Kelly Dodd Admits She Loves Pushing Shannon Beador’s Buttons

Kelly Dodd is taking to her blog this week to admit that she likes pressing Shannon Beador’s buttons. Dodd discusses her fight with Beador that occurred on this week’s episode of RHOC and insists her appearance wasn’t pre-meditated.

“A couple of segments in this week’s episode deal with the fallout from Lydia and Shannon heated argument at Ava’s birthday party. I am glad to see them reconcile over dinner. I’m sure having Lydia pray for Shannon in the bathroom of The Quiet Woman, so she could better cope with me, helped move their relationship to a better place.

Nobody works harder than Vicki, so when I see how she is successfully growing her business, organically and through new partnerships, I am excited for her. The insurance and financial planning business is based on trust and integrity. Vicki’s success is a testament to those values.

Peggy explained how she decided to proactively have a double mastectomy performed after a screening found pre-invasive cancer cells. How incredibly brave of her! I found her explanation of not wanting to put her family through what she went through when her mother battled cancer truly inspirational. Peggy making such a choice, knowing that it would entail lots of pain, fear, and anxiety, makes her a tremendous role model for women.

I hope nobody takes offense that Michael and I were play-slapping each other in jest. Surely, you can see it done in good humor and fun. We have the windows open most of the time, but for a few days this spring, we had an infestation of tiny fruit flies or gnats in the kitchen. They were driving me crazy. So, we had some fun fly swatting.

Before I jump fully into the Shannon-igans at The Quiet Woman, I want to explain something…as you saw, Lydia actually invited me to dinner when she was riding in Peggy’s Ferrari. I thought Tamra was going to dinner, but I wasn’t sure about Shannon. Regardless, I had to decline because my dear friend had family visiting from Philadelphia and they invited Michael and me for a sunset cruise on Newport Harbor. That’s where I was when Lydia called – enjoying a beautiful day with close friends on the water, sharing some great wine and hors d’oeuvers.

Once we got off the boat my friends still wanted to hang out. Our village is quaint, but it’s not the most happening place late night. Since most of the restaurants shut down their kitchens early, the locals usually gravitate to, you guessed it, The Quiet Woman. As I said, it’s close to my house and it’s my jam. So, that’s where we decided to go. As I walked in, I was pretty sure Lydia’s dinner party would have ended and the ladies would be gone.

We live at the beach, overlooking the lifeguard towers. Whenever the waves are huge and the rip currents are strong, lifeguards raise the red flags. That means it isn’t safe to go in the water, or in this case, The Quiet Woman. As soon as I entered the bar, Tamra says, “Oh my God, Kelly Dodd just walked in,” and Lydia issues a red flag warning. Caution. Turbulent seas ahead.

After being on a boat all day, my bladder was bursting. My first stop was the ladies room. As Murphy’s Law would have it, I run into Shannon, who is already there, in the bathroom. Un-freaking-believable. We had not spoken for months, not since the reunion. The wounds were not fresh, but they were still there.

Shannon and I have never really gotten along, as evidenced by our argument at the ’70s party, our screaming match on the bus ride to the airport in Dublin, or our contentious exchanges during the reunion. As much as we might try, we just can’t seem to bond. Which, as an aside, confuses Michael, because he thinks that if we hadn’t gotten off to such a bad start, we would otherwise naturally be great friends. Perhaps we are too much alike? Obviously, we are both very “expressive.”

Last year, fighting with Shannon would render me an emotional wreck for days and weeks on end. I would take everything to heart and then go into full attack mode. I think Shannon and I both have the attitude that, if you hit me, I’m going to hit you back harder. While I still have that tendency, now, I much prefer pushing Shannon’s buttons and then stand back to watch the show. As I said, it’s the Shannon coaster and I can make her go of the rails! Everybody likes to watch a good crash, so long as no one gets hurt. Thanks Shannon for letting me go pee first. Thanks Lydia for your prayers.

When I joined the ladies at the table it was not my intention to get into an argument with anyone. I am sure Shannon felt the same way when she sat down. By the way, if you notice, I took Tamra’s place at the table, which left Shannon a seat opposite me. So, that really wasn’t her plate she threw down. That really wasn’t her half-eaten steak.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…whooooosh…California Screamin’ coaster away!!!!

The ride didn’t last long. After Shannon dropped a barrage of F-bombs, combined with some not-so-subtle hand gestures, Shannon told me to leave “her” table. I gladly obliged “my darling,” but not before making one last below-the-belt comeback. Here’s some advice: Don’t point out your weakness, then attack me, because I may use it against you. Wow, she was pissed!! I know Shannon has been dealing with a lot lately, but I thought that, in this case, she lost all perspective. She went off the rails. All I could do was laugh my ass off. I’m sorry, but I thought her reaction was hysterical. Way, way over the top. I have to admit that I love bringing out Shannon’s expressive side.

I decided I am not getting upset anymore when Shannon gets mad and goes off on me. That’s why, when Lydia and Peggy were standing out in front of the restaurant, feeling totally embarrassed, I was making bubble faces against the front door glass. Lighten up, girls. Finally, Tamra, if I am so angry, why am I laughing, instead of name-calling?”

