Kelly Dodd Accused Of Having An Affair On Watch What Happens Live


Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen after the season finale aired on Monday night. Dodd answered viewer questions and discussed the controversial season, but no one expected for callers to go rogue and accuse Dodd of having an affair live on the air.

What is Kelly more sorry for? Talking about Tamra’s daughter or repeating what she did about Shannon? “Tamra’s daughter.”

If you had to pick one Housewife to vanish from next season who would you choose? “Shannon Beador.”

Which bad behavior do you regret more; Ireland, 70’s night or sushi dinner? “None of them.”

A viewer asked Kelly what Shannon’s motivation was to get her drunk and asked if that was a crime. “It’s like a date rape without any lube,” Dodd joked. “It should be a crime.” Andy asked what Kelly’s reaction was when she saw the footage of the show. “I knew she was trying to sabotage me for the third time.”

A caller asked Kelly about her current friendship with Vicki after her not defending Dodd on the bus and noted that if she had known about her affair with ‘Frank’ she would have blasted it to the world. “Uh didn’t have an affair with Frank, we can call Frank. I don’t know what you’re alluding to, the texts you got from some whack job? Thank you Tamra and Shannon, I got a million texts from you guys, it’s okay.”

Andy asked what was happening and Kelly continued, “Some girl from two years ago… it’s no secret that my husband and I have had problems, but Frank and I… he’s like my brother… he’s part of my family and you can call him if you want to.”

Andy asked if that was someone accusing Kelly of having an affair and she said, “Yes.”

A viewer asked Kelly if Vicki was a genuine friend or if she was glad the heat was off of her and her actions. “Yes,” Kelly said. “She’s always been a good friend to me. I think she was talked to by these women and they were trying to take her side away from me, but she’s said sorry to me. So she’s been a very good friend to me.”

Another viewer asked Kelly how her first reunion went. “It went better than I expected.”

The next caller told Kelly that the text messages that were leaked were from the friend of the oracle employee she accused Michael of having an affair with… “No! This was like two years ago. Why is this coming up? Is every caller up here Tamra and Shannon, I have a million text messages up in here that you’re trying to leak this out from two years ago, shut the f*ck up!”

Andy reminded Kelly that they were on live TV and told callers that it was boring when they change their original questions because no one at home in the audience knew what they were talking about.

Watch the clip below:

Update: Tamra denies setting up Kelly Dodd.

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82 Replies to “Kelly Dodd Accused Of Having An Affair On Watch What Happens Live”

      1. Suze have you been able to get any of the new Below Deck episodes? Have you ever seen Southern Charm? I think you would love that show too

        1. I thought it would have been on but neither! Yet we are getting Potomac and Dallas and I don’t want to see either of those! Xxxooo

          1. Yay I didn’t watch any of the Potomac and only 1 episode of Dallas. Don’t waste your time. Do you have Netflix? They might be on there !

          2. Hey Suze, I admit I watched Potomac after all but hated it in the beginning. I think it was because they showed regional areas like the Delaware beach. What season are they showing? A rerun of the first season or a season 2 that we haven’t seen yet?

            1. First season, I haven’t watched it’s been on for a while now but it had such a poor write up here I have never bothered. I’m not into the etiquette in programmes either. I lived with it in Surrey for too long to want to watch a load of fake women talking about it.

              1. Oh Suze, that’s too funny. I forgot those wannabees kept throwing out the “etiquette” rules on that one. What a load of crap. It was actually only two girls on the show that I liked and they were not one of the so called “in crowd” or etiquette folks. You aren’t really missing anything.

  1. Go Kelly! Call out those phonies like no one else does! Everyone on that show is so afraid of Tamra and Heather, they’re like the high school bullies but you’re not afraid to go against them. Good for you.

      1. AMEN! When I heard Andy say that “Tamra was the ‘voice of reason'” this season, I FELL OFF THE COUCH. She is the same, if not worse, b*tch4 she always was! Is he high – or just trying to keep up the shi7 for the ratings??

    1. I agree. Heather is really stupid, to think that people are going to rush out and buy her new book, sparkling wine and those crappy face creams. I think it’s all going to backfire on her big time. Haven’t these women learned already, that the viewers don’t enjoy watching someone getting ganged up on, yet?!?

