Kelly Dodd Says Meghan King Edmonds is a Hypocrite

Kelly Dodd is calling out Meghan King Edmonds in her blog this week. Dodd calls King Edmonds a hypocrite and insists that Meghan just wants to stir the pot. Kelly also questions if Tamra Judge is using the rumor that Eddie is gay to not be friends with Vicki Gunvalson.

“I have restrained myself for weeks now from commenting on Peggy’s apparent complete inability to understand colloquialisms. I won’t review the entire litany of idioms that Peggy doesn’t understand, since every week there is a new revelation of Peggy being perplexed by common “figure of speeches” (credit Diko). Just keep watching. It gets worse, and funnier, you’ll see. What I don’t understand is how the hell Peggy was accepted to and graduated from ULCA as an English major, when I couldn’t get in? I know UCLA is an amazing school, but I have some advice for Bruin undergraduates studying English. Change majors immediately!!!! Forget about Shakespeare, Yeats, Steinbeck, Maya Angelou, Richard Wright, Study anything else. God forbid that, after you graduate, you won’t understand that bad kids get lumps of coal in their Christmas stockings, or that bears really do shit in the woods. Live by my mantra…C’s get degrees!

Only gay on Tuesdays! I thought Tuesdays were for tacos? I don’t understand why Tamra is so indignant about the rumor that Eddie is gay. What’s her agenda here? Does she just want to use that as an excuse to continue to ostracize Vicki? Really? Personally, I don’t care. A person’s innate sexuality is just that. Straight, gay, bi, try, trans, I don’t judge and I don’t care. If Eddie wants to be gay “only on Tuesdays”, fine. When Eddie imitates giving a bj with a Popsicle, its just tongue in cheek, right? If Eddie wants to “sword fight” with guys, “no girls allowed”, go ahead, have fun. Our best friends are gay, as are several family members, on both sides. They are amongst the most genuine people we know. We love them all, unconditionally. So long as loving and/or sexual acts aren’t hurting anybody and don’t involve children or animals, knock your socks off. Tamra’s reaction to people questioning Eddie’s sexuality makes absolutely no sense to me, unless infidelity is involved, which, as I understand the timing of things, for Tamra and Eddie, isn’t the case. I don’t care what happens in the privacy of a couple’s bedroom as long as all parties involved are consenting adults. Eddie seems like a great guy, he loves Tamra and treats her well. Most importantly, he makes her happy.

On to MEghan’s loose lips and pot stirring. I have already established for a FACT, that MEghan initiated our text exchange, when she texted me out of the blue, stating she heard a rumor about me cheating on Michael. A rumor she attributed to a twitter source (wow!). Such nonsense. I was not going to let her get away with it. I definitely retaliated by disclosing that I had heard from a mutual friend of ours, that Jimmy had been having an affair for 10 years, including the time he has been with MEghan. That apparently hit too close to home. It is a FACT that she perpetuated the rumor of my alleged cheating by raising the issue to Vicki after their lunch. Unbelievably, during that lunch MEghan told Vicki, “You don’t perpetuate a rumor”. What a hypocrite! It’s also a FACT that she brought the issue up again during our night out at Hamburger Mary’s. Yeah, “It’s not hard to be a good friend”, is it MEghan?

This week, I was shocked to see MEghan get flustered and play the victim of our affair text exchange yet again when hiking with Lydia. Lydia questioned her about what had happened at Hamburger Mary’s and Meghan immediately spun the story by saying “[She] said my husband was having a 10 year affair on me when I was seven months pregnant.” She claimed that what I texted about Jimmy was not the same as what she texted about me. Somehow what I said was worse. Huh? Cheating is cheating. At the time, MEghan admitted she was “out of bounds” and “was sorry”. I responded, “I am sorry too”. I thought we were done with these rumors! DONE!! I never discussed our text exchange or the rumor with anybody, until MEghan decided she wanted to give it new life.

Clearly MEghan just wants to stir shit up. Even if it means airing and calling into question Jimmy’s alleged indiscretions. She must have thought her original disclosure to Vicki, and then to the ladies at drag queen bingo, lacked impact and didn’t garner her the sympathy she was seeking. So, she then tries with Lydia to sell her story in a more dramatic way, with righteous indignation and crocodile tears.

Let me first say that I never experienced post partum depression or whatever psychotic, delusional, hormonal paranoia MEghan was going through. In any other situation, absent breastfeeding and lack of sleep, watching MEghan break down in front of Lydia, I would have considered her a complete whack job. A very thirsty whack job.

