Kelly Dodd Accuses Jim Edmonds of Cheating; Slams Meghan

During tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Kelly Dodd and Meghan King Edmonds get into a major fight, dressed as men.

The synopsis of the episode states: “Kelly suspects her new pal Shannon of being up to her old tricks and confides in Meghan, which blows up in her face when Meghan takes matters into her own hands. Meghan puts her detective hat back on to investigate Vicki’s issues with Shannon and Tamra. Vicki’s looking to move forward with her new love, Steve, while Peggy takes her daughter to New York to look at a school. The ladies attend a Drag Bingo event dressed as men, where Lydia faces a moral dilemma and old arguments spark anew as Kelly and Meghan tear into old wounds.”

In the following clip, Meghan brings up that Kelly accused her husband Jim of having a 10-year affair on her when she was 7-months pregnant.

Next, Kelly throws a major low blow at Meghan, telling her that she should be at home caring for her new baby rather than being out with some of the other women. The explosive comment causes Meghan to walk-off, but we don’t know what happens after that.

Check out the clip below:

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7 Replies to “Kelly Dodd Accuses Jim Edmonds of Cheating; Slams Meghan”

  1. I agree with Kelly. Meghan is more interested in private investigations than being a new mom. That happens when you have a built in nanny & wanting a baby just for the sake of & not for the right reasons.
    As for Kelly’s new found friends, they’re just using her. They have no desire to have her as a friend, but just to get Vicki.

  2. I was glad when Kelly & Shannon talked & moved on. Now Kelly is talking crap about Shannon & saying Jim cheated on Meaghan. Nasty Girl Kelly.

  3. While I don’t support telling someone in public that they need to be home tending to their child, after hearing some of Meghan’s recent podcast interviews…I understand where Kelly is coming from. Apparently, Meghan (admittedly from her own mouth) likes to be the center of attention (literally her own words), and after she had Aspen she was so antsy about being cooped up at home in St. Louis with a newborn, she begged to get her job back on the show. She says that Jimmy spoiled her by introducing her to the OC lifestyle, and that she doesn’t want to be in St. Louis, no way, no how. So yes, Meghan is definitely a girl who openly appreciates the fact that she married the big man about town in St. Louis and how exciting it’s made her life, and perhaps she is adjusting to the day in and day out of motherhood- but it’s not nice to just call people out, and especially not in a group setting.

  4. Now that I’ve seen the episode in it’s entirety, what’s left out of this is that MEGHAN WENT FOR KELLY FIRST by accusing her of cheating on Michael, and Kelly pulled the phone receipts right on out at the table in front of everyone. So as they were going back and forth, that’s went Kelly told her she needs to be at home taking care of her baby and not dilly dallying in this nonsense. Sorry, but she’s right. Exit left for Kelly to the bathroom to pretend like she was crying, when you have viewers who have already heard you say from your own mouth outside of the show that you don’t like being a stay-at-home mom, you’re not feeling the domestic life, and you want to be on television because your personality pushes you to desire to be the center of attention. No one’s saying that Meghan doesn’t love her kid, but the more people get to discover what her personality is like outside of filming she actually sounds very young, and very invested in finding /solidifying her identity through being a reality star, whatever the job entails (and that obviously includes bone carrying, seed planting, and extraneous gossiping) . No sympathy from me given that she is very clear about what she signed up for by being part of the show, and is so gung-ho to do the job of keeping the pot-stirred.

  5. Meghan deserved what was coming to her. Long overdue. She is a tattle taler & rushes to tell Shannon & Tamara every word Kelly utters. What a silly, immature, underhanded so called friend. True traitor. And, I repeat my own words before seeing the show & now having seen it, I agree with Kelly, her place is with her baby, not gallivanting & gossiping.
    Tamara looked horrible & truly like white trash, costume or not.

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