      1. Actually her products are doing very well…partially due to Heather being VERY careful about how her image is crafted through the show…but I think after seeing how horribly she came across this season she will go into major damage control mode with her team…she has business partnerships she has to hold herself accountable for now, so I foresee her trying to wiggle her way back into a a more brand friendly, neutral position on the show if she comes back next season..I already caught the context clue in her last confessional when asked where her relationships would eventually head with Vicki & Kelly and she replied ”Who knows…?”…she’s clearly leaving herself negotiating room for future alliances on the show depending on how they shake up the cast and what wild cards are thrown into the mix. Business wise, Heather and Terry have done extraordinarily well with using this show to diversify and launch new ventures- and she has potential to continue brand building once she leaves the show…but I think she still needs one more season under her belt to really shore up her brand identity via the free exposure…and I believe she will sway and bend like a Florida palm tree leaf to stay on the show….or at least as long as it benefits her end goals with Terry…

    2. Are you kidding me? Are we watching the same show? Kelly is the worst drunk ever!!! She needs to LEAVE the show! She can’t decide whether to turn on her husband or the OC gals, when she’s drunk. What’s next? When her daughter see/hear her acting like that? She will scar that child and the good memories that she holds. I would like to see her get REAL treatment.

  2. The phone calls and accusations are just stupid, but the true stupidity lies with Kelly. This moron actually thinks Vicki is her true friend and only goes after Shannon, not Tamera? She compared Shannon’s “asking for doubles” to date rape drugs. What an idiot. What Shannon did was creepy and weird but criminal? Any fool can see that there is more Tequila in your glass, unlike a dissolved date rape drug.

        1. Hi ladies! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Here’s what bothers me most about Kelly. Her delivery. She shrieks like a 5 year old in a sandbox. She has no control over her spoiled bratty acting emotes it’s really embarrassing to see. Her constant icy stares and self conscious idiosyncrasies just make her seem so immature. I watched her on WWHL last night with Rachael Dratch and poor Rachael probably polished off that whole bottle of wine she was sipping through a straw from nerves hahahaha

          1. Miss M..just to prove your point, look at the picture on this blog. lol. On a completely different note, why do these people drink wine through a straw? Is it because of lipstick? I love my wine and I couldn’t fathom drinking it from a straw. If I had to drink through a straw, I think I’d choose a cocktail instead 😀

            1. Lol Freedom, I think the straw is more of a prop ? maybe? Rachael D is so left of center crazy funny I think if asked to she would have drunk her wine out of her sneaker lol 😉 xox

            2. I’ve heard the purpose of the straw is to not stain their teeth, especially with things like red wines or coffee. Seeing how these chicks down the booze and Starbucks, it could be plausible. I imagine they invest in teeth bleaching and such and want the results to last as long as possible.
              Still seems weird to me, but to each his own.

                1. I am supposed to drink my Diet Coke through a straw because of staining my implants, until the summer I hadn’t had one for three years so started again well using a straw but now don’t bother! Xxxxx

                    1. Oh yes! My dentist would be mad if he knew what I was doing! Who cares these days! He gave me a list of everything I couldn’t eat or drink!

                    2. Rain:
                      Coca-cola is one of the WORST offenders! Not only for stains (caramel colorant),tooth decay (sugars) and enamel erosion (carbonation, sodium and acids).
                      I still LOVE it, and I still drink it every day. Why is the stuff we love always the worst for us?

                    3. Thanks Suze and La Flickinger. I had to give up all sodas years ago because of IBS, but I wasn’t aware of this info 🙂 wow !

                    4. The good thing about Coke is it helps with nausea! That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

                    5. Rain, talking about IBS, I went to Floors for coffee this morning and took my own skimmed milk with me! This time my toastie didn’t have butter! Xoxoxoxxo

                  1. Suze, can you drink ginger ale instead? It’s still very good for nausea but doesn’t have color. I don’t mind drinking soda through a straw so that’s not too bad, it’s just the idea of wine with the straw that is weird to me.

                    1. I should like ginger ale as it’s much better for me but I don’t! I couldn’t drink wine through a straw either, what a waste, I like to taste it fully! Xoxoxoxox

              1. Thanks LA Flickinger. I thought it had to do with not messing up their lipstick but you are probably onto something with this as well. I’ve always heard that sucking through a straw is not good because it will cause lines around your mouth, but what the hell, I welcome laugh lines. I still would not be able to enjoy a nice wine through a straw but then again, no one is banging down my door to be on WWHL. lol.

