Kelly Dodd Cries Over Marriage Problems With Husband Michael


On tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, Kelly Dodd opened up about issues in her marriage with her husband Michael.

First, after being accused of going along with knowing her ex-boyfriend Brooks was in on a cancer scam, Vicki Gunvalson opened a charity with some of her friends in the insurance industry called Kill All Cancer. She launched an insurance policy people can purchase in case they ever get cancer. Gunvalson agreed to be in a commercial to promote cancer awareness.

Meghan Edmonds started making plans to open her candle store, but she also got some other news from her doctor. During an ultrasound, Meghan got the news that only one of the embryos had attached, despite the fact that she had thought she was having twins. But she was still having a baby.

Meanwhile, Kelly Dodd was talking to her mother and asked if she should stay with her husband Michael for her daughter. She even mentioned Tamra Judge’s situation and how her oldest daughter lives with Tamra’s ex and doesn’t speak to Judge.

Shannon Beador was saying goodbye to her house as she and David prepared to move. “This is my fourth baby,” Shannon told the camera. “I’m giving her up for adoption.”

After all the drama from the dune buggy accident, Tamra took the ladies to the Glen Ivy Spa to make them all feel better. Vicki, Kelly, and Tamra filled Heather Dubrow in about what had happened with Shannon’s mother-in-law. After the gossip was stirred, Vicki shared that David’s mistress used to go to family dinners, and his mom and sisters wanted him to leave Shannon for her.

Next, the ladies separated to get massages. While getting rubbed down with Vicki, Kelly began to cry over her crumbling marriage to Michael. In the next room, Tamra and Heather could hear her. “I don’t think she’s happy in her marriage,” Tamra said. Later, when the women had drinks on the patio, Kelly cried to the women again about her marital issues.

Shannon and David went out for dinner and they talked about the affair again. David reminded Shannon it wasn’t her fault.

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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22 Replies to “Kelly Dodd Cries Over Marriage Problems With Husband Michael”

  1. I cannot believe that David took his side piece to dinner at his parents house! Is he stupid? Poor Shannon! Someone tell me I read this wrong!!!!!
    As for Kelly I don’t have much sympathy for her I wouldn’t like to be married to a screaming banshee!

  2. You read it right Size the mistress was at Davids moms for family dinners how sickening is that?! As for Ms. Lunatic if she isn’t screaming and turning reddish purple shes crying I have no interest in this nitwit

  3. So, did Kelly go on this show so she could get a divorce? Was it supposed to be a divorce show for her maybe?
    From the beginning she has dissed this guy. They show him painting a room and her criticizing his work and saying he doesn’t do anything right ( don’t quote me) and I am like…he paints and she is complaining? Then I am like, why don’t they hire a painter? She said to him that he should just agree with her, and in the end he did…A yes, man is what she wants. I am not saying he is perfect, and clearly they both have drinking problems, but she is a whining nasty who wants to be in control…like a princess. She is not perfect by far. I wish she would stop complaining. She is the one who was unhappy if she was left with less money after a divorce than if she stayed with him, but it happens. Divorces cause a split in the finances and they can drag on, etc.
    i cannot stand Kelly, and I find it hard to feel sorry for her, since she is a screaming, self centered lunatic from what I have seen, and I pity her child.

  4. The big red flag issue with me about this whole episode is Vicki LiarFACE wanting to have yet another scheme…..only to benefit HER BUSINESS! Who is their right mind would buy insurance, let alone a “Cancer policy” from this LiarFACE?

    1. I WANTED TO REACH INTO THE SCREEN AND PULL HER FACE OFF. So now, after making all last season’s $ on being in on a cancer scam, she is going to make more money off cancer? She clearly is not educated and clearly has NO SOUL. Her own son knew he was lying but because of Vicki’s GD effing “love tank” she just couldn’t tear herself away. I could go on but Rain gets worried about my blood pressure……

  5. David is a t.y.r.d for taking his mistress to moms house and he will soon grow tired of the endless scrutiny and bat s.h.i.t crazy Shannon rants. She will never get over it and he will move on and be happy with someone who isn’t a nit picker.

