Kelly Dodd Explains Why She Made a Comment About Tamra Judge’s Daughter


Kelly Dodd is taking to her blog to explain her side of the story in her fight with Tamra Judge. Dodd shares what made her so angry to make the comment about Tamra’s daughter and stands by the statement that Tamra hit her so hard she was in pain for the rest of the trip.

“I learned a lot about myself and my “friends” during our trip to Ireland. I also learned that (paraphrasing John Wooden), “The true test of a woman’s character is what she does when she thinks no one is watching.”

When I signed up to be a Housewife, I knew that my life, my personality, my family, my marriage would be on public display. My life has been an open book through my friendships and social media long before I joined the Housewives. Obviously, the scale of exposure is completely different now. I am okay with that because I am who I am, an open, honest person. What I didn’t know when I became a Housewife is that my reputation and character would come under assault based upon reckless scheming, as it did at the ’70s party. I definitely didn’t know I would be subject to the rage of these women. I was shocked, disappointed and concerned about Tamra’s aggressiveness to say the least. More on that in a bit.

I love international travel. Learning the history of other countries and experiencing different cultures is important to me. So, when Meghan suggested we all go to Ireland I was super excited. At Heather’s book launch party I thought everyone was getting along well. I felt the trip would be a great chance to strengthen our bonds. Unfortunately, it turns out I was too optimistic.

During the flight to Dublin and the first evening as we settled in, things went well, and everyone had fun. The resort was beautiful and picturesque.

Our first full day in Ireland started with a pub crawl in Dublin. We whooped it up, laughed a lot and drank too much.

We all know that alcohol is a depressant. Quickly the initial euphoria of doing shots at the pubs wore off. While I was still in a great mood, I could tell that some of the ladies’ moods were changing.

At one point, Vicki was spilling drinks on herself, so I pointed to her blouse and flicked her nose with my finger, just like I do Jolie. I thought it was funny, Vicki didn’t. That was the first time I felt Vicki react negatively to me. I was a little surprised. Straight away, I could see Vicki and Tamra talking smack about me at the end of the bar and I didn’t appreciate it. Why don’t these women get my humor?

When Vicki and Tamra finished their bitch session, as Tamra headed to the restroom, I told her “keep walking”. I was joking. Okay, it wasn’t funny, but her reaction shocked me. She quickly turned around and confronted me. Her tone and puffed-up posture indicated to me she wanted to physically fight me. This was an indicator of things to come.

Then, as usual, Heather tried to take charge and confront me. In all my dealings with Heather she never seems to get my humor. When I said that I thought Heather would have a better sense of humor because she’s Jewish, it was because my frame of reference at the time was my Jewish family and friends (all of who have a great sense of humor), and the multitude of famous Jewish comedians and comedy writers that I love. I am sure I offended Heather and a lot of Jewish viewers and for that I am truly sorry. I meant it was a compliment, not an insult.

Tamra and Heather told me that my silly kids joke took it to another level. Tamra started saying how she was always defending me and had kept my “secrets”. I guess to stir the pot she claimed that I told her I had looked into Heather’s finances, but had kept that secret from Heather. That was absolutely a lie. You saw my reaction. Righteous indignation!!! How dare she create such a bold face lie to cause problems between Heather and I?

Just as your saw in the ’70s party, when I heard Nina and Jaci spouting their lies about me, calling me a prostitute and an adulteress, I cannot stand liars and react viscerally. Tamra’s lying and bad intentions set me off.

That was the end of the Dublin pub crawl. For some reason it turned into a shopping trip.

When we left the pub I was still fuming over Tamra lying. I was thinking, what’s wrong with her? As I was walking with Shannon on the way to the department store, I told Shannon “no wonder her daughter doesn’t talk to her!”

I thought it was a private conversation with Shannon. I never meant to say that directly to Tamra to hurt her. But, of course, Shannon couldn’t wait to run to Tamra in the store and tell her what I had said.

Talk about taking it to another level. Tamra got pissed at what I had told Shannon. Tamra was in a rage and physically hit me. She is a very strong woman and she hit me hard.

I was proud of myself for not striking Tamra back to defend myself. I had seen the show Locked Up Abroad and was not interested in seeing the inside of an Irish jail.

I understand why Tamra was so mad at me. Her relationship with her daughter is the most sensitive topic in the world to her. Regardless, there is no justification for her hitting and threating me. The whole experience traumatized me. I was in pain and didn’t sleep the well the rest of the trip.