    1. Well, and nobody forced her to drink anything. Just because cocktails we’re ordered does not mean they have to be consumed……i don’t like milk. If you bring me a glad of milk, i wouldn’t drink it. Simple……

    2. I dont jive with the drinking game that was being played at ALL, primarily because (as the case always is with me), I am examining INTENTION. I try to think of someone doing that to me or a friend and it doesn’t sit well with me. Given the situation, knowing she was on the outs, of course while wanting to remain clear headed one would also want to be a good sport to aid in making amends with the others. I totally get why she accepted a shot, it comes down to rolling with the punches to prove to everyone on set ”you play well with others in the sandbox” …but that was some straight BS Shannon pulled whispering for doubles or ”anything ya got”. She was ORCHESTRATING AN ENVIRONMENT TO CREATE FURTHER CONFLICT AND JUSTIFY AN ATTACK AND FURTHER ISOLATION. On one hand it’s easy to say what Kelly SHOULD have done, but if it’s nothing to be concerned about in terms of ethical behavior on Shannon’s behalf, how would Shannon feel would if someone did that to one of her daughters when they are of age to drink? Beyond that, let the record show that Kelly was not acting out against anyone vs. RESPONDING to a slew of verbal attacks and insults that night. They’ve orchestrated people to say on camera that she sucks d*** for a living implying she was a prositute, said she was unfaithful to her husband, had an affair with a neighbor, threw out BS labels that she was was having a psychotic break in the midst of TAUNTING her and screaming at her, and then said that they felt badly for her child having her as a mother …all on NATIONAL TELEVISION, all while being smug off the air In real time that they’re digging up dirt on the woman, all in cahoots with any enemies that reach out to them…and this because she’s coarse? Not their kind of people? When they all behave just as badly and sometimes worse. Nah. These women pushed the envelope waaaaay too far with the angry gang mentality this season, and even though I think Kelly does not have herself together in the least, and wouldn’t be someone I would personally hang out with, I do not co-sign systematic bullying, hazing or purposely setting out to completely obliterate a person for sport’s sake. No M’am, not I. There are a great number of things wrong with Kelly Dodd, but this hateful, mean spirited dysfunction coming from the rest of the adults in this is just as distasetful, and amounts to no more than swine waste tied up into pretty packaging.

      1. ITA everything you said. Tamra, Heather, & Shannon are lower than Kelly in my book. Mainly because Kelly never sets out to purposely hurt someone. She goes 2 far sometimes when she is acting out of hurt/anger. But I believe she tells the truth for the most part. The 3 nut jobs need to go. They are boring & have not story line.

    3. Please tell me you don’t think she MEANT that? I thought it was a great analogy. Kelly comes back with some nasty snarks . . . BUT, REMEMBER, they are COMEBACKS! She is provoked every time and then — after being called Trash (the lovely, Heather); or, “I feel so sorry for her daughter . . .” (Oh, THAT, was Heather, too, huh?); or, “She just RUINED your lovely Ireland trip . . .” (Uhhhh, Heather — AGAIN!) . . . It’s not okay to make a private, “off-handed” remark about Tamra, but saying it about Kelly — WELL, Heather makes that just fine! Then, you have Tamra sending group pics to hurt Kelly (but, how DARE Kelly say anything — while HEATHER videos??? WTF??) (Hmmmmm, Heather, AGAIN.) Now, cross out each name with a different name and who’s left? HEATHER. I saw through her the very first season — “psychotic breaks” (Shannon has a short memory). Tamra is the TRASH and that has been a proven fact EVERY season. Shannon has SOMETHING out for Kelly — setting her up at her party, trying to get her drunk. Something is up there that seems to be glossed over (because Heather’s nose is so up in the air, I am surprised the cameras are not having to be fastened to the ceilings . . .).

  3. I really can’t believe Kelly.Shannon may ordered a drink for her in Ireland but no one forced her to drink it.Push the drink away and be done.why is Kelly making comparisons to rape drugs.Don’t drink and be happy.the woman has a huge problem of taking small issues and mishandling into them into irrelevant earthquakes.

