Kelly Dodd Opens Up About Her “Addictive” Marriage to Husband Michael

It’s no secret that Kelly Dodd has had her fair share of marital problems with her husband Michael. On last season of The Real Housewives of Orange County Dodd she revealed that they had previously separated for two years. During this time Kelly pursued a divorce, but it was never finalized and they decided to work on their marriage.

Kelly’s marriage has always been a hot topic among Housewives fans and now she is speaking out about the current state of her marriage.

“We’re still married,” Kelly told ET. “I think we came into this season thinking, OK, let’s not bash each other. Let’s not embarrass each other. But you forget that the cameras are on you, and it’s reality, and we do fight and, you know, we do throw jabs at each other. We do push each other’s buttons.”

“Michael and I have our ups and downs,” she admits. “You know, one week it’s good, one week it’s awful. It’s the same. Really hasn’t changed.”

Last year, Kelly told the site that she was “hoping for the best” when it came to her marriage, adding that neither she nor Michael wanted to get divorced.

“One month I wanna get divorced, then there’s the next month where I wanna stay married, you know?” she says now. “It’s always just evolving.”

“We kind’ve are, like, addicted to each other, you know?” Kelly adds. “I feel like I can’t live without him sometimes, and he feels like he can’t live without me. So, I mean, you know, we’ve always had that kind of relationship … it’s an addiction in a way.”

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evolve: To develop or achieve gradually. If you say it’s the same, you are not evolving.

Just show love, kindness, appreciation for one another & Kelly & Michael will surely see the difference in their relationship.

From a long form interview I heard when she first came onto the show, Dodd may have masochistic tendencies…she’s attracted to problematic relationships and definitely has codependency issues. She’s unhappy with the way she is treated in marriage , yet views her husband as unfailing protector: we all know from this show that Kelly was involved in one other serious relationship after her first breakup with Micheal, the one with the crazy wife who was Shannon’s neighbor & stalking online last season while she spent all her time courting the tabloids. What I find interesting (that hasn’t been revealed on… Read more »

So interesting…what do you think of Vicki in her new relationship? Do you think Vicki suffers from some form of mental health?

Lol, yes I do

How are you today , Daisy ? ❤️❤️

Much better , how are you cutie pie

Migraines can be awful, I’m glad it’s gone. I’m at work , pretending to work 🙂 LOL

I think Victoria DEFINITELY has co-dependency issues. She’s not able to maintain a life alone getting to know herself. I see the Brooks/cancergate issue completely different than most viewers as I’ve had the grave misfortune of witnessing otherwise strong, ambitious women make disastrous choices for partners- choices that practically take them to the edge of ruin. You’d be surprised what some women will literally get into bed with to escape loneliness, and how easy it is for them to fall into doing very, very bad things…

well said. vicky doesn’t want to end up a lonely old lady, she admitted that last season. I am not a fan of vicky but I hope her new man is decent. then again brooke was such a douche, I’m sure it’s not too hard to find ANYONE better than him

She´s addicted to his money…

She is horrible to that poor guy. Imagine how she treats him when the cameras are off? OMG