I thought it was unbelievable that Heather was more concerned about being asked to leave the store than the fact Tamra had hit me. I guess in Heather’s world, saying a few harsh words is worse than violence.

When Meghan suggested I should go to dinner with the ladies, I could not imagine sitting at the same table with Tamra shortly after she threatened to kill me. No way.

When I left for Ireland I was looking forward to getting some time away from Michael. Since he is home more than ever I felt I needed some space and time away. But, as always, when the s*** hits the fan Michael is always there for me. Michael understood what I was going through and helped calm my nerves. I wanted to leave Ireland right then. But, I decided to stay and make the most of it.

Stay tuned to see what happens next.”

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61 Replies to “Kelly Dodd Explains Why She Made a Comment About Tamra Judge’s Daughter”

          1. Not till Sunday but silly things keep happening, the towel rail in the guest room, (where they will sleep) fell off the wall, bad timing as its me that fixes these things! The bed has broken but Hubbie fixed that as just needed propping up with wood. If anything else happens my brother can fix it while he is here! Maybe has something to do with the fact my daughter slept in there while she was staying! Oh well we will get there soon!

            1. Oh don’t worry Suze lol, I’m sure your brother won’t mind 🙂 but yes , stuff always happens when you’re expecting company . ❤️❤️❤️

      1. I find them nearly equal, with Brandi coming out as the biggest poop kicker. Brandi has nihilistic tendencies, and is too quick to threaten to burn metaphorical houses down with herself in them as long as everything falls right along with her. She has a borderline sociopathic personality that history has shown can only be stopped from attacking others with threat of lawsuits. Kelly has moments of vulnerability and shame, which at least humanizes her a bit for me, and could make for opportunities for rehabilitation. From where she stands now, though, she needs to be in the Housewives version of Bad Girls Club -with Glanville, Danielle Staub, Carlton Gebbia, and Aviva Drescher by her side. Maybe throw in scantily clad, featherweight boxing nitwit Porsha Williams for good measure, and add Jersey FOHs Kim D & Kim G as team mascots.

  1. Ok, so I broke down and actually watched this episode on my DVR. I’m still astonished that ANY fool on this show would ever believe that Tamera or Vicki will be loyal to them. Gretchen comes to mind. Kelly was ridiculous as usual but she is just plain stupid if she ever watched this show before now, and was still surprised that Vicki turned her anger on her to go side with Tamera. These two bullies will always gang up against someone, and if they can’t find someone else, they do it to each other. Absolutely no surprises here, only embarrassment if anyone in Ireland might actually think these women represent the majority of us Americans.

    1. Irish people won’t think that, they would be more likely to believe it of the English! I’m saying that as I am 50% English and lived there for 53 years!

        1. Noooooo! I’m enjoying Cheshire this year! Maybe Birmingham? Not that there is anything wrong with Birmingham but it’s further away from me!

          1. I know what you mean about “the further away, the better”. But let’s face it, even though OC is the other side of the country from me, I still have to deal with the fact that they represented America.Whaaa 😀 I spent one glorious night in Ireland and everyone there (just like Scotland) were friendly and treated me well. The only downside was one drunk Irishman spouting off to myself and other military members that we needed to stop invading “Europe”. His drunk friends had a good laugh and apologized to us, and then promised to take him home to give him a geography lesson. lol. It was pretty funny.

            1. Sounds about right, that could have been Scotland, I suffered similar when I first started coming up here 36years ago. Luckily when they found out I was half Scottish I was forgiven to a certain extent but never fully. A drunken Irish man is par with a drunken Scot!

              1. He was harmless. He was complaining about us being in Iraq but had the wrong continent. lol. Yes, in both places, I felt right at home and people could not have been more lovely. Kelly was an embarrassing dipshit by asking the guy how to say “top of the morning”. When I was in Ireland, I couldn’t understand the bartender because his brogue was extremely thick, but the guy that she was speaking to, had an accent that was understandable.

                1. That was stupid and embarrassing of her! He should have told her to feck off! That’s more common than top o’ the mornin to ya!

              2. WHO? WHO? WHO is Madame Kelly Owl talking about? She must have been referring to a different show altogether cause that’s not what we saw. Or is that how it looks when you’re drunk?

    2. Between this week’s episodes of RHOOC in Ireland and Basketball Wives LA in Portugal, as an American woman I am so embarrassed, I am literally praying these shows never see the light of day on mainstream TV across the EU, yeesh! And yes, Kelly, as you pointed out tends to be less than smart. You cannot sit down and play checkers on a show with women like Tam & Vic who have spent the last 9-10 years playing chess. I saw this flip of the script coming from a mile away.