      1. So the ONE day in 20 years that Kelly didn’t want to drink, suddenly it’s Shannons faulty MUAHHAAHAHAA!! Ironic, because later that same day , Kelly and Vicki knocked on Tamras door wanting to go drinking!! 🙂 come on!!!

        How are 3Ds??? I never see you anymore ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I hope you are well and healthy and happy! I guess once BH starts , we will see each other a lot xoxxoxo

  4. Those callers were in a group chat with Tamra/Shannon who arranged the whole thing. One of them leaked the text messages. Tam/Shan are truly vile trash.

    1. WOW! If that is true, I hope Tamra, Heather, & Shannon are fired. They are boring anyway. At least Kelly tells the truth. And yes they were ganging up on her.

    2. WoW! If that is true I hope Tamra, Shannon, & Heather get fired. They are boring anyway. I like Kelly. She takes it 2 far sometimes, but at least she speaks the truth. Her husband did a great job of being there for her. I hope they work things out.

    3. This is absolutely disappointing. I’ve always said there’s no redeemable character for me on OC, but this is really low. Come on! I know they don’t like her, but how high school are they planning on going. They keep giving credence to everyone calling them mean girls and they are. I’m so done with OC. Kelly is a nut, but this is pathetic.

    4. THIS is what I was referring to. It’s too much. These women are pushing the behind the scenes attacks waaay too far and really going in for the kill…and the season is over for gawd’s sake. Just evil for the sake of being evil at this point, and these chicks are supposed to be members of the Body of Christ?

  5. Does anyone else think that Kelly looked completely out of place on last nights WWHL? She was so uncomfortable it made me uncomfortable. It was like she was working REALLY hard to keep her composure which, I’m sorry Kelly but you don’t have any to start with. How about instead of throwing a hissy fit then apologize with tears and super red face, not saying anything to be sorry for??

  6. I am sorry but Andy Cohen was a total ass to Kelly. He is the most abusive, nasty talk show host to ever be on television. There was NOTHING entertaining or amusing about that show last night. Kelly needs help not some mysogynistic idiot humiliating her for ratings. This woman is wounded and like a child. He did everything he could to throw shade the way he thinks he does so well.

    1. And I agree sundayhare…Andy didn’t accommodate one bit for Kelly. I don’t think he cared for her flippant answers to him so he iced her back, he is the worst host ever on tv, you can tell he loves looking at himself in the mirror. blahhhhhhh to Andy

    2. Andy has been especially one sided with hosting reunions. He’ll talk about one side of the issue while giving everyone else a pass.

      1. I wonder what his plan is for Vicki.
        I cannot see how the executive producers can have her back next season. The back-lash against her is incredible! Us viewers have spoken…no more Vicki. Will Andy listen now? She goes or the viewers go, period.

        1. I doubt he will listen he didn’t at the end of last season. I haven’t watched at all this year just keep up here and with the clips. So I can’t see him kicking her out even though he should! Xo

  7. I like Kelly. Sometimes she takes it to far, but I don’t think she goes out of her way to hurt anyone. She lashes out when she is hurt/ganged up on.

  8. THE TEXTS HAVE ALREADY BEEN RELEASED TO SHOW THIS WAS A PRE-PLANNED PHONE AMBUSH from the other side, these women are BRUTAL in their hazing practices…and for what? All of this is for what end? I generally accept the Housewives for being a glossed up version of Survivor but this is overkill. The show cannot continue to go down this road, it’s getting way too dark and bringing in all these random 3rd parties to plant seeds to obliterate others is too much. I’m also tired of the ambush tactics: there have been clear examples on other shows where one cast member has been at odds with everyone, and they are adressed in a group setting calmly and rationally with a clear point as to why each person has an issue. This season of OC is just tacky, sorority stye hazing against someone these women never wanted to accept anyway- because she came into the group refusing to tow the line and isolate the designated enemy. HOW OLD ARE THESE PEOPLE, again?

    1. I’m hoping this blog will share the texts and do an article about it too. I read some on Facebook and they were horrible and so childish. Tamara has not changed…at all. Why do this? The season is over and the reunion has already been done. DROP IT! Oc has always been at the bottom of the totem pole for HW shows for me. It never stops to remind me why. I wouldn’t even call them college aged, more like nasty middle school girls.

