Kelly Dodd Believes David Beador’s Mom’s Emotions Seemed Genuine


Kelly Dodd is taking to her blog to react to what David Beador’s mother said this week on the Real Housewives of Orange County. Dodd believes Donna’s emotions seemed genuine, but says she doesn’t want to get involved in Shannon’s family soap opera.

“It’s been a long time coming, but with Tamra mediating, Shannon and I finally got to a place where things between us aren’t contentious. Better yet, positive vibes are starting to develop. It was nice to be invited along with the other ladies to help Shannon prepare to move out of her home. That was my first visit to Shannon’s house. I loved her taste in everything. I thought her home was amazing.

Helping Shannon sort through her clothes was fun. All of us have certain clothes that we value beyond their style because they remind us of special memories. I am sure she felt that we were trampling over her emotions by being so cavalier with our sorting and purging. Sorry about that Shannon, we probably got a little carried away. Shannon has expensive taste in clothes and accessories. She has many beautiful things, but to my eye some were a little too dated. Although, fashionistas say if you hang onto things long enough, they will come back in style.

Once Shannon and I got over some initial awkwardness we actually got along quite well. I loved the look on my face when I asked her where she was moving to and she said Corona del Mar, my ‘hood. Yikes, that’s a little too close for comfort.

The best thing that happened that day at Shannon’s house was when she invited me to see her daughters’ performance. LOCK, Ladies of Rock. The Beador girls are beautiful and extremely talented. That night at the Blue Beet, LOCK played quite a few cover songs before “Dreamcatcher”. Every song they performed was terrific. I thought it was amazing how the three sisters’ complimentary talents shine as an ensemble.

Shortly after Michael and I entered the Blue Beet, Shannon and David greeted us. As I said hello to David, I took the opportunity to apologize for my comments about him at their ’70s party. Shannon and I were moving on and I didn’t want anything to be awkward between David and I, especially at their daughters’ event. It still ended up being a little awkward because my apology felt rushed. I believe he didn’t want to deal with me and I really didn’t want to deal with him.

At the Blue Beet, just prior to LOCK performing, we saw Shannon’s mother-in-law and sister-in-law enter the restaurant. As you saw, Shannon was in disbelief that David’s family members were there, since apparently they weren’t invited? Shannon seemed immediately concerned and told us her in-laws hate her. Every family’s dynamics are different, but Shannon’s admission and her reaction to having the girls’ grandmother and aunt at their special event struck me as odd. Regardless, it wasn’t my business and I did not want to learn any more about their relationship. I was there to see a show, not drama.

LOCK started playing. As Murphy’s Law would have it, Shannon’s mother-in-law, Donna just happened to end up standing right next to me. The girls played four or five cover songs and during the gig Donna was standing next to me cheering the girls on. Donna introduced herself and told me how proud she is of her granddaughters, and so much more…

When Donna calls me by my name, it’s because she had been speaking to me during the girls’ set. So, when you see Shannon saying, I was expecting Donna to be complimenting my daughters, I can tell you that Donna was.

Now, contrary to what you may think, I didn’t want to get involved in Shannon’s family soap opera. Without picking sides, I can tell you what I saw and heard. To me, Donna’s emotions seemed genuine. She was telling me that Shannon does not allow her to see her grandchildren, which made me really sad because I know how important my Jolie is to my Mom and vice-versa. Donna seemed to be emotionally hurt. She was upset and the tears were flowing. I empathize with Donna. I was very close to both of my grandmothers. Every parent knows that time with our children is precious. I am sure it’s a difficult situation for everyone involved, especially the girls.

Sure enough, Tamra kicked the beehive and told Shannon that Donna said David had made one mistake and that Shannon drove him to it (referring to David’s affair)…I find it ironic that I said something similar at the ’70s party. It seems to me that Shannon probably already knew Donna’s opinion, that’s why she reacted immediately by getting furious with David.

When I saw Shannon and David explaining to their children in the car ride home what had happened, I felt terrible for the girls. The car ride should have been celebratory and fun, not depressing. The girls rocked the house.