  6. Hello lovely ladies, I missed all of you ( almost all ) 🙂 I haven’t been on much but of course Kelly the hyena and her alcoholic crying fits are not east to resist lol. Whatever marriage these 2 have is quite dysfunctional and emotionally abusive in my opinion . I feel sorry for her lovely daughter and hopefully all this ugliness doesn’t rub off on her . Kelly is so disgusting to me that I can’t write about her without gagging a little.

    Oh Vicki!!!! You starting a charity is like KFC sponsoring a weight watchers convention!!! STFU

    And now let me start on the royal bitch from hell who is Shannons MIL. I would call her a c*** but that’s unfair to c***s because they actually bring joy and deliver life into the world . I doubt this woman has brought much joy to anyone or anything . This shriveled shrew has tainted what it is to be a good mother and encouraged her son down the path of deceit and infidelity. Well lady, your son should have had the stones to walk away and not be a cheater . How will his daughters think of him and their grandmother now?? I’m sure they’re confused and sad about such a betrayal . The more of this story that comes out, the more I understand why Shannon completely lost her mind. This was a betrayal on ALL fronts. It’s one thing for your MIL not to like you, but another thing for her to plot and scheme against you and her grand daughters. Didn’t that other woman have a husband too?!! Does he know this affair was so deep that his wife was ‘trying on’ her new family???? Atrocious !!! I can’t wait now to hear the posts about how it takes 2 and poor David is unhappy blah blah blah …. BULLSHIT !! David and his mother should move in together and she can be his pimp , and maybe even stand outside the door and listen . Ick ick ick … She and Mama Joyce are probably founding members of the bitter MIL club!
    Sorry for the rant ladies !! Xoxoxo

    1. If this is a rant keep on ranting but I could say I’m worried about your blood pressure same as you worry about Gigicat’s! Personally I’m jealous you can rant so much, my comment was nothing compared to the two of you. Keep it up ladies, it’s good for my blood pressure to read you both. Xoxoxoxoxoxox

      1. You’re so sweet Suze ❤️❤️❤️ I have rant 3 or 4 times a year lol. It’s not a good thing I’m sure lol

  7. Rain, you are NOT ranting. VICKI IS THE BIGGEST PIECE OF TURD THAT EVER ROAMED THE EARTH. She is still LYING about HER LYING ABOUT CANCER!! Did you get that? SHE CONTINUES TO LIE ABOUT THE FACT THAT THE ENTIRE VIEWING WORLD AND THE PEOPLE ON THE SHOW KNOWS SHE LIED ABOUT CANCER. She reminds me of Hillary, the beast, Clinton who lies without thinking. It’s second nature. Vicki is a despicable human being but karma is going to whip her ass so I’ll just sit back and wait for it.
    Kelly? She’s a miserable, horrible, angry, bitter little girl who never grew up. You got knocked up, married the father, left the father, got engaged to someone else, and went back to father for AND ONLY FOR financial purposes. There is NO LOVE in that marriage. He needs to leave her, and fast.
    Shannon’s MIL? She is worse than a C**T. She might be a “taint” somewhere between the two, or maybe she is the sludge that comes off your shoes after walking in dog shit. She is disgusting and for David to bring his “affair” TO HIS FAMILY’S HOUSE? For that reason alone, I could NEVER continue in that marriage. He showed zero respect for his children, much less his own wife. Now that we are hearing the whole story? Shannon deserves much better than that wimpy mamma’s boy.

    1. ITA GIGICAT! Knowing what I know now about the affair and it’s reach, I have zero use for David! I would’ve pushed him down the stairs and made it look like an accident lol, I kid I kid. Then I would’ve cut that evil witch from my kids lives forever ……. But seriously, no wonder Shannon was livid and out of her mind. I think she will eventually leave him. Sometimes I think , the betrayed spouse is in so much shock that they want to maintain a sense of normalcy and cling to the marriage . I feel that once she’s got her wits about her, she’ll kick his sorry ass all the way back to his moms V !! He failed as a man, as a husband and as a parent

      1. The only problem with that is his mother would be delighted getting her little boy back! So I think if he did trip coming down the stairs it would be for the best! Xoxoxoxoxoxox

      2. I agree, Rain. How shocking and humiliating, that David betrayed his entire family, in that way. And what is with this woman he cheated with, to participate? Total trash. How did he introduce her? Did she mention to his family, that SHE had a husband and kids at home, too? I think you’re right, once Shannon regains her senses, she will probably see that worthless cheater for what he is.

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