Kelly Dodd Explains Her Public Fight With Husband Michael


Kelly Dodd is taking to her blog to talk about her public fight with her husband Michael in this week’s episode of the RHOC. Kelly says she knows she’s not the easiest person to live with, but explains where she was coming from.

“This episode was a little hard to watch for everyone in our family. I couldn’t believe the bottom of my boob was popping out. Why didn’t Michael tell me? Yikes!

Who would have guessed that Meghan has a talent for store design and retail marketing? I was with her early in the process of evaluating potential shop locations. I can tell you that seeing the transformation from an empty space to finished store was impressive. It looks like Anthropologie with Meghan’s own personal touches.

Meghan’s party for her store opening seemed to be a big success. She had an open bar and the catering was excellent. I was happy for Meghan and Jim. The evening was fun for most of us. However, as you saw in the episode, at one point, things got a little heated between Shannon and Vicki. It seems Vicki wasn’t too happy about getting an obligatory voicemail from Shannon in response to being life-flighted as a result of the dune buggy accident. Vicki was still upset and was not letting Shannon off the hook. Things deteriorated to each of them calling the other a liar. Vicki escalated the situation when she threatened to reveal the secret Shannon had confided in her. Although, by now, it isn’t much of a secret because Vicki had already told me. You’ll have to stay tuned to see how bringing up Shannon’s secret makes things spiral out of control.

I was pleased to be invited to Heather and Terry’s book launch party. It was a fun, beautiful event. As usual, with the Dubrows, everything was first class, with some novelties thrown in, such as the instant ice cream maker to keep things interesting.

It was brave of Vicki to introduce her new boyfriend, Steve, to this crazy group of ladies. Especially considering how they undermined her relationship with Brooks (based upon what Vicki has told me). Steve is a great guy. Quiet, confident, solid. Michael and Steve get along great. We have gotten to know him quite well since then and he seems to make Vicki very happy.

As you could tell, at the book launch party, Michael and I were not getting along. Unlike the ’70s party and other events where we are always together, we were distant. Michael socialized mostly with Eric. He wasn’t in the best of moods. Let me explain why:

That weekend was a busy one for us. We were having some friends from San Francisco stay with us and we had to get ready to host them. Early in the morning, we got into an argument. I don’t remember why. Regardless, we decided to go to Costco and pick up supplies, but we were still at odds.

When we arrived at Costco we realized we didn’t have our membership card with us. So, Michael stood in line to get a temporary pass while I used the restroom and decided to get hot dogs and drinks. I told Michael to stay put by the entrance until I got back.

As usual, he didn’t listen to me.

For some reason, he took off inside the store, but I didn’t know where he was. Since I was already upset with him, my patience wore thin. I called him and texted him, but he didn’t answer. By this time, I am fuming. When I texted him I was leaving, he finally called me back. I had had enough. I blew off the shopping and took off in the car and headed home. I left his ass at the store.

From Michael’s standpoint he believed he had waited long enough, and so he went into the store looking for me. It’s a classic case of two people disagreeing over a difference in perspective.

In 12 years I had never left him behind anywhere. OMG was he upset. He had to Uber home. We didn’t speak for the rest of the day. When the time came to get ready for Heather’s party, Michael was insistent that he was not going. Oh yes he was!

He went of course, but he wasn’t happy about it. It showed all over his face. I shouldn’t have criticized him to my friends while at the party, but by now you know I am impulsive and have no filter. It’s a good thing Michael gets me and is patient with me. I know I am not the easiest person to live with.

In any long-term marriage, like ours, sometimes you argue, you drink too much because you argue, you embarrass each other, and if you work at it, you make up and move on. Our arguments just happen to be seen by everyone.”

Do you think Michael and Kelly’s marriage is in trouble?

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  1. It was brave of Vicki to introduce her new boyfriend, Steve, to this crazy group of ladies. Especially considering how they undermined her relationship with Brooks (based upon what Vicki has told me). Steve is a great guy. Quiet, confident, solid. Michael and Steve get along great. We have gotten to know him quite well since then and he seems to make Vicki very happy.

    I have copied and pasted the above paragraph as it struck me as really funny on several points!
    1. ‘It was brave of Vicki to introduce her latest mug, boyfriend, to the crazy women,’ sorry changed a few words, Kelly being the craziest with Vicki equal this amused me!
    2. ‘ how they undermined her relationship with Brooks’ this was the most hysterical comment she has ever made! What a flipping joke, (note I didn’t say the word I was thinking!)
    I can’t be bothered to read the rest of her blog. She just annoys the crap out of me! She is better than laxatives!
    That’s me done, had my laugh of the day and got annoyed at same time.