I thought how wise their daughter was for saying, “Some people get angry but you have to forgive them.” That tells me the Beador kids might understand how dysfunctional the situation is between Shannon and her in-laws. In most families, kids want meaningful relationship with their grandparents. It took a long time for Shannon to come around and accept me. I have said in a previous blog that Shannon holds onto a grudge. You’ve seen it with Vicki, me, and now with her in-laws. I hope for her entire family’s sake Shannon follows Christ’s lead. Have mercy and move on so their family can heal.

I wish the Beadors all the best.”

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58 Replies to “Kelly Dodd Believes David Beador’s Mom’s Emotions Seemed Genuine”

    1. I can’t read this from her it’s too long and I’m not interested in anything she has to say. Go and drink another bottle of booze Kelly! She is foul!
      Morning Rain hope alls well with you xoxoxoxoxid❤️❤️❤️❤️

        1. It is beautiful, we had a wee visit to Floors for a coffee just for a change! Sat outside in the sunshine. Then I made lots of cup cakes to drop into the hospital tomorrow as a thank you. That was fun!

    2. Suze & Rain! I miss you both and all of you ladies. I wrote to the blog owner a wk or so ago asking about our privacy on the blog. I am tired of all the hacking going around, & it’s making me question the security of our posts. (ESP since I go off topic a lot) I havent gotten a response so I haven’t been on. Just wanted to say hi & explain why I’m not here. Love you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Miss you too DeeDee ❤️❤️❤️ I don’t think we day anything here that we should be worried about. Are you concerned about something in particular?

        1. It’s bc I go off topic a lot & also don’t hold back my opinions at all. .. I would just rather hear that out comments are not attached to us but haven’t gotten that confirmation.

          1. I think I go off topic most of the time but I’m not worried DeeDee, I wouldn’t want a lot of people to have my email but Nikki is very protective over emails. Love you xoxoxox

          2. Hi Deedee! I can relate to what you’re talking about here because I’m an intensely private person by nature and can get overly concerned (according to my family and friends but so what who care it’s my neurosis not theirs:) about my privacy. It’s not like I have a secret life for pets sake it’s just more like the creepy world we live in now days – I think it’s just wise to be cautious where you can with info. And yes, if someone knows your handle and knows you’re posting on this site, they can google your handle and the sites name and your posts DO come up. Just thought you might want to know that. 😉 I deliberately don’t share anything too specific myself.

      2. Hi Sweetie, huh? Did you mean to your email address? No one can see or get our email I know that. I think Nikki may be having problems at the moment so maybe you won’t get an answer just yet.

    1. And I love you Bee! Even if you are being unfaithful to me! Lol xoxoxoxoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. If you all are worried about your comments, how come you don’t just write to each other through your regular e-mails. This blog is for commenting on the different shows and not personal things that doesn’t apply to anyone except you guys!!

        1. I agree this is a blog to discuss the real housewives shows and other reality shows. I Think this is why 90 percent of comments are between the same people not related at all to the shows which is why I don’t go on this website much anymore. P.s at least Kelly is keeping this show interesting the rest are boring!

          1. Chloe, this blog has been the same for the last two years and it’s not just between a few it’s anyone who wants to join in. If you don’t like it I could suggest a few other blogs but mostly they are vile. Unlike this blog!

              1. Daisy, it’s all rather silly, if it’s who Rain thinks and the comments are the same there is a lot of negative feelings from this commenter. Why can’t people just have some fun, it’s hardly the BBC News or a Political debate, it’s just on silly housewives. Weird! Xoxoxo

                1. Suze you are absolutely correct. Not a lot of people feel that negatively about friendly talk so it can’t be too many that share that same opinion. Oh well back to the Harley. Have a great evening

        2. ‘Anonymous’ or is it Judge Judy , we can say whatever we want . It’s a free country ! If you don’t all our hugs and kisses and smooches, either suck it up or move along . ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thank you. Suddenly they have become Elmer Gantry spewing idiots. They are all mocking God when they say stuff like this because the next second they are calling each other names, back stabbing, having affairs, lying about cancer and breaking pretty much all of the 10 Commandments. It’s laughable actually. And Alexis and Jim weren’t any better by the way.

