Kelly Dodd Accused Of Sending “Vile” Texts To Ex’s 12 Year-Old Son


On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, Heather Dubrow had concerns about her son Nicky being around Kelly Dodd because of her previous history of off-the-wall behavior. Although Kelly swore she would never cuss or act inappropriate in front of the children, a new report reveals that Dodd was once accused of sending “vile” text messages to her ex-fiancé’s 12-year-old son.

“I know that I have a problem with my anger, but I’m a mom and I’m a damn good mom and I’ve never been inappropriate around children, ever,” Dodd said.

But “inappropriate” is exactly the word used by the estranged wife of Dodd’s ex-fiancé in a 2014 restraining order filing.

According to the filing obtained by RadarOnline, Caldwell explained how Dodd sent “vile and inappropriate” text messages to her 12-year-old son.

“Tell your Dad and your mom to stop texting me,” one of the alleged texts read. “I will never go back to him ever… [he] tried to kill me! And everyone witnessed it! Tell him to leave me alone his texts are pathetic!”

Dodd has denied these claims.

“I have no intention or desire to have any contact in writing or in person with Dana Caldwell and or [her son.] I have never made any threats or cause any physical harm to either Dana or [her son.]”

The case was dismissed on February 18, 2014.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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If this story is true, then Kelly is the lowest of low. This is what Bravo finds for us as entertainment. Sure she is loud and inappropriate and drunk a lot, but she is nasty and vulgar, and if she can be that way with children, I am even more repulsed than I already was, by her behavior. This is clearly the last season I will be watching OC unless there are drastic changes. I can not feel sorry for her. She is not a nice person, and all the crying in the world with “sorry” just does not change… Read more »

Totally agree!

And this is the woman who’s concerned about HER daughter?? Obviously other children are ok to traumatize . I think it’s true, people don’t go to court if they didn’t have evidence ( the texts) to file s lawsuit ! ‘Dismissed’ doesn’t mean she didn’t do it . Barf

Can you believe this woman? Where did they find her? I could guess but better not!

At the bottom of a very big deep barrel lol

That explains a lot! Whiskey or beer? Probably cheap beer!

Thanks for clearing that up Rain. I thought it was under a very big rock.


Get rid of her!!!!! I hope heather doesn’t change like they all seem too! Trashy women….

She was probably drunk and didn’t remember doing it. To me she is more pathetic that even Brandi. I think she is the type to go postal on her cast mates.

That’s great explanation, Aunt Bee, she probably was drunk

So agree Beexoxoxoxox

Honest to God, where do they find these idiots. I don’t know about any of you, but none of my “housewife” friends act like any of these people. Kelly, seek professional help. I won’t be watching any further episodes. I hadn’t watched OC for years because I couldn’t stand V-icky. I started watching again this season, but I’m done. Yes, Kelly is a drunk with major issues. Not a good combination. She’s not even pathetic, more like psycho.

ITA What The, this is an insult to us viewers to cast this woman as a ‘housewife’ …. We are all contemplating quitting, believe me

Good afternoon ladies, Happy Friday’s Eve. This Dana Caldwell is so desperate; she truly wants her 20 minutes of fame,& who believes ANYTHING, that “Radar of Lies,” puts out? If that is the text, once again we r only seeing/ reading her response. What is the WHOLE conversation. Who started the texting was it Kelly, or Dana’ s son? I’m intrigued- Not! I agree, that Kelly should not be texting a child, but how old is this ” child?”. Know he is not 3-10 years old? The child is obviously old enough to know his parents,& Kelly’ s relationship, which… Read more »

Happy Friday eve 🙂 how’s the construction going? Will you escape again this weekend? Xoxo

Why is this Dana lady putting out a story every day?! It’s annoying to hear some new drivel from the lowest of the low blogs like ROL everyday.

…and note that this was during a period of time when Kelly was exiting this relationship because she was being hit by this man (as witnessed by family members who pleaded that she break ties with him)- all while being simultaneously harassed by his estranged wife who was also in her own separate relationship with a live-in boyfriend. Rather than move on with the new man, she directed her energies toward Kelly and kept up a lot of fighting, least of which was the bogus attempt to file a restraining order against attempt that was not only dismissed, but… Read more »

First of all, Anger/Alcoholic Kelly has memory lapses. She has no recollection of Heather saying to her “I’m sure deep down you are a very nice person” which we all heard her say and they even replayed it when AAK was denying it. So she doesn’t remember half of what goes on. And for THAT reason alone, she is NOT a good mother. No GOOD MOTHER needs a bar on every floor of her home and in her closet. Period. I’m done with this wreck.

Since she’s scaring kids now , we should call it a ‘Kelly alert’ instead of ‘Amber alert’

She may be a whackadoodle but she has some nice teeth.

The husband she talks sh*t about every episode probably laid for those sparkly veneers $$$$

How on earth does Bravo finds these women? I agree with Heather, I would not want her around my children. At first I thought she was doing this all to make sure she comes back next season, but she has some serious issues.

It’s not Bravo, they’re the network…the distributor of content, if you will. It’s the production company in charge of actually creating content to be delivered to the network that we have to thank for this mess, lol. New franchises go through traditional casting calls. The older, more established franchises recruit from in-house (I.e., by referrals). Now everyone turn around and thank Meghan for bringing Brandi-Lite to the OC, lol.

she’s scary…. I wouldn’t want her as a friend or in my life in any way…. bummer for her family.

I am not so sure I would trust Kelly around children. She’s a damn good mom???? Really??? How many mom’s do you know that go around using the language that this woman does??? I have a lot of friends and I have NEVER heard them use the foul language that this woman does. And, we certainly aren’t in the same economic or social classes she is. Being college educated and a “millionaire” doesn’t give one class!!! Wake up and smell the coffee Kelly. You need to do a lot of damage control here and actions speak louder than words.

I see language in this forum that often makes me wonder the same thing, LOL.

I think someone failed to take the time to really help this woman somewhere along her path in life. She’s very very angry which we all know means deeply hurt and/or depression. She’s a ticking time bomb. Scary.

It’s good to see ou Miss Moneypenny.

♥️Oh Aunt Bee you’re so sweet to say that thank you. It’s so nice to see you and visit here too.


I actually like Kelly. She’s a blast and she reminds me of my mom. She’s just crazy fun! And don’t get on her bad side. Although I am REALLY not approving the “I don’t like blacks” comment caught by TMZ before season 11 aired. I think she just wanted to create a buzz about the OC’s newest HW.. Wrong move. People just got over it so easily!

Kelly doesn’t know what appropriate behavior/speech is. So nobody could trust she would be okay around their kids.

Did I hear wrong or did I hear Kelly ask icky to teach her how to act better or some such nonsense – Icky Vickey of all people.

The case was dismissed, correct? Innocent until proven guilty. Helloooooo. Kelly hasn’t really acted any worse than the other ladies on the Houswives franchise.

Teresa is a convicted felon. She’s also flipped a table during one of her episodes.

Tamara encouraged her son to date rape Gretchen. She also threw a drink in Gina’s face!

Porsche actually hit Kenya during a reunion.

I mean, let’s put this into perspective, folks.