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you are a revolting creep and troublemaker


Kelly was one Drunkey Monkey at the Quiet Woman. That said, this was all so transparently arranged by Production it was laughable. They couldn’t even keep them out of view throughout the fight scene. But I guess they got what they wanted: drunken Kelly taking her revenge for the end of last year’s Ireland trip by laughing at Shannon’s meltdown and Shannon throwing plates. Great (not).

You are clearly a sociopath if not psychopath. You sat down at the table and lied blatantly about what Shannon said to you in the bathroom. She said, “Seriously?” not the obscene statement you claimed she said. You are even more evil and dishonest than Vicki. You went there to cause a scene and you did. The Quiet Woman should ban you as a nasty trouble maker.

Totally agree…what a waste of blood…Vicki should hold on to her cause Kelly makes her look good! What bothers me most about Kelly – she has absolutely no remorse for anything she says or does. She spins that she’s justified and that is a sociopath! No soul…and I really feel sorry for her daughter…

Jacks ❤️❤️

According to Kelly herself on WWHL she STILL has no remorse for anything she’s done. But kicking somebody when they’re down for her own amusement is about as low as anybody can go. She is a sociopath. What a crappy roll model for her child.

What a revolting piglet !!! This drunken racist twat doesn’t deserve to be on this show

Hi sweetie how are you?❤️

Hey gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️❤️ So happy to see you here.


Happy to see you, Rain❤️

Sunshine how are you ??? All good ? ❤️

Hi Rain good to see you and I see you’ve not lost your touch. I’m still laughing from across the pond. ❤️❤️❤️

Asher how are you ??? Everything ok ?? ❤️❤️❤️

Hi Rain
I’m fine now just had a few medical issues and recently had an epidural so pain leveuxh reduce at present. Won’t last long but I’m making the most of it know. Did not have the energy to post until now. How are you?? Well I hope!! ❤️❤️❤️

Meant to say my pain level is much reduced at this present time. Silly me should have checked before posting. Haha

Chronic pain is a terrible thing sweetie and I do hope that you find some relief . I’m the same , some good days and some bad days but it is what it is, right ?? I’m like Yolanda, there is nothing that I won’t try and trust me when I say, I’ve tried some weird shit. But until somebody feels my pain, they shouldn’t judge my choices ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I totally agree with you Rain. Until those who have lived with the amount of pain we have, no one should judge us. Life is what you make it and laughter is definitely the best medicine. That’s why I love your posts so much. They are direct, to the point and hilarious at the same time. Please please don’t ever chance Rain as I for one love your views and opinions. Even when we disagree on some views. Lol. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for the kind words ❤️❤️❤️. I’m glad more of the old group is posting again

Hanging in there, lovie.
I have read some of your HILARIOUS posts on other sites, you always make me smile. Always. You are a gift to many Rain, please know that.
I hope that you are feeling well today and that your kids and their friends are helping out at home!

Ahhh you’re too sweet ❤️❤️❤️. As I was telling Asher , it’s nice to see so many of the old crew back here posting. It was deserted for a while and quite sad really….. I hope your kids and grandkids are well 🙂 ❤️❤️ Hopefully we can all go back to posting again . I think we mean a lot to each other

If this crapfest called OC gets us all posting again, bring it on bishes!!!!!!
I’ve missed the comraderie, the laughs, the snark.
We do mean a lot to each other.❤️

I think maybe everybody happened to have a lot going on at the same time 🙂 glad that people are slowly coming back ❤️

Sunshine how ate you?? Its lovely to see your posts. Ive just atarted to post again after a long absencd❤️❤️.

Asher, it’s so great to see you as well!
I hope you continue to post, it’s been quiet here.
I’ve missed you, and hope you have heard from Sandy?
She has not posted here for quite some time.
Be well, dear lady.

Thanks Sunshine
I rememner Sandy saying tbat she wont watch orange counry ever again due to Kelly and Vicki, maybe thats why shes not posted for a while. I hope she returns soon as well. ❤️❤️.

Kelly believes she’s funny in an ironic way and people should get her kind of humor, I like be a good joke and am quick to laugh at most anything but I’ve never laughed at her. I see mockery and veiled insults not humor. She’s a half beat off and never in sync, that one. I’d side eye her and walk away always. And she needs AA. For real.

Totally agree with you.

Hi Sunshine! Thank you 🙂

I was really hoping that Kelly wouldn’t be back this season but unfortunately she’ll probably be around for a long time because she makes for drama.

If the bar is “right across from your house”, I am sure you stopped at home and could have “peed” – as you so crudely say, at your home. Your appearance at the table and saying that Shannon had been cruder than you initially said to Lydia in the ladie’s room – I mean, “Seriously?” is not the same as “What the #$%^ are you doing here?” as you said at the table. Kelly, you are a vile, disgusting human and use language that is unbecoming to any person. You were cruising to stir the pot, and you completely ignored… Read more »

If Kelli is supposed to be so intelligent why does she act so childish. You try to justify your bad behavior by blaming everyone else instead of being honest about your negative, “I like to push her buttons” attitude. You do realize you are not the prettiest woman & you’ve had a lot of surgery so it makes people on the outside think that you must have gotten made fun of so now you’re the bully. You should try to have some empathy for others.

