Kelly Dodd Not Speaking to Family Amidst Divorce From Michael

RHOC star Kelly Dodd has announced her divorce from her husband Michael, and according to a new report, she currently isn’t speaking to her mother or her brother.

“She hasn’t spoken to her mom or brother since July,” an insider said, adding that they were feuding before the separation.

“They found out about the divorce online,” the insider told RadarOnline. “They weren’t surprised though. She’s said she was going to divorce him for five years and she always said she wanted to get a divorce when they sold the house.”

And her family doesn’t feel sorry for her. They think “she needs some serious therapy for her them to talk to her again!”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Jessie Mann

    I really don’t think Michael ever liked you. Your mood swings are to crazy for anyone you need mental help.

  • Rain

    She is a drunk so I’m sure they are the ones who cut her out

  • Cin

    she’s a drunk…..

  • Starr

    At a time when both need moral support the family’s gone back ground? What mother or brother does that? Certainly not mine.

    • Michelle

      Even though I think her family should be with her at this time, there might be more going on in the background….like….the family is fed up with her antics, drinking or obnoxious outbursts or the family hope this tough love will get her attention and she will get the therapy she needs. She needs help no doubt about it but I too would expect the family to be supportive and hope that once she does, get help, they come back.

      • Starr

        So Excellent, Michelle. Much insight.

  • One Rotten Egg

    who’s gonna support this broad (and her mama) now?

  • cat62

    I feel sorry for her daughter. Therapy is a good thing. Hope she gets sober too.

  • watching in ohio

    I’ll guarantee you she’s had someone waiting in the wings for some time now! She’s that type of calculating witch! Her mother and brother know the “truth” and she knows that they know! Michael wasn’t perfect but he did forgive her other affair (s) took her back..she just used him and was never committed to making the relationship work.. she just wanted to secure her financial future in good old community property state Californification! Land of the gold diggers! Kelly has a drinking problem and anger management issue.. Michael should fight for custody of his daughter and let her grandmother stay there to provide additional stability.. which Kelly can’t because of her addiction to partying, drinking and screwing around.. it’s an unstable environment for a young girl! Stand up for yourself and your daughter Michael!

  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    Why are all these sites cut and pasting from um, using ROL as the industry Bible? Kelly and Michael are probably enjoying brunch somewhere as we speak.