Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz Answer Doubters of Their Marriage

As we are seeing on the current season of Vanderpump Rules, Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney-Schwartz had some major up and downs on the road to their wedding day.

During a recent appearance on WWHL, the couple had to see viewers vote on if their marriage was going to last. The results came back with the viewers voting 83 percent “no” as opposed to 17 percent for “yes.”

The Daily Dish caught up with the newlywed couple to find out how they feel about the viewers response in the poll.

“I expected people to say that,” Katie said. “I’ve been seeing all kinds of nonsense. We know when we wake up everyday with each other, we’re gonna be on our rocking chairs being like, ‘Remember when all those people didn’t believe in us?’ We really are in it for the long haul.”

Tom looks at it from the perspective of the viewers and says “It’s tough to be objective, but I would probably vote 60 [percent]/40 [percent]; from that episode I would say 60 percent.”

Katie agreed with Tom adding, “The thing is in any relationship, there’s stuff that goes on behind closed doors and also on Vanderpump Rules, unfortunately you don’t see every minute of our lives. You see a fraction of our relationship, but it is still very much the reality of our relationship. I don’t disagree with the things that people say, but we know our relationship better than that. But I’m not shocked.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

Tina Cerami

Tina Cerami

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  • They were smart to own the fact that what is put out on the tv show, doesn’t make it look like they are a happy lasting couple. She said they will be on rocking chairs laughing about how everyone doubted them, but if they are watching reruns of their show, while on those rocking chairs, they should be able to see why 😀

  • Cin

    I think Tom needs someone to take charge and rule the roost

  • moriah

    it’s kind of a classic co-dependent relationship pattern: the tyrant and the wimp.
    co-dependent’s always stay together no matter what so they will stay together..

  • Momto3

    Marriage is hard enough without having it aired on television (I know, it’s their choice). I don’t like when Andy does polls like that. I hope they last forever if they are both happy. If they don’t, I won’t be laughing or saying “I told you so”.

    • nycbunny

      I don’t like when Andy does polls like that either; it’s just mean. That whole episode was AWKWARD as hell.

  • Real Sandy⛱

    We should have a poll of Andy. Will Andy and his young bf (28 y.o if he is still with him) last? Yes or No.
    I heard, if this is true, (I heard this from someone else) that some time ago, Kelly Ripa tried to set up Anderson Cooper and Andy on a date. Anderson has a rule (if this is true) that if a man asks about his mother (Gloria Vanderbilt) on a date, he is immediately history. Apparently that is what Andy did, so that was the end of the date.
    Well Andy and Anderson…would be a stupid as a couple anyway…names are too similar. Oh, Andy, when will you ever learn. He is all about the gossip.