    1. Spot on Suze lol ❤️❤️❤️❤️ What a crock of doo doo. Desperate LIARFACE brought her new love tank filler because she needs a story line other than ‘oh poor me, everyone hates me’ . Brave, my ass!!! LOL

      Don’t want to know more about the dysfunctional marriage of 2 alcoholics , so thank you Kelly . If I wanted that level of trash, I’d watch jerry springer .

    2. OMG Suzy. When I read that first paragraph, I thought you had gone bonkers. ( More than the usual, hahahaha❤️) I knew something must be up so I quickly scrolled down, sigh of relief. No, I am kidding obviously, but it did startle me for a moment! I don’t watch the OC anymore, as you know. Michael is certainly a drunk, and Kelly going around mocking him and apologizing for him can’t possibly be helping. I can see that just from watching that one scene.
      And Viki? Why oh why does she insist on wearing slinky white dresses? God, she is 2 decades past looking good in them. Even her talking head outfit is inappropriate. She just can’t stop herself from trying to be 20 years younger. That means to me that she doesn’t accept her age, and I am pretty sure the Sun comes up and the Sun goes down on everyone on Earth. We have no control over getting older and I have never, and will never understand what it is that, women especially, think they should be doing about it. I try to fill my life up with as much living as I can as the years go by. That’s my answer.

    3. Oh Suze you are hilarious…..for a split second you had me believing I had convinced you to like Vicki but you quickly made it clear your stance on V is firm. :). I think there has always been a lot of undermining by the entire cast of characters throughout the episodes. The Brook’s thing imploded all on its own though, no third-party undermining needed!

      I feel sorry for Kelly because of her miserable-seeming marriage. She is so unhappy and he seems petty and mean. Just watching their painful interactions makes me uncomfortable. I am sure Kelly has never done anything right in her life according to her husband and that kind of treatment just causes you to rot from the inside out. Heheheh a bit dramatic I know but true I think.

  2. Good morning/afternoon Rain & Suze ♥️♥️♥️

    They’re both embarrassing to watch. I actually cringe when I see them come on the screen. Bravo is nothing more than a bottom feeder anymore. Andy if you’re reading, quit phoning in your job. I think it’s obvious by now you’ve insulted our intelligence above and beyond. Are you actually trying to lose this franchise big guy? If so, then I guess you are doing your job, my apologies.

    1. Good rant Miss MoneyPenny ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Yes , Andy is an embarrassment. I don’t know if he thinks he’s creating ratings with all this ratchedness. I think there is some rivalry with Vh1 with their Love and Hiphop and Badketball wives series. They’ve been consistently beating the HW in the demos so maybe Andy is trying to out- ratchet those shows. Just a thought

      1. You very well could be right Rain! ♥️ Hey! …right as Rain 😉 lol

        Oh Suze too sweet to ask I’m just skippy still hobbling around gettin er done but next week can’t come too soon. I’ll find out when surgery is by Thursdsy hopefully after Wed. MRI. I’ll keep you posted ❌⭕️❌ were heading out for some fall foliage touring the color is suppose to be real jimmy in the mountains by now 🙂

        1. Lucky you, I have a few acers that are a stunning red so times that by thousands I can imagine what you are seeing! Very jealous.
          Yes keep us up to date on your results/surgery love you xoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️

            1. I only have a few nothing like the USA, mine are small compared to the sites I see on TV in New England. Xoxoxxo

    2. Mornin’ Miss M and Rain and Suze. I am sorry I don’t know much about the back surgery, Miss M, but myself, and a friend were both greatly relieved by the repair of our backs. I hope all goes well for you too, lovely Miss M. ❤️

      1. Marian!!! I meant to share that in my card to you the other day – see how freaking spacey I am? I’m starting to really scare myself because I’m losing my memory a lot lately my poor family. I’m sure I know why but it’s still frustrating. So anyways yes I’ll find out next Thurdsay when it will be. I want it the sooner the better I want it to be done with so I can be better! And Queenie and 3D….thank you so much for saying it helped! I’m so nervous I’m going to come out crippled or something. I’ll keep you posted I promise. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

          1. It’s all good, I used to post under my real name. No one is looking for me or stalking me, so no worries. My friend had really bad back aches a lot, and finally went for a procedure. She said she was 90% better, and now 12 years later, she is still at 85%. Mine was an injury where I waited 11 days for the surgery which eliminated the pain. Spinal surgery has come a long way, and the results are really hopeful. Let us know everything, OK?❤️

        1. You will be fine! They do these surgeries ALL THE TIME!! My friend (she’s 68) just had an entire knee replacement and in ONE WEEK she is walking around like nothing! Keep us posted please!