    3. Freedomgirl, what I also found embarrassing waa Vicki’s shameless flirting with bartender and all the gyration etc etc. that love tank must’ve been empty and need some Irish d**k! 🙂

      1. I was thinking, “Why is she so HORNY and letting everybody within 10 km radius know it”..??? Vicki was carrying on like a few months without sex was the equivalent of being stranded in the Sahara without water, lol! I will never get how these women are that sexually forthright on these vacations with men they don’t know when they’re public figures…it’s Team Too Much!

        1. Sadly it’s because it probably has less to do with sex, than it does for just attention. Remember the girls in high school that were slutty? A lot of times it’s a desperate attempt for attention from males when you can’t get it any other way. That’s my own opinion of course, but I have a feeling that she will act a fool for attention in any possible way because she craves it so much.

          1. Yep. I know…and of course, alcohol only exacerbates the tomfoolery. Just imagine what happens to the rest of us if we’re in a contentious group, where you’re jet lagged & ply yourselves with 8 shots of liquor and a stout or two on top… disaster and embarrassing behavior is sure to ensue.

      2. Oh my gosh Rain..You just reminded me of her dancing at that pub at the end…WHY can’t she figure out that people are laughing AT her, not WITH her?!! That was just insane. I would have killed to be at that pub and watched those musicians and dancers, but she ruined it..although I did have a little bit of a laugh at her trying to gyrate..Ramona Singer and Elaine from Seinfeld completely come to mind. lol.

  2. Word to the wise: while the behavior may be fine for playing around with kids, ADULTS generally don’t appreciate nose flicking. That was entirely childish and irritating, and insppropriate for the company you were keeping on this trip. Knowing how biased the group is against you, regardless of how comfortable you felt around them at that point, out of wisdom and discernment you should have just minded your Ps & As and laid low on this trip, as not to arouse anyone’s ire or potentially open Pandora’s Box. The longer these franchises exist, the more a Housewives show becomes like a chess game and right now you are playing a continual state of inebriation on top of it all. You have to either grow up and learn to play your position as a mature adult with some measure of restraint, or go home.

    1. That was the first funny thing I read here, Rain. I don’t watch at all, but just reading what Kelly says and does makes me glad I don’t. Her entire blog here is a load of BS. She didn’t mean to hurt Tamra, right. I actually don’t believe Tamra hit her. Kelly seems like one of those people who always tries to think of something worse than what they did, and accuse the other person of it. After 7 years on the show, I’m pretty sure Tamra knows better than to physically assault someone, even if they deserve it. Kelly was in pain, yeah, from pouring to much swill down her throat, and talking too much. The cameras are always rolling, so if Tamra had hit her it would most certainly be all over every blog. Not only is Kelly an idiot, she believes the viewers to be morons too. This really should be the last season for the OC.

      1. Hey 3Ds ❤️❤️❤️You’re actually smart for not watching this aweful show lol. Just save your nerves :). Yes Kelly is an alcoholic and has her own alternate version of reality and what happens or what has happened during one of her ‘blackouts’ . Of course Tamra didn’t hit her! She may have touched her shoulder to get her attention or something (as you often due when someone is wasted) but that’s it. If she did indeed hit, ALL THE OTHER LADIES would have mentioned it and talked about it, especially her ally Vicki . So yeah I don’t buy it but I think in her mind , that’s what she believed happened .

        The storm is here !! Woo hoo! I’m stuck at work till 2 ! Is it wrong to say I want to go watch the rain from my living room and get high LOL ???? Have a great weekend ❤️❤️❤️

        1. It was raining here a while ago, too. I want to go with you, sit in your living room and get hi with you!! We would have such fun laughing our asses off! oxox The part where Kelly says she was in pain from being hit, what a TOTAL lie and joke. And like Ellie mentioned, they are miked always, a hit from Tamra would have been the punch heard ’round the world.