    2. They should be fired for this pre-planned ambush. It is the same thing when Heather was trying to film Kelly in the hotel with her phone. They are all pulling a Jill Zarin. I hope Bravo sees that we don’t want these evil/hateful women directing this show.

  9. Well none of us know what really goes on behind closed doors. However, this Kelly seems unstable and to me, has been a foul mouthed vicious person from the 1st episode. She blurts out the most horrible words to people, then apologizes, plays the “I’m being bullied” card, and then repeats again.
    My opinion, she doesn’t belong on that show. Sorry, not a fan at all.

  10. I agree on the Survivor theory as they need allies to be on top, then will go after each other individually. I still maintain that it is “metaphorically” a version of the Hunger Games as well because Andy is the MC guy and Bravo is President Snow 😀

    1. Yup. This sounds about right, lol. It’s just awful! They’d better find a way to redirect this franchise or I will boycott them just as I did Jersey for the last two seasons before they slyly added Siggy Flicker, lol

        1. I’m joking that Siggy was added so they would have an in house mediator. I liked a few moments that she was able to provide comic relief, and I liked watching her interact with her parents. Her menopausal battles also made her relatable in an ‘everywoman’ kind of way to me…and though she’s somewhat of a busybody, she is at least tolerated and not coming from a place of malice like we see on other franchises. I couldn’t watch the two seasons prior. Once a show disintegrates into an endless cycle of infighting and misery fests, I’m out…OC and NY definitely have a lot of work to do bringing their franchises out of the gutter. I was hopeful for Atlanta, but it appears Porsha is going to be backbiting and stirring up trouble in a BIG way this season, looks like she’s been taking notes from Tamra on OC on how to backstab for plot relevance. Yup….HUNGER GAMES, lol

          1. Yep and just like Hunger Games and Survivor, these people foolishly choose allies that would kill them in a second to save themselves. Metaphorically of course..Although in Atlanta, that might actually be possible. lol. I also agree with you about Siggy. She is a busy body but with good intentions and without malice as you mentioned. I also agree about NY. There is no redemption with this group. Some relationships are so broken that it’s unbearable to watch. sigh….there’s always below deck and million dollar real estate for now 😀

            1. You know what, folks, I’m slowly coming to the realization that there’s almost nothing left to watch , lol. Without Below Deck, Bravo reality shows are descending into the same gutter that all the other networks glorify, even though they pride themselves on having a more “sophisticated” viewer demographic. No really, I’ve been paying very close attention to how far the boundaries are being pushed for reality tv, and it’s coming to the point where they’re all about to “Jump the Shark” and just peter out soon.

              Thank goodness scripted shows have gotten their groove back! The 2007-2008 writer’s strike set the stage for the reality tv explosion to flood tv screens, and to the point where they’ve now they’ve become expensive, with tv personalities with egos and demands as large as legitimate actors, and they’re running out of they’re becoming so outrageous that soon there will be nowhere left to go in terms of storyline or shock value. The collateral damage to real lives, however is going be be horrific.

              1. You are right, reality tv has jumped the shark a while back. I honestly think the Real World was one of the most successful and fascinating one to watch back on the first episode (to me). Before that, I religiously watched Melrose Place, 90210, Golden Girls, Love Boat, Fantasy Island..and that doesn’t even begin to cover the classics (Cheers, Friends, I hope that scripted TV makes enough of a comeback, to force reality shows into at least “trying” for some quality.
                I’ve also said this until I’m blue in the face…Bravo should knock down the fourth wall like they did on MTV and change it up again. It certainly worked for “Deadpool” 🙂

  11. Just wanna say Shannon and heather are one of the most conniving, most evil people on that show! And Tamara does not fall too far behind! Getting upset over viki talking about people, and she the number one gossip queen! Lord forbid if it has anything to do with her she’s quick to jump the gun, but she’s real comfortable to get involved with other gossip as long as it has nothing to do with her! She’s no christian! “Fake” is more like it! Heather on the other hand is an instigating coniving evil witch! Shannon is no better! Get off the show Shannon! I’m glad meaghan called heather out! Bunch of fake old hags!

  12. Tamra, Heather, & Shannon need to go. They are boring & have no story lines. Bring back Jeanna & Lizzie. This show needs a reboot, or viewers will continue to leave.

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