Kelly Dodd Reveals She Almost Quit Because of Co-Star

RHOC star Kelly Dodd almost quit after her first season of the show, according to PEOPLE. Kelly didn’t want to come back for season 12 because of her issues with former Housewife, Heather Dubrow.

“I was, like, not going to do it,” Kelly admits. “Just because, you know, I thought Heather was going to be there and she’s kind of a snob.”

When Kelly found out that Heather wasn’t signing on to come back for her sixth season, she was all about coming back.

“Once I found out she wasn’t coming back then I was like, ‘Okay, I’m doing it,” Dodd shared.

With Heather not coming back Kelly talked about how she wanted to change her mindset and wanted to ditch the “screaming and going crazy.”

“Looking at the way my behavior was, you know — I don’t think anyone understood why I was like that,” she says of her first season, adding that viewer reactions also took a toll. “It was terrifying because every little thing that you say, people nit pick at it. It’s just the strangest phenomenon.”

But Kelly does admit that she does get into it with one of the other Housewives this season.

“I kind of get into it really bad with the new girl [Peggy Sulahian] …. You have to watch! Claws are coming back out.”

Would you have rather had Heather come back or Kelly?

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35 Replies to “Kelly Dodd Reveals She Almost Quit Because of Co-Star”

  1. I THINK, that Vickie, Kelly, Shannon, Tamra and the RETURN of the lockness monster NEEDS TO GO if I want to see grown people a t like kids I just go to my in-law’ house they provide me with all of it WITHOUT the commercials.

  2. No question, HEATHER, HEATHER, HEATHER all the way. Heather is more positive & Kelly is an opportunistic junior high school bully. She is an angry girl who needs major personality adjustments. She went for the exterior makeover & definitely needs an overhaul on her nastiness.

  3. Hiya friends!
    I’m kinda digging that Peggy, she seems so calm in the eye of the hurricane. I have a feeling she can cut deep when she needs to without batting an eyelash, we will see.
    It would be really nice to see her take on some of these ladies without engaging in the type of childish behavior we’ve been witnessing the past few seasons.

    1. I’ve read something disturbing about her . She has a gay brother that the family has shunned and they didn’t apparently tell him when their parent was dying so he can say his goodbyes. At the funeral they would not allow his partner to attend
      if this is all true, then I have zero patience for her

      1. I think I told you Rain, about my friend who is closeted for this very reason. He does not wish to be shunned in his own family, it is terribly upsetting to me if this is true about Peggy.
        My daughter has extended family members where the elderly parents would not accept their son or his partner, and did not include them in holiday gatherings. Finally all the members of the family took a stand, and would not attend without the couple. Now they are very close, and take a wild guess who takes care of the elderly couple most?

  4. Heather drove me crazy with her “I’m better than everyone” attitude but would rather have her on the show than Kelly.

  5. Hi I’d rather have all my teeth extracted without anaesthetic rather than watch this butch return to OC. Heather all is forgiven and come back, so that Kelly leaves. Oh well wishful thinking I suppose.

  6. kelly is a lunatic, she’s a mean person at heart because she’s unhappy in her marriage. She basially said she was in a bad marriage, she stays only for him to pay for her surgeries, and she’s had plenty.

  7. I’ve been looking at this website for months. And I always read the comments Bc you all are very opinionated and interesting. I felt like I should start commenting because I watch all of the Housewives and have even hung out with the Dallas ones. But OC is where it all started so I felt appropriate for my first comment to be on one of those posts. 🙂 I feel like I’m the only one that wants Kelly to grow from watching herself on the show. I actually kind of like her. She reminds me of the old Tamra. The fun Tamra. Watching Tamra makes me miss Alexis and Gretchen. Shannon is really a disturbed one this season. Well last season as well. I didn’t like Heather at all but I’m disappointed because I waited 3 seasons for her house and we won’t get to see it now!

    1. Ryan , we welcome all opinionated people LOL. It’s perfectly fine that you like Kelly . I hope you stay and post , just don’t berate or insult other posters ❤️❤️❤️

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