Kelly Dodd Makes Dig at Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador

Kelly Dodd is taking to her blog to discuss the premiere of her second season on The Real Housewives of Orange County and talks about the divide among the women. Kelly says she is happy not to be the new girl anymore and takes a couple of digs at Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador along the way.

“Before I provide my commentary on our first episode, I have a few thoughts on last season. Last season was one of the highest rated seasons ever in RHOC history. I have to say, it’s nice to not be the “new girl” anymore. Last year was, at times, gut wrenching and nerve-racking. From the moment Meghan introduced me to the ladies at Heather’s yacht party, my life was in constant turmoil. As the new girl, I had no idea what to expect. Every relationship was new and challenging. At least now I know what these women are really like.

Okay, so, about episode one, “The Great Divide” – a perfectly titled episode. The animosity between Shannon and I, and Tamra and I, as displayed at the reunion, is still there, simmering. Meanwhile Vicki and I have continued to strengthen our friendship. Meghan is back and forth between her various homes while taking care of baby Aspen, so getting together is sometimes a challenge. I am so happy for her and Jimmy. Watching Lydia with Tamra and Vicki, I think Vicki is onto something when she describes her as “Disneyland all the time.”

Seeing Tamra break down and cry during Bible Study at Lydia’s house was another reminder of how painful her daughter’s absence from her life has been. I still regret saying “no wonder her daughter doesn’t speak to her” during our Ireland trip. Seeing her cry again breaks my heart. When Lydia asks Tamra what she thinks of me and says she thinks I am a hot mess and should pray for me, I thought yes Tamra, pray for me often. I too will be praying. For you.

Watching the scenes with Vicki, Steve, Briana, and the boys is fun for me. Michael and I have spent quite a lot of time around Vicki’s family and we think the world of them. Steve’s a great guy. Briana is virtually a single mother who works as a nurse, trying to stay healthy while having her hands full with two boisterous toddlers. I believe their great family chemistry shines through.

During the reunion Tamra showed a photo of Shannon with the caption I added that said, “keep eating.” I didn’t know she would take me literally!!! Just kidding. Relax. We all struggle with some aspect of our body from time to time, so I have empathy for Shannon. I am struggling with my weight too. Speaking of working on your body, I am trying to get my mom’s body out of the house and back on the market. There is this awesome senior center in our village where, I hope, she can make new friends or even find someone to date.”

Are you glad Kelly is back for another season?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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No I’m not happy she’s back…she’s a vile bully who really needs mental help…who teaches their daughter “if you’re not first, you’re last”..?? That is a terrible lesson to teach a kid…can’t stand her!

Jack is this you ??? Or is this a new poster ?
Anyways, I couldn’t agree with you more ! She’s gutter trash

I’m back…got new computer and couldn’t figure out how to post!! Missed all of you!!

Yayyyyyyyyyyy :). How are you ? Missed you too ❤️❤️ . How is your summer ?

It’s good…how about you? How is everybody else??

Not s whole lot of people posting as you can see :(. Maybe they’re taking a break
I’m hanging in there

I’ve not been on in awhile cause I can’t figure out this change!! I still haven’t figured out how to login…I’m such a tech idiot. Any help would be most appreciated.

It’s not Disqus anymore Michelle so you need to sign in with your email account

I like the idea of Kelly coming back for another season. I’ve never been down on Vicki but I think that’s going to change. I’m only half way thru first episode and I’m tired of her.

Good Morning All!!!!!
So happy to see some friends here today. Missed you sooooo much!
How is the job search going, Jack?
Sending you good thoughts and positivity, buddy!

I was happy to see some old names also!!!

I don’t care for Kelly or Vickie for that matter. I thing both are faking lying ***ch. Kelly’s husband resembles a pedipheil (Since last season when at Glamys he grabbed his daughters chest, there is something wrong with this man) Vickie’s tales of grandure are parallel to the douche’s cancer scare. (Lies) …. Vickie needs to go into the sun set looking for KERMIT…but instead she got locked with Tupperware ( the air is OUT) ! THE TORCH HAS BEEN PASSED TO KELLY, WHO IS NOW THE QUEEN OF LIES. Shanon get off your ass, stop the winning and exercise… Read more »

I like Kelly usually but she can go crazy sometimes. She seems to like tamra but since tamra and Shannon have joined ranks tamra is being unkind to Kelly now. Truthfully if Shannon were not there Kelly, Vicki and tamra could probably all make amends

Kelly had a very rough 1st season with the bullies. I like her & glad she’s back. There are certain people in my world that I would never reach out & ask for prayer as they remind me of the Tamara’s of the world. If I had an association with Tamara, she would be the last I would turn to as she is so insincere. That’s my take. Kelly, pray for yourself.

Hey Starr, how are you? It’s been so longggggg. I’m obviously not dealing well with these new fangled changes LOL. But it is nice to see familiar names.

I don’t like Kelly. Not from day one. It’s Bravo liking bachanal hence Vicki and Kelly. I haven’t decided if I’m even going to bother with the show but we’ll…I’m down in my little island with my family for a week. I’ll de ide when I get back.

Hi Michelle, I felt you were in B’dos. Nice to see you. Yes, these shows thrive on bacchanal fuh so & I’m tired of it, really fed-up actually. It’s not nice viewing at all anymore.
Spoke to my sis who lives there yesterday. Her life is very full as she works full time.
Enjoy your family time, sure there’s much to catch up on.