MEghan said again to Lydia, “She came after my marriage when I was seven months pregnant”. I have already made my case that she can’t legitimately hide behind a pregnancy excuse. There are over four million mothers who give birth every year in the US. Ninety-nine percent do so without the benefits of the privileged life MEghan enjoys. As Tamra said previously, “drink your champagne and cry me a river”. Apparently, per MEghan, she cannot handle the “emotional burden of a newborn”. Keep in mind that Aspen was born in St. Louis, where MEghan had Jimmy and her family for support. While in the OC, she has her cousin for a nanny. I personally have never heard any of my girlfriends claim their baby was an emotional burden. What the hell? What else is going on here? Are there issues in her marriage that are causing her to stress and act out? Is that why she complains Jimmy is never around? No wonder Jimmy isn’t home, instead of dealing with all of her drama, Jimmy ships her off to the OC to annoy the locals.

Back on the beautiful Crystal Cove trail, MEghan is still trying to spin the texting story to her favor. In the process, she is trying to browbeat Lydia into accepting only her version of the story. When that doesn’t work, she then pressures Lydia to take her side. Meghan says, “You are on Kelly’s side, what does that even mean?” We’ve seen this tactic before. Any time Tamra, Shannon, or MEghan let down their guard, and even think about talking to, forgiving or making amends with Vicki, the other members of the alliance pressure the outlier to toe the line. MEghan to Lydia: how dare you stand up for the truth and represent Kelly!!! Lydia, you have to be team MEghan!

Lydia is no dummy. She is a person of great moral character and she saw right through MEghan’s obfuscation. Kudos to Lydia for having the guts to stand her ground, correct MEghan and stand up for what she believes to be true. Don’t let Lydia’s polyanna persona, rainbows, and fairy dust fool you. A lesser person would have caved to MEghan’s emotional blackmail. As a mom, Lydia can’t be faked out by hysterical crocodile tears.

Let’s talk about what happened at Barton G’s. During dinner, Tamra told Shannon and MEghan that she had talked to Vicki and she felt like, for a moment, they were friends again. Immediately, Vicki is verbally dismissed and Tamra is pressured not to fraternize. They have to stay a cohesive unit. To borrow from our future Viking theme, there can be no chinks in the armor. No wavering. No breaking ranks.

I don’t want to say much about Shannon’s conversation with David other than I feel for her, for them, and their family. Shannon has a sweet, wonderful soul and I want her to know I am always here for her.

Michael and I had a great time at Vicki’s birthday party. Michael says that I cannot have a gun, for obvious reasons :).”

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9 Replies to “Kelly Dodd Says Meghan King Edmonds is a Hypocrite”

  1. Regardless of how Ive felt about Kelly in the past, I’m just going to go ahead and be mature about this and admit that I think Meghan is wrong… and yes, I think she was faking those tears on her hike with Lydia, AND I caught that little Freudian slip of hers when she said she DIDN’T want to be home breastfeeding her baby. I think I could’ve let that statement slide had I not heard a recent interview of hers where she flat out admits she regretted quitting the show because she’s been spoiled by life in the OC, does’t want to be at home all day with a baby in St. Louis, and how modeling and tv is a good fit for her because she likes to be the center of attention. Meghan, bless her heart, is thirsty.

  2. I always enjoy Kelly’s posts, straight to the point.
    Meghan stirs up trouble, no surprise there.
    She is carrying this hormonal madness to the extreme & blaming her horrific behavior on that. Let’s face it, the baby she desperately wanted, is not welcome in her life & is a burden to her. She is an immature child & if I may say, no mother of the year. She wants everyone’s sympathy & when it’s not given to her, it’s temper tantrum time.
    As for Shannon & herself trying to pull the plug on Tamara meeting with Vicki, just shows how low & mean hearted they are.

  3. I know Kelly has had her share of outbursts but this post is spot on. I think Meghan is Tamra and Shannon’s little puppet. I don’t trust Meghan at all.

  4. I 100% agree with everything you said on this blog Kelly. I love how you keep it real! I watch RHONY, RHOBH, RHONJ, and RHOC! Of all these wives Kelly is my favorite. Tamra seriously want to like her and then she opens her mouth. Mehgan just needs to go! I have never been so annoyed by a housewife, she is such a two face pot stirring self centered person. Please don’t let the fame go to your head and change you. I have loved others before for staying true to who they were and saw them change over time. Ex. Bethany Frankel enough said! Team Kelly! <3

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