breasts? Dear God! My TV screen was a blur the entire time Vicki visited in your bedroom. Did you two have plans aft the cameras were off? Who has someone in their bedroom and doesn’t even bother buttoning their shirt??? You ARE trash.

  • Janice

    Dump Vicki! Really?? She abandoned you!! Run Run Run!!! Only reason you would stay w her is to stay on this phony ass show! I can’t watch the show… But I read the posts… So Bravo thinks this is still a win. Same w New Jersey. Won’t watch… Won’t follow. OC …. I’m there… Won’t follow anymore. Boring. Nobody likes each other.

  • Janice

    Kelly… Go with F… You!

  • CincyGal

    I really do not care for Kelly and do think she has some real issues, but for the seasoned upper classmen to gang up on her was unconscionable. Tamara is by far my fav HW now, but I’m very disappointed in the ganging up on Kelly no matter how annoying she may be. I can’t imagine another woman pointing her finger in my face the way Heather did to Kelly, and it is truly undeniable that Shannon was trying to get Kelly drunk and that is really disgusting. Vickie you are a looser for sure for not sticking up on someone being bullied, and even though Megan is pregnant, she brought Kelly in to the group and then just sat there and let her friend be bullied. She’s more guilty than Vickie who Kelly just met! These bullies really need to be called out on their crap.