      1. You are right Gigi cat. I forgot about Alexis, Jim and Lydia. I honestly don’t care who talks about their religion, but when you keep throwing God and Christ’s names out there, trying to defend your own judgmental opinions, it gets annoying. I can’t even get mad at this, but Joe Guidice was the most classic at Christmas Eve dinner telling the kids that it was all about Christ’s resurrection..or the day he died…or whatever else he thought EXCEPT for Jesus’s birthday. lol.

  1. Suze you know you’re my first love. I loved what Rain said and at the time I wrote that Rain’s was the only comment listed. Rain is one of us 89ers and I love you all.

  2. Good morning beautiful ladies of the forum! Suze Bee Rain freedomgirl♥️♥️♥️⭕️❌

    This is what I have to say…

    You just be quiet Kelley you little tub of lying lard!!! You don’t fool me one second!! You’re messing with things that of all people are none of your business. And you know it! Trying to sympathize with old battle axe to spite Shannon in reality and get her going again. People who do what you’re trying to do by inserting yourself in delicate matters are Devils in disguise. I’m watching you you simpleton. There I feel better.

        1. There you are! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️I’ve been trying to find this post to find you, Rain my friend. How are doing hon? Say hello to my niece in San Fran! Have a beautiful day and weekend ❌⭕️❌⭕️

    1. Lol..tub of lying lard…that was pretty funny. The other funny thing is anyone speculating why the mother went to Tamera and Kelly. Let’s state the obvious…the mother has seen the show before and knew that she wanted to approach those that were on camera. I don’t know if the MIL knew whether these women supported Shannon or not, but she clearly approached them to get this stuff on camera. It’s kind of hard to miss it when you are talking to someone and there is a camera man (or woman), standing there filming you with bright lights. The other obvious part is that she gave Bravo a hard on. lol…Bravo LOVES to film controversial family members in conflict.

  3. She’s already dug her own grave. She’s a one and done. Boy oh boy Bravo is really scraping the bottom lately with their newbies. She’s boring, rude, a drunk, has many skeletons, the only story one she has is she is f@@@@@@ bat shit crazy, and and and ….

      1. I’m not sure about others but people like her make others not watch these franchises. It seems every one of them have at least a couple ladies that are just total turnoffs

  4. Anything this nitwit has to say, you have to squint your eyes and take a few steps backwards and wait for her to implode. She has proven herself to be a) mentally unstable; b) an alcoholic; c) a gold-digger; d) a loud-mouthed vulgar slab of trailer trash and e) an angry, jealous little girl with Daddy issues. She needs to take care of herself for the first time in her life, pay her own rent, buy her own clothes and stop expecting everyone to bow to her demands. I have ZERO idea what any man sees in this thing.

  5. I hate to say it, but absolutely everything about Kelly Dodd makes me sick. I have not found one thing about her to like. She is toxic. It is best to stay away from toxic people.
    This woman is nasty to the core, and her phony “sorry” is not enough to take back the repetitive nastiness and bad behavior. She should sober up and see a good shrink. She has issues to deal with, and being on a reality TV show is not the way to do that. She just makes everyone around her miserable IMO.

  6. All your comments are spot on. Loved yours Gigicat. That’s exactly what the person at Shannon’s 70’s party meant when she said that she didn’t have to suck anyone’s **** to pay her bills. Kelly is mentally unstable. You have to wonder what has happened to her in her life. I have great compassion for people, but this woman is toxic and I would stay far far away. Her daughter is an absolute cutie pie and I have to say, I do enjoy seeing their family time. Maybe because you see Kelly being a little bit normal. Ugh!

  7. Wowee, you ladies are all on! There is nothing left to say about this topic. Kelly is truly the “bottom of the barrel” for RHOC. Who cares if she and Shannon are neighbors? They don’t have to be around each other if they don’t want to be. AND, for Shannon’s MIL to make those comments in front of the people she did, she can’t play all innocent and naive here. She either watches the show or was coached by the show to make those comments in front of the women she did. Either that or she has incredibly good judgement as to where to be and what to say. Too bad she just didn’t keep her “motor mouth” shut, especially since she was at a function for her granddaughters. And, if she wasn’t invited, how did she know about it at all???!!!?? Too many coincidences here to be believable. Again, I will reiterate my original opinion, she and Michael bring absolutely NOTHING to the storyline here. Hopefully Bravo will not renew their contract. If they can get rid of Jules & Michael, getting rid of Kelly & Michael should be no problem. IMHO, of course.

