Katie Rost Confronts Gizelle Bryant, Karen Huger Boils Clashes With Ashley Darby


This week on the Real Housewives of Potomac the drama between Gizelle Bryant and Katie Rost took a turn when Gizelle confronted Katie about her strange behavior at Ashley Darby’s party. But what Gizelle wasn’t expecting was the wrath of Katie after the confrontation, because Rost was not backing down to Bryant.

During a fun photo shoot, Rost said, “I think Gizelle is a bottom b*tch. I think that’s what you call them.”

After the shoot, Katie asked Gizelle if she had time to talk.

“Katie, I know you like the ladies, but could you have just waited?” Gizelle vented in her interview. “Trying to look at all my goods…”

Katie pulled Gizelle aside and said, “I just kind of wanted to finish up our conversation from this morning. You kind of interjected yourself into my life in an inappropriate way and I didn’t feel that that was respectful to me. Especially to do it in front of everybody. I’m not a little girl. I don’t like being treated like that. It’s not okay and I’m not going to be cute about it. For you to bring up my parenting skills or anything about the kind of person I am, for you to call that into question, I didn’t think that was fair.”

“I didn’t say anything about your parenting skills,” Gizelle responded.

“Well, you’re saying things that are disparaging to my character,” Rost continued. “And that can’t ever happen again.”

Gizelle told the cameras, “I have never seen this side of Katie. Typically she’s just giggles and smiles, but right now she is all business.”

“If you wanted to talk to be you should have come direct,” Katie told Gizelle. “I don’t want there to be bad feelings between us, but you need to know where I’m coming from and I heard what you had to say, but I don’t want to hear anymore.”

More drama ensued when Ashley Darby’s husband Michael showed up on the women’s trip, which didn’t go over well with Karen Huger. While Ashley didn’t care if Karen was uncomfortable about Michael being there, the two ladies still argued over the topic.

Ashley didn’t seem to understand why the women would be upset why Michael was interrupting “girl time,” but Charrisse and Karen explained they were upset with the way she handled the situation. They explained to her that Ashley kicked the women to the side when her husband arrived.

“Look, Ashley,” Karen said. “I clearly am not comfortable and you said to me, ‘I don’t care.’ That speaks volumes to me. I’m just doing a note to mother*ckin’ self. I’m letting you know right now that’s how I roll It’ll never happen again.”

Karen reiterated to Ashley she won’t be coming back to her beach house. Gizelle explained to Ashley’s husband Michael that this confrontation was not meant to be disrespectful to him, that the ladies were just looking for a girl’s trip.

“This is why you don’t take in strays,” Huger told the cameras. “They piss all over your carpet anyway.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo