Kelly Dodd Blames Tamra Judge For Shannon Beador’s Behavior

Kelly Dodd is reacting to this week’s episode of RHOC in her blog. Dodd claims that Tamra Judge projects and put negative thoughts about her in Shannon Beador’s head. Kelly also talks about her text feud with Meghan King Edmonds, saying she was shocked to see Edmonds playing the victim.

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I want take this chance to thank Lydia for inviting Jolie and me to Stirling’s 8th birthday party. Jolie had a great time and I enjoyed meeting Lydia’s mom, Judy. I love Judy’s positive aura and eccentricities. It was a fun day for the kids.

When Michael and I were discussing what went down at the Quiet Woman the night before, I realized how often Shannon tries to get me drunk at a dinner or a party. It happens so often we lost count. Since I am watching the show with you for the first time, it is interesting to me how nasty Tamra is behind my back when talking to Shannon. Remember, at the Quiet Woman, “[Kelly] is nothing”; “Kelly can suck harry balls”; then her house the next day, paraphrasing, “I saw the Devil walk in”. Seems to me Tamra is (1) projecting and (2) stoking the flames of hatred in Shannon, provoking her to lash out at people. Bingo, a new puppet-master is exposed.

Addressing comments made by Meghan, I was shocked to see her play the victim (as a seven month pregnant woman) when she provoked me originally last summer with a rude, nasty text claiming she heard I had a boyfriend. Which is total bulls***! Meghan and I had not communicated for weeks before I received her text. No, “Hi, how are you?” No pleasantries. Her text came at me from out-of-the-blue, was completely out-of-bounds, a vicious rumor from some random Twitter troll. Sorry, Meghan, but if you want to start or promote bulls*** rumors, you have no pregnancy defense or exemption to hide behind. Don’t deflect your nastiness on me. What surprised me more was that after this flared up between us, we both agreed to squash the matter last summer. What happened?”

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  • Aunt Bee

    I like Kelly’s mom. She seems more sensible and compassionate than Kelly. So where did Kelly’s nastiness come from??

    • Heather

      I like her too Aunt Bee. The poor woman must be in shock seeing her daughter’s behavior.


    This beast is as bad as Hillary. Nothing is ever her fault. Get rid of this oily looking ho-bag.

    • Deb Brenn

      I’m with you, Gigicat. When she laughs in the face of the real pain she causes others she’s gone way past just flawed into being a sociopath. She’s extremely sensitive about anything said to her, and she’s beyond insensitive to others.

  • Rain

    Oh STFU drunk Kelly !!!! Kelly admitted she likes to push shannons button and watch with glee! Kelly is ‘friends’ with the most despicable HW in history ( Vicki) , so Kelly doesn’t have the moral high ground to call anybody anything

  • Heather

    Vicki would never be hanging with this psycho if everyone else on the show didnt hate her. Notice how nice Vicki is to the new girls now. She used to chew them up and spit them out. Funny watching her play her game trying to build alliances.

  • starr

    I like Kelly very much. I think she reacts to others reactions & none are kind to her—period.

  • kimberly

    Shame on Lydia for telling Kelly where Shannon would be that night. Shannon went there specifically to provoke Shannon. It was disgusting.

  • 80s gal

    tamra is influencing shannon behaviour towards kelly? are u kidding me kelly? you and only you kelly should take credit for that. you are vile and people react to that. end of story