Kelly Dodd Excited About Reconciliation With Shannon Beador

Kelly Dodd is sharing that the most exciting part of this week’s episode of RHOC for her was her reconciliation with Shannon Beador. In her blog, Dodd writes how pleased she was that she and Shannon were able to talk through some of their past problems. Kelly also insists that Vicki Gunvalson doesn’t get in her ear.

“I want to congratulate my friend Gorjana on her beautiful jewelry line. Gorjana was born and raised in Arizona just like me we both graduated from Arizona State University. Gorjana’s jewelry is available at Nordstrom, Bloomindales and on other online merchants. She is a humble gal and I am proud of her success.

We are all a little perplexed trying to understand Peggy’s health situation. She hasn’t been clear with any of us as to why she got a double mastectomy. Did she have the BRCA gene, pre-cancer, cancer or did she not? It seems the cancer sleuths are on the case again. Stay tuned to see if we can figure out what’s really going on.

I didn’t understand why Tamra said she wanted to give Peggy a second chance, then insults her by saying she has a “resting bitch face”? If Peggy has resting bitch face, then Tamra definitely has chronic bitch mouth.

The most exciting part of the show, for me, was moving beyond reconciliation with Shannon to real friendship. At the Harp, Irish eyes were smiling on us and blessing us with good luck. When I saw Shannon in the same shirt she wore in Ireland, it kind of freaked me out. I swear I have PTSD from our Ireland trip last year. That blouse is hideous. I hope to God she retires it, or better yet, burns it.

The relationship with Shannon is starting to show signs of resilience. Twice now we have tackled difficult topics and conversations, calmly talked about our tumultuous past and ended up in a much better place. We agreed that false rumors, regardless of the source or messenger, are extremely hurtful to us and our families. I believe Shannon and I were meant to be friends. It’s just a shame that it has taken over a year for our friendship to blossom, but, as you can see, we are both happy to have moved on.

As for Meghan’s comments about me being manipulated by Vicki, nothing could be further from the truth. I decide who to befriend, and who to trust based upon the chemistry I have with that person, and how they treat me. With the notable exception of Vicki playing it safe in Ireland by not coming to my defense, Vicki has always been a fun, loyal, trustworthy friend to me.”

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6 Replies to “Kelly Dodd Excited About Reconciliation With Shannon Beador”

  1. So happy peace reigns, at least on the surface. Hope the volcano will not erupt in a hurry. But if Tamara has anything to do with it, she’ll be stirring that volcano.
    As for Peggy, leave the woman alone. She had cancer cells that turned out okay. She took the safe road because of her family history & why not. No big mystery there. These women are just trying to start another cancer gate, that’s what they thrive on.

  2. I liked Eddie’s answer as to why Peggy had a double mastectomy. It was her choice and no one
    else’s business. I wonder if Kelly is going to become friends with Shannon and Tamra? I really don’t think they want to be friends with Kelly. I think they just want her on their team so it can end up being everyone against Vicki.

  3. I understood the questioning of Brooks’s cancer. But a double mastectomy is not a bluff. PLEASE, say this isn’t going to be a story line. It takes the stupid fighting to a whole new level of deplorable.

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