Kelly Bensimon Slams Bethenny Frankel, Says She Will Appear In RHONY Season 6


As we all remember Kelly Bensimon and Bethenny Frankel’s feud on The Real Housewives of New York was epic and it seems even though the two women are no longer on the Bravo show, the feud still lives on. Kelly was spotted in the park in New York chatting with Jason Hoppy, and Bethenny had a lot to say about Kelly in a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live. Now, Kelly is firing back at Bethenny.

During Bethenny’s appearance on WWHL, Andy Cohen asked if she’d ever have Kelly on her talk show. Her response? “I would have Kelly. I mean, I don’t know what for, but I might,” Bethenny said.

“She will not shut up about a TV show that was not even real. I have never said anything about her,” Kelly told In Touch magazine at the Kids Rock! fashion show this week. “I always keep my mouth shut and it’s like, ‘Oh that crazy Kelly…’ I mean I took the wrath from all that, and it’s just really unsettling.”

“We don’t want to hear what she thinks about a fabricated television show that I was actually a part of,” Kelly said“It’s four years ago… she needs to move on!” Kelly insisted they aren’t enemies, but rather “simply cast mates on a TV show that we were paid for.”

Kelly also revealed in an interview with Wetpaint Entertainment that she will be appearing in season 6 of RHONY.

A lot of former Housewives like Jill Zarin and Danielle Staub are getting their own special episodes of Watch What Happens Live, where viewers can really catch up with them one-on-one. Is that something you’d be interested in doing?

You know, I’ve done WWHL, I was there for my fifth book that came out about the Hamptons. But a one-on-one show I don’t think is an opportunity for me.

I mean, I wasn’t even a real Housewife. I was just supposed to be on a couple of episodes, and I ended up staying on for three years. Yes, I was on the show, but no one really saw my personal life. You didn’t see me at home or with my family. I mean, I have a twin brother and no one who watched the show even knew that. I kept my personal life personal.

Season 6 of RHoNY is coming back soon. Will you watch it?

I’m on it! I’m in a couple of scenes with LuAnn. And I love Carole Radziwill. She’s so smart. I like Heather too — she’s a great woman.

How was it filming again?

It was fun. It was a nice opportunity to hang out with Luann and Carole. It was real life. It wasn’t fabricated stuff. No enemies and no kooky craziness. It was great.

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  • laura

    i can not stand kelly bensimon shes so up herself the way she treated bethenny on that boat was awful i HATE her

  • Prettypinkie

    I had always liked Kelly an her crazy talk, But she’s so right about not really not to get to know her an her Family life cuz of all Scripted and Editing that had been done. Bethenny is very Self-centered woman I did like her but after was she had to say about a other House Wife on Bravo was so Disgusting an very Low, I feel very sorry for anyone that thought that Bethenny was their friend or Acquaintance cuz of the fact that she’s very Rude an Bethenny has no right to put down anyone of the House Wife’s it’s just so Low Class an I really thought she wasn’t like that, But Boy was I so Wrong about her, Bethenny sits with Andy talking down about Teresa and now Kelly in the Club House on WWHL is no my kinda thing to watch at all, Bethenny really Turned into her Mother a 100% the person she said she would never do “Ya Right” Bethenny is so her very own Mother what a Shame ………………….

  • Her Mother woke up at midnight and married for nothing. I would say she is nothing like her own Mom.