            1. Girls….I broke down and relapsed, I got the season of the OC!! I have this stupid problem with my foot, and got bored, which is very rare for me. I have to keep it up, ( YUKKKK ) No gardening, only a few minutes at a time on my feet, and decided to see what you all were talking about. It’s a cheap thrill, $19.99 for the season, and I am about 2 shows in. So, even tho I will be way behind, I will see just how disgusting Kelly is, from just the clips I got a good idea. I refuse to feel guilty, as I was one of the ones who never did say I wouldn’t watch, but I have already zipped Viki and her entire segments. She isn’t worth watching. I wanted to see how Jeanna looked though, so I watched the car ride & Viki’s crocodile tears in the car after that first yacht party of Heather’s, and that is all I will see of her unless it is one of the free-for-all’s at parties where she might be present. But when she is alone, at home, with her kids etc., I won’t watch at all. So, there you have it. I needed to confess!! Hahahahaha. 🙂 🙂 🙂

              1. Oh no , you fell off the OC wagon 🙂

                Sorry about your foot ! I hope you feel better soon sweetheart ❤️❤️❤️

              2. You are so weak willed! Hahahaha I do hope your foot is ok, because of that and only that I will forgive you! Xoxoxoxxoxo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Newsflash Kelly…No conversation is private when you are wearing a microphone while on a reality show no less! If you don’t want it repeated, put those lips into park. Also, stop drinking so much, since you are a nasty drunk.

      1. LOL. I know a couple of words for it, but flatulence is an accepted medical term, and yes, you can hear that too! 😉

  4. Vicki clearly has “Daddy” issues which is why she needs constant attention from men. Then she picks men who, when she pushes them far enough, abuse her. A shrink would have FIELD DAY with this POS. Hence her need for using sex to get male attention. As for Kelly, you all have said pretty much what I’m thinking but I am stunned as to this is how this drunk twists and turns scenes around in her head so she doesn’t feel bad. I’m not buying her crying every time someone calls her on her BS. She’s a drunk, she needs AA, she is abusive, she is NOT a good mother, she is angry, she has unresolved issues, she is a gold-digger, she is honestly a worthless waste of precious oxygen. And Tamra and Vicki have nothing to do with her behavior. How they react to it is their prerogative. Kelly came on this show knowing how they were. POS Vicki wanted her as a friend and Tamra saw someone she could “save.” You can’t help stupid. Period. Also, if kelly didn’t want anyone to hear what she said, why say it into a mic? Again, you can’t fix stupid. And she needs to stop filling her face with so much botox. She looks like those dolls you can put in your passenger seat so you can use the car pool lane. (and hope you don’t get caught)

    1. I am not buying Kelly’s statement tht she ws a “millionare” prior 2 meeting michael either, hr mom worked in a hospital as I do & make pretty good $ but I live from payday to payday @a RN’s hourly rate, & I am not sure if her mom ws a nurse or another level of a hospital employee, but if kelley ws a millionare I hardly thk hr mom wld hav 2 work beings they r so close. JMO Kelly is a Goldigger & u knw what is said abt goldiggers “you pay everyday” ie u r nvr happy, & Ths definately is applicable IMO 2 kelly.

  5. I liked this show so much better, before all the drinking and fighting. I could barely even watch the last one. Such a stupid waste.

    1. I am so near the end with this OC. I am having a hard time stomaching this bunch enough. I know I will not be watching next season…and not sure if I will make it until the end of this one…terrible. Are housewife shows supposed to be about women who get drunk and fight, only? It seems like it is encouraged a bit too much. Inwas embarrassed as an American to see the sick antics of most of these “women” in Ireland, and it is not over yet…still more Ireland antics to come. 🙁

  6. What Kelly said was cruel and not called for . Although it was the truth . Tamra has no one to blame for her daughter but herself . One day when Kelly is in the same situation she will also have herself to blame. Probably why T went so bat shit crazy because she knows she ran her daughter off . She’s still acting in a way that will embarrass her other kid’s

  7. To me what is sad in regard to Tamara’s situation is the fact that her son has no relationship wth his father now & actually t uses this as tit for tat.

  8. This chick has showed all levels of crazy on TV.. boy oh boy think of her craziness when she is not filming. OFF the charts crazy. I’m starting to think she is the crazy one, not her husband. Can’t wait to see what kind of trash bravo digs up to replace her

  9. Kelly, racism comes in all skin tones and your ignorant remark “I can’t be racist, I’m Mexican” really floored me. It was very offensive and told me a lot about you or at least how you think which is clearly not deeply.

    You are socially awkward and alcohol does not remedy that, it only exacerbates it. You interact with the women in the same manner you interact with your husband – aggressively, although for the record, with your husband, I can totally understand. From what I see on the show, your relationship is like acid rain in the forest, eventually things start dying…your self-esteem, your happiness,
    your manners. I think that has happened to you already because you feel trapped. Free yourself, better to be alone alone than be married and alone. And for the love of Mike, stop the nose flicking!!

  10. Tamra started this conflict. She should have kept on walking then Kelly would not have shown her true colors.. I also think tamra was over reacting. I didn’t see a mother crying foranything but the cameras.after reading what Kelly wrote she not that bad.

