Kelly Bensimon Says She Was Abused On RHONY


Even though Kelly Bensimon claims she was “systematically bullied” when she appeared on The Real Housewives of New York, the former model revealed she will be making a couple of appearances in the new season of the show. “Ive endured a lot on/off #rhony,” Kelly tweeted. “Noone deserves the abuse ive endured, yet I will always remain positive.”


Do you believe Kelly was abused on RHONY?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Confused

    Clearly she isn’t a smart woman. Why come back to it?!

    • AnotherRHO_Fan

      Clearly, no one in the universe deserves to endure seeing or hearing from Kelly Bensimon EVER again. Go. Away. Scary. Island. Crazy. Woman.

  • Ann

    Come on Kelly. You either need a shrink or to change the one your using. You were so jealous of
    Bethenny. When she fixed the wonderful meal on the ship your ignorance and pettiness soared.
    I don’t think that you were eating candy all the time, as every time that you disappeared into the cabin
    you came back more insane. Perhaps a little snort of something was the reason for your vanishing act.
    Besides the fact that you were reporting to the other shit head Jill all the time.
    And that’s not your apartment with the horse in the city. It’s you exes.
    So immature at the reunion stating to Jill about Alex we’re not talking to her. Please don’t talk if you come
    back all that comes out of it is stupidity.

  • Binky

    Really? That’s how you spell ‘no one’?

  • Melodie

    Kelly obviously has some serious emotional issues. It’s too bad that it had to play out on the reality show. She just makes no sense any time she opens her mouth. I feel bad for her girls. They have to live with the sociopath. Stop complaining kelly you were not abused on the show. I loved it when she kept saying at the reunion she was “Forced by Bravo to go on the Boat trip” and Andy kept correcting her saying no she wasn’t no she wasn’t. She is not well and needs some deep therapy.

  • Kelly, give it a very very long REST! If you were abused, why would you go back on the show? Let’s examine possible reasons: no one is really interested in hiring you for anything else OR you are starved for attention OR you are nuts OR maybe you can find a non-imaginary boyfriend this time OR you just need to go away. Please. Now.

  • Tamara

    It annoys me to no end to hear reality “celebs” make statements such as this. Two reasons: #1-you asked to be a part of this show and no one held a gun to your head to make you do it. This is what you signed up for so suck it up and shut up. #2-If you truly believed what you were saying, you wouldn’t return to the show. You have a choice. That’s all I have to say.