Kelly Dodd Questions Meghan King Edmonds as a Mother

Meghan King Edmonds got on Kelly Dodd’s bad side in this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Kelly’s comments about Edmonds’ mothering forced Meghan to leave in tears.

“You’re being so immature right now,” King Edmonds told Dodd during a night out. “You’re delusional.”

“You should go home and take care of your baby, a little baby that’s home by themselves, rather then worrying about sh*t like this,” Kelly yelled at Meghan.

It all started when Kelly noticed that Shannon Beador could have been recording her during their make up session last week. Kelly told Meghan that she questioned whether or not Shannon was recording her and Meghan called Shannon to tell her what Kelly said.

“Shannon calls me and she goes, ‘I just want to let you know that is not what I did. I am not that person. I promise you I did not record you,’” Dodd confessed. “And I said, ‘You know what, that’s what I thought I saw. But if you’re promising me that you did not indeed record me, I’ll believe you.’”

“I had just made amends with Shannon, so I’ll give her a pass,” Dodd explained to viewers. “What really upsets me is Meghan. I told her I was going to handle it and she still went behind my back.”

Kelly let Meghan know just how angry she was about the betrayal during a cast outing to famed drag brunch spot Hamburger Mary’s. She accused Meghan of stirring the pot and trying to set her up.

“I thought we were close,” Dodd told Beador of King Edmonds. “I thought she was my friend. It doesn’t matter… I’ve never done anything to [Meghan].”

That’s when Meghan revealed that Kelly had accused her husband Jimmy of cheating. “I thought that we were friends until you said my husband was having a 10-year affair on me when I was 7 months pregnant,” Meghan said of a text message argument she and Dodd got into months ago.

Kelly claimed she was retaliating. “Listen to this, this is what she wrote,” Dodd said, reading through their text conversation. “‘I heard you have a bf’… isn’t that rude? I go, ‘Haha really? He’s like a brother.’ My friend told me that your husband has a mistress. Do you want her name? They told me but I thought it was gossip.’”

Even though they had mended fences after their text battle, Kelly was annoyed Meghan had talked to Vicki Gunvalson about it. “Why are you telling her that stuff? Why would she go tell her about the texts that she and I had privately with each other over the summer and I thought you and I had worked it out? Why are you telling her? I haven’t told her!” Dodd said. “You’re thirsty girl. Don’t talk about gossip. It’s wrong.”

That’s when Kelly threw the low blow and Meghan was in tears. “I know it’s stupid,” King Edmonds admitted to Tamra Judge later. “Like, I’m breast-feeding, my hormones are still wacky. It’s not like I want to be around this, right?”

“It sucks that Kelly’s turning against me so easily,” she continued. “I had her back through thick and thin. It sucks because I’ve seen the side of Kelly with my other friends. I just didn’t think it would be directed at me.”

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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3 Replies to “Kelly Dodd Questions Meghan King Edmonds as a Mother”

  1. Mark this day on the calendar because I can’t believe what I’m going to say, but…Kelly is right, period.

    Meghan is a pot stirrer and double deals to keep the action going. Now that I’ve gotten a chance to hear Meghan speak about herself and her life more exhaustively in other venues, it’s clear she doesn’t want to be at home, she wants to be on this show, and she wants to make a splash of things- she likes the job. So pot stir she will. Kelly’s character flaws are completely independent of Meghan being in the wrong here and Kelly is correct to feel wronged and question the girl’s priorities in life…although as statement that strong is best left said in confidence, if said at all.

  2. I agree with Days, Kelly is right. Only Kelly will say it as it is, no one else would as they all spoon feed each other for the wrong reasons. Finally, someone shut this silly child down.

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