Katie Rost Admits her Relationship With Andrew Isn’t Perfect


Katie Rost is dishing about the RHOP reunion in a new interview with Bravo. She talks about her relationship with Andrew and her ongoing feud with Gizelle Bryant. Rost admits that her relationship with Andrew isn’t perfect and also shares her thought about the infamous biracial debate.

Bravotv.com: What were you thinking when Andy pointed out your lack of engagement ring?
Katie Rost:
I was fresh from handing the engagement ring back to Andrew. Sitting on that stage without him somewhere in the wings giving me support was scary and looking down and not having my engagement ring of course made me very sad and made me emotional. I love Andrew and our relationship isn’t perfect. Sometimes you have to step back in a relationship. I don’t want to speed into marriage and have it not work out once again. He did give me the ring back once I got back from New York. He told me the ring represents his promise to always be there for me and the kids as he has in the past. I thought that was a lovely gesture.

Bravotv.com: Tell us about your gala beef with Karen and her saying her comment about Andrew’s “missing digit.” What was going through your mind when she said this?
I don’t think Karen and I had a gala beef. The fact is, I didn’t know Ray asked her to scale back her event. I thought she was having a gala, which she did not. I can understand scaling back. I moved the date of my event which was wise. I think Karen was hurt by knowing that Andrew had said some snarky things about her. But Andrew certainly knows Karen and I think he was trying to be funny and inclusive when we were hanging with Ashley and Michael. He made a joke. That’s fairly harmless really. Karen caught a lot of heat about her physical appearance on social media. I think it was a cheap shot to attack Andrew for losing his finger in a car accident right after talking about being hurt by other people’s comments about her physical shortcomings. It was a lame deflection.

Bravotv.com: Tell us about calling Gizelle out on gossiping about her blog and calling her a “chihuahua on crack.” What were you thinking as she denied being a gossip?
What people don’t realize is that Gizelle picks fights with and lies about everybody in an attempt to cover up her shortcomings. I can’t believe a woman would ever speak about her ex-husband on television the way she has talked about Jamal hiding his salami. To say that about the father of your children is gross and tacky, even if it’s true. To opine on Charrisse’s marriage was evil and it seemed like she had an agenda to breakdown her friend and make fun of her rather than care for her. To call Ashley a whore and a slurring drunk, yet another nasty deflection from a mean spirited woman. I could go on and on. Nothing she does shows that she knows what being a friend even is.

Bravotv.com: Tell us about your clash with Gizelle and Robyn about race and what are your thoughts on how heated the conversation got?
Self – appointed race czar Gizelle actually said to me that half of my family hates me because I’m black and they are white. A totally racist, hateful, stupid thing to say. Very offensive. This woman goes on and on about her pride in her father and she NEVER talks about her mother, which is strange. Well I’m proud of both my mother and my father and I celebrate them both all the time. Racism is Gizelle’s badge of honor and she certainly wears it every day– it’s a bad look that has gone out of style just like her cheap 90’s lingerie. Maybe she should stop processing her hair and free her afro like me and Ashley. Stop hiding under the bleach bottle and the green eye contacts and deflecting by talking about everybody but you, no one is buying it anymore sweetie.

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  • PJ

    Katie, honey, grow up. High school was many years ago.

    • duffs

      My thoughts exactly! jShe has that high-school-mean-girl thing down, which was bad enough in high school but as an adult it’s just like… womp womp, one of those still living in her glory days *in her head*

  • Aunt Bee

    OMG these women are more vicious and catty than on any other RH franchise. Glad I decided not to watch after first episode.

  • Lola`

    I LOVE Katie! She is my new favorite housewife. I hope the shows comes back for another season.

  • duffs

    Lola, Katie is my least favorite but I agree with you on coming back next season. Just maybe Bravo can show them doing things that make them a little more likeable and a lot less pretentious!