Kelly Dodd Opens Up About Her Marriage and Separation to Husband Michael


Kelly Dodd has already shocked some of her RHOC cast mates and the season has just begun. The ladies were especially taken aback when Dodd revealed that she and her husband Michael Dodd had been legally separated for a time before deciding to get back together and work on their marriage.

Kelly shared that she initially wanted to divorce Michael because he was “very controlling.” “Since then, he doesn’t behave that way anymore because he knows I’ll bounce if he does. I was describing him [to explain] the reasons why I dissolved the marriage,” Kelly recently told the Daily Dish about the scene on the show. “There’s a lot of reasons, but that was one of them. And I don’t like somebody being a control freak. I’m a control freak enough. I don’t need somebody else telling me what to do.”

Kelly and Michael first met at Tao in New York City in 2004, and she says it was love at first sight for the couple. “We hit it off right away,” Kelly said. “It was immediate chemistry, immediate love right away.”

Kelly said she took the fact that they had been in each other’s lives for so long and built a family together under consideration when she ultimately decided to give their marriage another shot. “It was important for me to keep our family unit together, keep our finances together,” she explained. “There’s just so many reasons of why I went back. There’s not, like, one thing; there’s a bunch of [reasons] why I wanted to work on our marriage, make it work for our family unit.”

Kelly explains that it hasn’t been easy for her husband to relive those memories of the time when she left him through the show. “He didn’t like how I told everybody about our business right off the bat. You know, I aired the dirty laundry straight [out] the gate,” she said.

But when Shannon alleged that Kelly cheated, Dodd explained that’s why she and Michael set the record straight right away. “Now, in hindsight, he’s glad I did do that because Shannon tried to throw some crap out there about me that was untrue, and I’m glad that I did get ahead of it and said the truth first before having rumors and vicious lies spread about me,” Kelly said.

10 years ago !! Omg

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34 Replies to “Kelly Dodd Opens Up About Her Marriage and Separation to Husband Michael”

  1. Well, at least they are not Scottish stones, Suze! I hear you have a lot of them there! 🙂

    Then again all of the Outlander stuff gets to me at times with the standing stones, etc. 😉

    1. Standing stones are a wee bit different! Put together by generations of past men in kilts with nothing under!

    2. Hey peeps! Let’s not waste our time on this trash bag. Does anyone know if there is going yo be a below deck reunion.. If not perhaps the price of rice in China! That would be more interesting to talk about than this hoe bag;)

      1. No Below Deck reunion, sadly. Do you watch the Shahs? I found some funny clips on the Bravo site/app of Reza in drag as MJ’s mother, Vida, and he was so funny. 😀

  2. Suze. Good morning.

    She has stated the reasons why she was legally seperated,& decided to go back, & save her marriage, & her family unit.

    That’s a strong lady, who values her marriage vows. It would have been so easy to say, ” Screw it. I’m done.” I want a divorce, but instead, she decided to stick it out. Honor her vows; the most important one, ” Till death do us apart..”

    I admire them for saving their marriage.

    1. Good evening Southern, I hope you are well? I don’t think we will ever agree on Kelley but that’s ok, lots of room here for differing opinions! I still think you are great! Xoxoxox

  3. Suze. That’s right. It is evening there. Not a morning person. Perfectly fine to disagree. It’s what makes the world go around. How boring would it be, if we all thought the same.
    I think you’re lovely lady.

    1. That’s what I like about reading these boards. Hearing what other people think and why. It makes watching these crazies worthwhile.

  4. LOOKS like Kelly had some cosmetic work done, namely cutting down her chin/jaw line (unless it is a bad angle). No biggie–seems like most HW had cosmetic surgery.

    1. That’s funny my Sister in Law calls my dog a little princess! (She is really spoilt but very well behaved!) We see a lot of Westies but very few Scotiies, I don’t know why, lots of cocker spaniels like mine and lots of border terriers here. I thnk Scottie Dogs are so cute when they have a tartan collar! Xoxoxoxoxo

    1. I kinda like her too. I appreciate how straight forward she was about it all. Sometimes things have to fall apart for it to come back together again better than ever. Who knows.

  5. Kelly and Michael are such a charming couple…not. I know she is a new character, but from Day 1, she has annoyed me, as well as Shannon. I think she is outspoken, yes, but she is also rude, nasty and has no respect for anyone, and that includes her husband, and even her daughter from what I have seen. She does not believe her daughter is ill. Well, take her temperature, and do whatever it takes to take care of your child. If my child was ill, I would believe him (or her in her case) and always do what it takes to find out what is the matter. Maybe her daughter is not happy with the cameras in her face. Maybe she should not be filmed at all. I think kids should be out of the picture until maybe they are older and are okay with it, only.
    Kelly and Michael should continue to work on their marriage (for financial reasons, anyway), since calling him Hitler and then saying she herself is a control freak…well, it sounds like a war zone to me. I feel sorry for her little girl, and I also wish Bravo would stop portraying what seems to be alcoholics on our screens. Kelly is a nasty drunk. Don’t we have enough of them on these shows? Is it funny? No. Does it make for good examples for any younger people watching? No. Shotskis don’t either, Andy, but at least they are on later at night on WWHL. I am sick of Kelly, and I may stop Orange County after this season. It is too much with Vicki and Kelly now teamed up. Sickening.

  6. Does anyone else think that she is telling a story about herself and has just reversed the names. I don’t get to watch often but from what I see if Kelly she is the one with the control issues and she is also the one with the BIG MOUTH.

  7. Kelly is a nasty, rude woman who came on with the intent of making Vicki her friend for a SL. When drunk which seems to be most of the time he is loud, nasty and rude. Who lets their child drink out of the cough syrup bottle?

  8. I felt her (Kelly), really needs to watch herself on tv. Kelly’s behavior is way out of control. If Kelly is so worried about what her daughter will see and hear, she should start at her own words, that spew from her mouth. After the blow up at dinner, she proceeds to make fun of people….what a classless act of a person. Just because you have money, doesn’t mean anything, other then you feel in titled to act poorly….so disgusted!!!!

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