Kelly Dodd Accused Of Having An Affair On Watch What Happens Live


Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen after the season finale aired on Monday night. Dodd answered viewer questions and discussed the controversial season, but no one expected for callers to go rogue and accuse Dodd of having an affair live on the air.

What is Kelly more sorry for? Talking about Tamra’s daughter or repeating what she did about Shannon? “Tamra’s daughter.”

If you had to pick one Housewife to vanish from next season who would you choose? “Shannon Beador.”

Which bad behavior do you regret more; Ireland, 70’s night or sushi dinner? “None of them.”

A viewer asked Kelly what Shannon’s motivation was to get her drunk and asked if that was a crime. “It’s like a date rape without any lube,” Dodd joked. “It should be a crime.” Andy asked what Kelly’s reaction was when she saw the footage of the show. “I knew she was trying to sabotage me for the third time.”

A caller asked Kelly about her current friendship with Vicki after her not defending Dodd on the bus and noted that if she had known about her affair with ‘Frank’ she would have blasted it to the world. “Uh didn’t have an affair with Frank, we can call Frank. I don’t know what you’re alluding to, the texts you got from some whack job? Thank you Tamra and Shannon, I got a million texts from you guys, it’s okay.”

Andy asked what was happening and Kelly continued, “Some girl from two years ago… it’s no secret that my husband and I have had problems, but Frank and I… he’s like my brother… he’s part of my family and you can call him if you want to.”

Andy asked if that was someone accusing Kelly of having an affair and she said, “Yes.”

A viewer asked Kelly if Vicki was a genuine friend or if she was glad the heat was off of her and her actions. “Yes,” Kelly said. “She’s always been a good friend to me. I think she was talked to by these women and they were trying to take her side away from me, but she’s said sorry to me. So she’s been a very good friend to me.”

Another viewer asked Kelly how her first reunion went. “It went better than I expected.”

The next caller told Kelly that the text messages that were leaked were from the friend of the oracle employee she accused Michael of having an affair with… “No! This was like two years ago. Why is this coming up? Is every caller up here Tamra and Shannon, I have a million text messages up in here that you’re trying to leak this out from two years ago, shut the f*ck up!”

Andy reminded Kelly that they were on live TV and told callers that it was boring when they change their original questions because no one at home in the audience knew what they were talking about.

Watch the clip below:

Update: Tamra denies setting up Kelly Dodd.

Photo Credit: Bravo