Katie Maloney-Schwartz Talks Owning Mistakes and Social Media Hate

Viewers of Vanderpump Rules know that despite having her wedding aired this season, it wasn’t all good for Katie Maloney-Schwartz. Between fighting with her fiance, her feud with Lala and the negative attention on social media, it wasn’t as glamorous as it may have appeared.

On The Daily Dish podcast, Katie admitted, “I got pretty much slaughtered for the last year. All summer was tough. Social media this whole season has not been fun.”

Schwartz, who was on the podcast with her, said people on social media have gone so far as to compare Katie to Hitler and have told her to kill herself. “Even having thick skin, eventually that gets to you,” Katie admitted.

When asked by the hosts if the reunion this year was tough, Katie said, “Because I endured so much [negativity], by the time the reunion came around, I was like, ‘I can handle pretty much anything.’ It was the time to speak the final words and sort of put the period at the end of it and just put it to bed.”

She also said the reunion was an opportunity to own her mistakes. “It wasn’t fun the entire time, but I had to really swallow my pride and truthfully own some of my actions. I couldn’t defend everything. It was my time to address all of those things, and I think I did.”

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2 Replies to “Katie Maloney-Schwartz Talks Owning Mistakes and Social Media Hate”

  1. I iwll believe it when I see it. Would never compare Katie to Hitler or tell her to kill herself, but she was truly behaving badly and showed no remorse–just kept justifying and deflecting.

  2. The wedding was beautiful…. Hopefully after she watches herself this season she will be more careful with her actions. Schwartz is a sweetie.

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