Katie Rost on Her Relationship With Andrew


The newest city of the Housewives franchise seems to be making their mark on drama as the Real Housewives of Potomac have more fuel to the fire. So far throughout this season we have watched cast member Katie Rost’s relationship with her boyfriend Andrew prosper…without an engagement. While she seems to be pushing to walk down the isle again and grow a family with no ring, it seems that progress is being made as she was helping him with renovations. As if trying to get a ring on her finger and philanthropy isn’t enough work she was also Googled by cast member Ashley. In an interview with Bravo’s Daily Dish she talks about her feelings towards this episode, and not apologizing for it!

BravoTV.com: Tell us about surprising Andrew with the renovations. Do you have any regrets about creating the Mrs. Room?

Katie Rost: Sorry, not sorry. I don’t regret at all making an “MRS.” dressing room out of the gym Andrew had in the guest bedroom. His townhouse had nothing of my style in it. He told me to make room for myself, so I did. His house reflects 44 years of single life and should stay exactly as is if he wants to be single. If he wants to be in relationship with me, everything needs to embrace me and what my life is like. I’m not going to pretend I don’t have three kids, a dog and a nanny. No man can join just half of who I am. I wasn’t raised to be satisfied with scraps. I changed a room but I expect the whole house.

BravoTV.com: What was your initial reaction when Ashley told you that she googled you? Do you regret telling the other ladies considering her confrontation with Robyn?

KR: This is another sorry, not sorry. I thought googling a new potential friend and then gossiping about her financial problems as Ashley did with Robyn was a sign that she wasn’t really interested in friendship but in social climbing… which is fine, just good to know and filed accordingly. When a friend builds trust with you and eventually tells you their pains and humiliations, it should happen because that’s the process of establishing friendship. If you look for sh*t, you absolutely will find it on everyone over the age of 15. Friends don’t dig for dirt. They keep your sins under wrap, restore you when you fall and never highlight your garbage or try to have gotcha moments. I find people often highlighting other’s garbage because they have a filthy, funky pile of their own.

BravoTV.com: What do you think about the other ladies’ reactions to your PDA with Andrew?

KR: Sorry, yes I can say sorry for my PDA. Andrew and I were role playing that night because we needed some sexy time while the kids were away. I was feeling like a bad girl in my cat dress and I was channeling Katie of 27. I’m blaming Ashley for that. Her “grab him by the horns and ride” suggestion over dinner had me a little hot and bothered. I think it was a bit much and I did apologize for not using “proper etiquette” or just for being gross. The friends Andrew and I usually hang out with aren’t as uptight. I think I should have behaved like it was a job interview and not a party where I could cut loose and get it in.

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4 Replies to “Katie Rost on Her Relationship With Andrew”

  1. Mercy, this girl is pushy. She’s NOT a “Mrs.” and by the looks of it, won’t be any time soon in spite of her constant begging. She has three babies from last time and should not be so quick to try to jump into another marriage and he’s smart to not be in a hurry to take on that huge responsibility!

    She also should have asked him before taking over his workout room, because it’s not her house.

    And laying all over each other in public seemed quite desperate for attention.

    I think Katie is way too hung up on social climbing and much more interested in the man’s income and status than in the man himself. I hope he gets away from her.

  2. You know wat I luv ,wen she claims to be such a great mom, yet the kids prefer the Nanny or how classy she is yet she behaved like a horny teen then jumps in the b/day girls present (car) & tells her F/off .I think she seems to want this white Jewish guy because they usually can earn some decent coin for her to be kept according to the manner she seems to think she is so deserving of & she is pretty but nothing to impressive tat I’ve seen about her. Wait I take tat Bac she is one persistent nagger & she seems self entitled ,self indulgence and only cares about social climbing & seems more like a bubble brain but wat really stands out to me that blew my mind away is when she said andrew never had the “the pleAsure seeing her pregnant & tat it’s a real joy ” lmao I’m like did she really just say tat w/a straight face omg I was rolling on the flooring laughing , I think Katie thinks if she gives him enough of a wild sex life he he is going to give up & buy tat ring which she’ll prob insist on a 10krt & up & if it isn’t she would take it Bac & exchange it for & even bigger 1 ,behind his Bac of course lol I just luv it when these chicks go on & on about their this & tat or proclaim somthing & tat camera catches then doin the exact opposite oh my gosh too funny

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