Kelly Dodd Believes Meghan Edmonds Was Jealous Of New Housewife Peggy Sulahian

Kelly Dodd is taking to her blog to react to this week’s episode of RHOC. Dodd shares why she wanted to meet with Tamra Judge, and says she believes that Meghan King Edmonds seemed jealous of Peggy Sulahian.

“Wow, so many awkward moments in this week’s episode. Lydia’s son Stirling couldn’t wait to get his first “sexy lady” explanation over with. Lydia trying to explain why Jesus loves sex. Celeste, the director of the Oasis Senior Center in Corona del Mar trying to find the right words whilst my Mom and I argue. Vicki’s son Michael looking uncomfortable while Vicki tutors him on safe sex. Tamra’s facial expression when she sees that it’s me calling her per caller ID. Then, poor Doug was squirming when Lydia suggested he get his balls cut off. Best of all, Meghan’s reaction when Peggy reaches over to pinch her lips together to make her shut her mouth. That one, in particular, was delightfully amusing.

Michael and I have been providing for and caring for my mom since we moved from Arizona to California in 2005. In 2010, we moved my mom out to live with us in Corona del Mar. At first she was quite active, but recently she seems to have fallen into a rut. To break up her routine, I suggested she visit the senior center in our neighborhood in an effort to make new friends and enhance her social life. My mom is 68 and, thank God, she is still relatively healthy and mobile. I want her to get up and get out while she still can.

Celeste, the director of the center, was very gracious and patient with us. She showed us around their wonderful facility and encouraged my mom to visit often to take advantage of everything they have to offer. As you can see, despite my best efforts, at first, my mom still resisted. I think she felt I was pushing her too hard. She did however start frequenting Oasis and made some new friends. So, it did turn out to be worth it in the end.

Now that Heather is out of the picture, I figured that Tamra is my best hope for bridging the gap between Shannon and I. Michael says that when I deal with Tamra, she is playing chess and I’m playing checkers. It’s time I put some strategy in my game. As Tamra said, we are similar insomuch that we both are quick to lose control and react claws out. We are also quick to forgive and put the past behind us. Knowing that, I wanted to meet with Tamra so she could facilitate my reconciliation with Shannon. I’m glad I made the first move. Stay tuned to see if my strategy works.

I thought that Meghan’s reaction to Peggy unveiling her new Lamboghini was insightful. To me, she came across as extremely jealous. I asked myself why she might feel that way. Could it be that Peggy and Diko grew their business and wealth together, whereas, Meghan is taking advantage of Jimmy’s amazing baseball career and wealth, even thought she had nothing to do with him earning it? You gotta wonder.”

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  • starr

    No wondering with Kelly’s statement at the end of her blog. Meghan enjoys riding on her husband’s coat-tails & is holding on to him hard with the adorable infant. They both dont seem to have much connection & in my mind, he’s a far better “Mother”- father to their baby. Granted he’s had much experience, but seems to me, she lacks in the mother instinct that kicks in immediately one’s baby is placed in their mother’s arms. She cant hold a candle to Peggy who is adored by her husband & is a woman who has her priorities down pat. So yes, there’s that, the jealously factor.
    As for Kelly hoping Tamara will be a genuine go between Shannon & herself , is wishful thinking. Tamara will stab her in the back first. But if it happens will be The Housewives Miracle of the year. Good luck, Kelly.

  • Dawne bell

    I think that Megan absolutely acted jealous over Peggy and the car. Why? Good question? Is it because Jim is the total bread winner that she just married into. But even Tamra made light of the event. But Tamra isn’t happy about anyone but her.

  • Andrea Francois

    Dude seriously I’m watching the reunion for this season, Meghan is so turned up on Peggy her voice even gets all nasty when she talks to Peggy she is emphasizing every little thing she does it’s so fucking retardedly obvious that meghan is straight up jealous of Peggy’s EVERYTHING of her life and her face. Even when Peggy tried to explain her cancer situation the girls seemed to be a little more understanding but in all honestly Peggy hasn’t even done a fraction of the ugly shit all the other girls have done and no one takes that into account. As a matter of fact I really love the way Peggy handles most situations. Meghan keeps trying to pop out babies but pays people to raise her kids and her and jimmy are both plain weird so their marriage is a fat ass weird situation on screen their interactions are kind cold they just seem like two jealous bitter and selfish people. I hope the next season the girls try to include Peggy and try to understand her background. Both of my parents are from different countries and it gets frustrating sometimes yes but once you get to know the structure of the way they filter our language and our way of life you start to connect and have a little compassion for people other than our McDonald’s eating ass American culture. Girls like meghan and Tamara and Shannon I’ve dealt with my entire life they hate on all exotic looking girls cause they are the new wave, blondes/American women are loosing their flame and when they are bullies due to their petty jealousy it just shows so much& written on their ugly faces. I can’t even watch the rest of this reunion to watch meghan snake her skinny little neck and snap her fingers over stupid little shit that doesn’t matter but she can go talk about other people’s marriage and expect it to be ok. Like some kind of entitlement. Get your ugly out of season green jumpsuit and learn how to wipe your baby’s ass it’s called bonding and every child needs that from their mother. You can’t just pay for everything in life your kids will grow up and have n attachment to you, stop crying every time you find out your pregnant showing emotion doesn’t automatically add you to the mom club you have to earn your mom stripes and get your hands dirty THATS love. Take that shade Andy Cohen and hand it to Meghan for me,
    . She needs to hear it from the dirty south everyone kisses her butt and suger coats reality in Orange County, not today boo can’t blame your tacky personality on the hormones today biatch