Katie Rost: Gizelle Amused the Hell Out of Me

Katie Roast

The Real Housewives of Potomac made their TV debut last night. While we finally got to see what the secretive and etiquette proper city has to offer, fans are getting much more. Katie Rost spoke with Bravo as she dished on her marriage plans, and the ladies manners at the party.

Bravotv.com: What does being a ball and gala girl include (besides “prom on crack”)?

Katie Rost: I became a ball and gala girl at 11-years-old when my mom took me to Neiman Marcus to get my first REAL ball gown. I was already 5’7″ and gone was the juniors section for Katie. I remember standing on a raised platform surrounded by mirrors, a tailor fitting the gown – fussing over me. I was hooked for life! Taking off my plaid school uniform and slipping into something fabulous was transformative for me.

From that day onward, I was often my mother’s date during ball and gala season. I was wild for the over-the-top lavishly themed affairs, the sensual ambiance created by the food and music. A truly exceptional ball/gala environment takes you to a world that is not the same as the one you left before you walked in.

The impact of these events goes beyond the sensual beauty. They raise millions and millions for the arts, youth, health and various causes and institutions. It’s…kind of a big deal.

My favorites are very special for me and something I anticipate all year because they support the arts. At the Phillips Collection Gala, lavish flower arrangements drape the tables set throughout the museum and art is within reach as you dine while proceeds benefit local education programs for children. The last Wolf Trap Ball was a partnership with the Italian Embassy, taking us all into appreciation of the best of Italian culture while raising over a million dollars for arts education and community programs. I love Balls and Galas…

Bravotv.com: Tell us about your relationship with Andrew. How did you meet and what did you think of his answer to your marriage question at dinner: “slow and steady wins the race?”

KR: My mom actually introduced me to Andrew and very much encouraged our relationship – she even gave him my number. They belong to the same golf club in Potomac and my mom had probably vetted Andrew as having husband potential. He’s single, Jewish, good looking, comes from good family and is a very elegant man. His only bad qualities are being golf obsessed (kind of annoying) and being like escape artist Houdini when marriage is brought up (super annoying).

I don’t understand why Andrew thinks slow and steady wins the race. I’ll be 80 if I don’t keep the pressure on him. Andrew has been very slow and steady for all the years he was waiting for me to show up in his life. Now I’m here and he should grab it and lock it down. When you want something, take possession before someone else does in my opinion.

Bravotv.com What are your thoughts on Gizelle and Charrisse’s friction before the crab boil?

KR: It’s hard to be a hostess! Even for the best hostess in Potomac: Mrs. Charrisse Jackson Jordan.

Hopefully from now on when Gizelle offers to “help” an auto correct will come to mind to interpret it like so: Gizelle says “help” (updated meaning: Gizelle is going to come to your house snoop through your drawers, try get the inside gossip out of the housekeeper and suggest your hair is looking kinda beat). Not the best help for a hostess welcoming guests, but I admit Gizelle amused the hell out of me with her trouble-making self.

Bravotv.com: What do you think about birthday-etiquette confrontation between Gizelle and Karen?

KR: Karen soooooo reminded me of my mom in the way she addressed the etiquette situation with Gizelle. Karen is always elegant when chastising. And she is so serious about making etiquette faux pas KNOWN. I’m assuming the ettiquette list ended up in the trash and Gizelle just saved the mirrored frame which probably now holds a fabulous picture of…who else…Gizelle.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

  • Judge Judy

    I think Karen and Charisse just looked like bozos by lecturing Gizelle on etiquette while being amazingly ignorant and rude themselves. Sitting upstairs getting pampered while a friend is stuck cooking and greeting guests, really? And handing someone a mirror with a list of rules of etiquette on it, after showing up thirty minutes late and expecting a guest to give up their seat, really? That’s no good manners I’ve ever heard of!

    And, Katie started going to balls at age eleven? I was not aware of very formal events including children but then, as I said, I’m not sure these women know much about class anyway. Most people who do don’t yammer on about it nonstop and they certainly don’t consider it good etiquette to correct others on their etiquette.

    When Katie has three kids under four years old by someone else, I don’t blame the boyfriend for not being eager to marry her. That’s a whole lot to take on! Also, it seems a bit soon for that, nothing like her statement that if she doesn’t push him she’ll be eighty before he asks her.

    Not sure what to think of RHOP yet.

  • patricia

    So far I like Gizelle. She seems more down to earth. I think she is the 1 with the real pedigree & the others just married into it. She doesn’t need advice from Karen or Charisee or anyone else. Can’t believe how they both treated Gizelle. They need to learn how to behave & use good manners. They were horrible.

  • Duchess of Wienerschintzel

    Andy looked gay to me, maybe Katie would make a good shiksa beard