        2. When I had my discs removed from the top of my spine I was up and about within days and have never looked back re my surgery. The only problem I had was they insisted I ate something so they gave me weetabix and some got stuck in my throat due to the swelling so avoid weetabix! Seriously that was the worst of it. We are all rooting for you here. Xoxoxoxoxo

          1. (((3D, GigiCat, & Suze)))♥️♥️♥️ Thank you so much for all these words of encouragement they making me feel so much better. I’m not a scaredy cat about many things in life just anything to do with my back and legs. Before back issues over the years I was always very strong physically…could down trees by myself pull them from their roots with bare hands practically…lift huge rocks out of the ground to make new gardens…even got into poison ivy and burnt it unknowingly for 3 months and burned my organs ad lungs and nothing could keep me down. This has been such a humbling time of needing my husband to have to help dress me often among other personal things. Anyways I cannot wait for a positive outcome!

            1. We hope for that too Sweetie! It is horrible having to rely on someone else when you are so independent. Love you loads xxxxoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

            2. We have so much in common. I was a strong, healthy individual before my injury. When you spoke of the big rocks in the ground it reminded me of the first huge rock I actually became obsessed with getting it out of the ground. I ended up laying on my belly to dig around the edges, and it turned out much bigger than I anticipated. I had to use a prying bar to get it on it’s side to roll it out. It is flat on top and bottom, though, so it is the main rock in my first raised bed I made from rocks on my property. Jim almost couldn’t believe I got that out myself, it was 2 1/2 feet down!! I used to garden at least 40 hours a week, and had to talk myself to coming in at night.
              Anyway, we are all thinking of you and surely there will be a wonderful, positive outcome for you with the surgery. Keep that in your mind as you feel yourself going under, all will be well, I know it. ❤️❌⭕️, the 4 leaf clover won’t post, but I clicked on it anyway, so it’s there, just invisible, hahahah.

  3. Kelly & her husband are worse than night & day. 2 total opposites do find a very happy medium if they want. I can attest to that with 51 years of a solid marriage.
    As for Vicki’s new beau, the way the women acted with and around him was downright silly, put on & stupid. So artificial.

    1. I agree Starr. The women were so rude and immature to Steve, especially Tamra (no surprise there). What has Steve ever done to them!

  4. These two (Vicki and kelly) need to go on Jerry Springer or one of those other hideous shows and just duke it out with the parade of people they THINK have wronged them. The thing is both of them dig their own graves. I can’t EVEN comment on this article. What the hell is wrong with Andy? Is his little life THAT boring that he needs to have trailer trash on his shows? Honestly tho, I think Andy loves this kind of stuff. He won’t grow up until he finds himself in a real relationship with someone so until then, he’ll get his kicks out of putting these POS women on tv and paying them ridiculous amounts of $ to embarrass themselves and be known as drunks and liars.

    1. It would be nice if Andy dated a man his age for a change , just to get perspective . I thought he and Anderson cooper would make a great couple but they are just friends I guess

      The thing with men ( gay or straight!) and much younger partners can sometimes be silly. I don’t mind age difference and to each his own but being 55 and dating 30 and being 45 and dating 20 is NOT the same lol. Some of these cases are bordering on amber alert! Being 30 is NOT the same as being 19 or 20

  5. “it looked like Anthropologie with personal touches by Meghan.” Sounds like Kelly throwing a bit of shade. i.e Meghan pretty much copied Anthropologie?

  6. I am watching the episode in Ireland where Tamra went off and hit Kelly and I really wish these stupid women would for once stand up to Tamra. Tamra gets all offended when she’s been nothing but a total bitch to so many of the different women who have filtered through the show. All Kelly was saying was that Tamra was a liar and a shit stirrer, which she is, didn’t you see the clip. Then, Kelly says a comment like, “No wonder her daughter doesn’t talk to her.”‘ This comment, which is very much the type of comment Tamra would say, sends her flying into a frenzy. She cannot take it but she can sure dish it. Tamra is such a hypocritical bitch with her born-again, baptized lying Christian self. I wish they would just kick her off the show, but they won’t because she stirs up all kinds of crap, but Andy, isn’t that just rewarding mean girls? What a terrible message.

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