    1. I think Shannon said the girls stayed with her while S&D were on their second honeymoon and she believes the girls might mentioned the gig or actually invited their grandmother.

  8. Yes Kelly, we know how “concerned” you are about Shannon and HER family issues – and yes Kelly, we believe you when you say that you didn’t want to be involved in any drama that WOULD BE HURTFUL to Shannon – because Kelly, you have shown us how compassionate you really are about others – and how great of a friend you’ve turned out to be – you’re truly amazing!!!! NOT!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS KELLY? Do you really think that the people who watch this show honestly believes ANYTHING that comes out of your filthy mouth? Please – we see you!!!! Did you write this blog, and if so, how can you be so hypocritical? Boy Kelly – I have to say – you do have a quality that no other housewife in the history of this show has ever displayed – you show us more and more each week about who you really are – you can’t play fake very well like the other housewives – those dirty characteristics of yours comes shining through each and every time you open your disgusting mouth! Shannon isn’t perfect – but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the mother-law was planted there that night (and why? But of course, as you already know, the goal was to hurt Shannon and to get one of her famous over-the-top dramatic reactions – which is completely genuine – but scary and comical for some people to witness) (At this event, Shannon’s daughters ONLY deserved the spotlight) and if that “grandmother” had been decent and sincere – she would have never made detogratory remarks about Shannon – the mother of her grandchildren – and she sure wouldn’t have voiced her opinions about Shannon to the two people in the room who are shit stirrers and trouble makers) Bravo set it up, and Kelly, you gladly finished the mission – just like Bravo knew your typical gangster ass would do! First of all, you and Shannon are not friends, you of all people have no right to get involved or even voice an opinion about Shannon’s private life!!!! Kelly, you gloated while Shannon was ridiculed and demoralized – you got off on watching Shannon suffer!!! I must say though Kelly, you are one of a kind, the kind that NO ONE wants around!!! And, you also had the nerve to comment on Shannon’s inability to forgive – how she holds a grudge – seems like, judging by your comments, in every blog you write or participate in, you can’t get pass the 70’s party – you act as though Shannon and David both owe you something – they owe you alright – Shannon owes you a good ass kicking!!!! Stay in your lane – or better yet, crawl back in that hole you emerged from – no one likes you – Vicki doesn’t like you – she hangs with you because she needs you – like you – no one wants to be around her either – two peas in a pod – get out now while you can Kelly, you don’t belong playing with the big boys – and always remember – you can’t polish a turd no matter how hard you try – it will NEVER be anything other than a turd! I could go on and on and on about Kooky Kelly!!! Venom! Nasty! Trash! Because I enjoy watching the “Housewives”, I’ve been made to suffer tremendously over the years, with Brandi, Gretchen, Alexia, Avia, both Kim’s, and a few more that Bravo feels sorry for or uses to antagonize me and so many others – people who should have been gone along time ago – but Kelly takes top prize for being the raunchiest housewife to date – she’s despicable – at least with most of the problem housewives – eventually we like a few things here and there about them over a course of time – bu, I can guarantee – that there’s not enough time in the world to help Kelly look better or act better – what you see now is what we’ll ALWAYS get – she is a lowlife – and nothing about her eill ever be likable!

  9. Leader of the opposition here. I enjoyed Kelly’s blog. I must agree with all though that she failed to see how hateful that mother-in-law truly is. I wonder what transpired between herself & Shannon in the early years for both to have so much bitterness between them?!
    Has to be difficult on the 3 girls & they have got to be very torn between their mom & grand-mom. Grand-parents are kids’ second set of parents & are a very important part of their lives in so many ways.
    I personally think that the kids were exposed way too much to their parents issues & to Shannon’s relationship with her mil. There was no need for that at all.
    I believe they show more maturity & wisdom than Shannon & that’s a downright shame.
    I really feel sad for them.

  10. I just have one comment to make here………Kelly Dodd wouldn’t know GENUINE if it came up and bit her in the ass. And Sandra, love, absolutely LOVE your comments. Wish I could express myself as beautifully as you did girl.

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