Hi friends! Wow, how really ridiculous is this show getting to be? I didn’t even watch all of it, there isn’t any levity at all anymore, just drama and sadness. I love Shannon, love her. Can’t help it, feel like I see her broken heart. She draws everyone’s attention to her weight gain, she gets hysterical, she speaks of Vicki’s betrayal all the while covering the biggest pain of all that is not discussed: the complete desecration of her marriage. She is lost, lost, and all the hospital air and crystals could not protect her or her family. The problems… Read more »

Love you Sunshine. You ladies say it so well. I have been team Shannon since the end of season 1. So happy we see her with her faults and foibles but she always reminds me of so many woman her age – real women. Not the fakes we see on these shows.

So well said !!! Team Shannon ❤️❤️❤️❤️

That means a lot coming from you, Bee. You are such a fine person.

I ADORE Shannon as you all know !! I want to give her a hug and protect her from all these evil witches ❤️❤️❤️

I wish we could sign a petition to get her kicked off the show.

I’m sorry to disagree but I laughed with Kelly, Shannon went after her all last season, Kelly was the new girl and Shannon decided to try to set her up a number of times as well as getting Tamara and heather on her bandwagon. As for Shannon going through slot, please, that was two years ago that David had his affair and she started getting fat last year, the truth is Shannon is a nasty vulgar person if you don’t match to her beat. Her behavior at both the Birthday party and restaurant was ridiculous and there is no excuse,… Read more »

That’s what’s cool about this site, Just Saying. We can agree to disagree but respect each other.
Goodness knows these ladies have distinct personalities, and we all view people differently, based upon our own perceptions and experiences.
Take good care!

So true, Sunshine. A unique bunch we are & so glad it’s that way.

So glad to see you here, and share. I’m wondering if 3D’s is having trouble with the new format, miss seeing her call you Starr of the Skye.
I read that you’ve experienced much loss lately, God bless you and yours, Starr. I wish you well.

True !! Attack the HW not the posters LOL

Well said, darling Rain.

Starr , ❤️❤️❤️ We know how to keep a lovely site that’s accommodating of eveyone 🙂

I believe I’m in agreement with you, just saying. Shannon’s behavior is definitely beyond excuses. She has erased from her mind how her 1st season, Vicki stood at her side showing her true loyalty & instead of attending Meghan’s charitable fund raiser, she went out with Shannon instead as she was not invited. Shannon’s attacks with 1st one, then another, then another. At the beautiful dark haired woman’s house (she’s no longer a housewife & cant recall her name), With Heather, then Meghan, then Vicki & now Kelly. Have I forgotten anyone.? The big picture tells it all, this crazy… Read more »

ITA !! Shannon doesn’t have Heather anymore either
Kelly may be a mess but she is funny
I would totally piss Tamara off the evil behavior she has displayed for years speaks volumes
these people need to realize the longer they are on a reality the real will come out

Kelly you are truly evil. You know Shannon has had a rough couple of years and is probably going through the change – to happily push her buttons knowing it might hurt her is so disgusting and evil you and Liarface belong together.

Kelly laughing like a hyena made me sick !!! I’m boycotting the show but I saw the snippet

No Excuse is excusable for Shannon & Kelly’s behavior last night. Pushing Shannon’s crazy buttons is not the way to go–at all. Kelly was wrong. Tit for tat is so childish.. Shannon is one big ball of pain. She constantly brings attention to her weight gain to protect herself before she’s insulted & uses it also to prove how much she’s going through. Yes, she’s verbal & loud, but she is stark staring crazy. Her brain is a tumbling, jumbling mess, even she cant make head s or tails of it. As we all know, her main built up frustration,… Read more »
I don’t understand why this vile excuse of a women is still on this show. Yes she brings drama but not the good drama. Admittedly all of the women have acted and said vile things themselves in the past but Kelly is the worst Housewife yet. Even the lying piece of scum known as Vicki compares better than Kelly. To kick a person when they are down is unforgivable!! Poor Shannon she is struggling so much what with the breakdown of her marriage due to the affair and fighting depression due to the revelations of apparent domestic abuse that Kelly… Read more »

Kelly is why I quit watching this show. When one of the featured stars is someone who is clearly mentally ill, and producers decide to put that on display for our entertainment, it is disgusting. I have no interest in watching someone annhilate people because they find it enjoyable. I don’t mind a RH villain, but there is a line, and it has clearly been crossed here for me. Kelly is a sick woman.

I hear ya, Christopher, I couldn’t continue watching Monday.
Hope you’ll continue to post!

Well, I always have NY, Beverly Hills, and Atlanta! LOL! My rule is that I have to like at least one of the cast members. I dislike everyone on NJ and Potomac. I never started with Dallas. With OC, I just don’t like any of the others to get past how offensive I find Kelly and Vicki.

I can’t stand NJ either, but Potomac started growing on me this year, hated it last year. Kelly and Vicki are quite the pair, and I think Kelly will find out soon enough that Vicki does not have her back.
Take care!