  11. My thoughts are: Yes, Kelly is out of bounds, but she’s not acting any crazier than Tamara did in past seasons.
    Yes, Kelly was silly with the nose flicking, but Vicki could’ve told her & then zip her mouth up, after all, it was done in jest & she’s had Vicki’s back from the very start.
    Was Tamara right to blag to Heather about what Kelly told her? Absolutely a big fat NO.
    When Kelly made remarks about the Jewish people, Heather took affront. Why? is she ashamed of being Jewish? She should be proud of her heritage or adopted heritage, don’t know really if she converted. Kelly finds the Jewish people comedic, that’s what she was referring to. It was a compliment, not an insult.
    WHY must they make constant mountains out of molehills all the time, is beyond my comprehension.
    Kelly remark to tattle-tailer Shannon, who promptly delivered it back to Tamara, was done just to create more friction, it was intentional. Have said it before, will repeat—it’s not so much who says something, it’s who delivers it back that has done the most wrong.
    Tamara reacted out of control & over-kill. Why? because she knew it to be the truth & the truth hurts. How come her son does not want anything to do with his father? is it not for the same reasons her daughter wants nothing to do with her?
    I told myself I would say very little, but I am about to explode & had to have my say.
    Kelly is no saint, but they are not either & they all gang up on her & that’s just very unfair.
    I have never met a bunch of useless women like this group. Unless there’s mischief & confusion, they are not happy. They thrive on it. How sad their world must be, but I cant even pity them simply because they create it.

  12. Um, I just don’t get why none of these grown-ass women could simply say to Kelly, “Please don’t do that [nose-flicking thing]. It bothers me.” For example for me, if someone sneaks up behind me and goes “gotcha” or something, it makes me kind of jerk my neck back/tense up, and I have neck problems so it can actually re-injure it. Real simple. Instead they are off talking amongst themselves about it, which yes could contribute to bad feelings/paranoia on Kelly’s part. Then the way Heather was acting after being kicked out of the dept. store to everyone on the way back to the hotel was so superior it was just ridiculous. I get that she was o-v-e-r Kelly at that point but again, why not take her aside and say how you feel succinctly, maturely — and not when they are majorly drunk. Yes it was pretty inexcusable for Kelly to say what she did about Tamra’s daughter and at this point I am sure everyone is sick of Kelly saying, “I’m sorry, I just said that in anger and didn’t really mean it” — I think I would say, “We’ve all heard that many times and guess what, it still hurts…we [or at least I] really need for you to simply stop doing it.” Ya know? Sometimes on other housewives shows they bring in counselors when they can’t get along…just a thought…with this group, it seems really out of whack and esp high-maintenance.

    1. Mousie, you made a lot of valid points and I agree with all of it, although I don’t think a counselor would help at this point. Some of these ladies just need to go (same as RHNJ), because they will never be friends. I do want to speak to your first few sentences because I thought the same as you. In my own opinion, it’s plain and simple. Vicki has been trying to get back in the zone with these ladies all season. When she was drunk and Kelly made her mad, she saw the perfect opportunity to bond with Tamera again, so she went right to her to complain about Kelly. I think she knew Tamera would agree with her and all of it went from there. It almost seemed contrived to happen that way. The producers probably tell Tamera or Vicki that it’s time to bring some drama, and they decided to do it, knowing how Kelly would react. We know the logical thing to do would have been for her to say, “Please stop touching me or putting your hands on me”, Kelly would have gotten that message (maybe). But instead saying, “I don’t like that”, it instigated Kelly to do it again and Vicki saw her chance to run with it and go side with Tamera. Anyway, that’s how I saw it. lol.

  13. Kelly, it’s linked to your childhood days maybe school by the look of it. Regression might help or asking yourself why getting deep into it while having a wine on the couch.
    You’re recreating an event for healing. Ostracising yourself then attacking back when people hurt you, trying to hurt them so deeply back. Ignore the comments on here; people who judge can’t handle their own stuff. And you are right they are clucky on rhwoc, and do gang up. But also your basing it on what you feel, not what is happening. It’s past experiences you are feeling also. Drinking brings out subconscious beliefs and experiences so maybe cut yourself after 3 and only drink with people you feel safe with. I’ve been through the same experience lately. Be strong as people love to kick the boot in while you are down. But also be open to what you are doing and own you’re responsibility in everything you do. Maybe record yourself so you can really be objective. Don’t let the lynch mob affect yourself esteem because it is the main thing you need to be working on right now.xx

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