Katie Maloney-Schwartz Reveals Most Shocking Vanderpump Rules Reunion Moment

Scheana and Mike Shay came face-to-face at the Vanderpump Rules season five reunion after ending their marriage and the cast was shocked by how awkward their face-off was.

“None of us knew what to expect. He totally cut himself off from all of us and in some ways understandably. So mostly we wanted Scheana and Shay to have the floor and to talk and work it out. So we all just kind of sat there,” Katie Maloney-Schwartz told the Daily Dish. “I think both of them had some hard time articulating some things, but it was definitely the most quiet … But ultimately it was good but that was really tense moment.”

The couple announced their divorce in November, sharing the news after a little over two years of marriage, and viewers were given a glimpse inside their decision to split during the Vanderpump Rules season 5 finale. And Tom Schwartz admits the moment was definitely heavy. “To try and hash that out in that setting, I just felt so bad for them,” he said. “It was really uncomfortable.”

And Katie teased there will be a moment that surprises viewers. “You’re gonna see how it all happens, but there was a moment there. I don’t think anyone was expecting that — myself included. Things needed to be said and addressed and squashed,” Katie said.

Katie also admitted that she never really wanted to be in a feud with a former SUR hostess. “I don’t have enemies. I don’t like animosity. I don’t like walking around feeling that there’s somebody who wishes ill on me. And I’m not gonna start now. So it took some time and some space to kind of come to terms with that, ’cause obviously last summer I was nowhere near willing to forgive her, and I didn’t want to see her or even talk to her just because I was emotionally and mentally not there. I was busy planning the wedding and just didn’t want anything to do with it. But a lot of time has passed and there’s been a lot of meditating on the thing, on the matter.”

Watch the trailer below:

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7 Replies to “Katie Maloney-Schwartz Reveals Most Shocking Vanderpump Rules Reunion Moment”

  1. Katie is just a horrible human being. Cant blame edit. Was she bad all the time there was so much footage on her poor display of decency? Poor Schwartzy.

  2. Really Katie, you don’t like enemies? Then why do you start so much crap about so many? Why are you always running off in a fit of rage after starting a fight?
    You talk bad about more than a few, and honestly, I think you are jealous. Yes, you even said that you know you are not so happy with your weight, and then some gorgeous girl comes along, and you freak that maybe your Tom might have glanced at her. I would say that you have been very insecure about your relationship with Bubby Bubba Shwartzy or whatever you call him for years. You had to give him an ultimatum to get him to propose, and now you are hitched (ball and chain?) Do you think putting a ring on it makes you feel better now. Now you can be nice to Lala, because you are hitched? Is it safer to be around her now?
    You are so transparent. You are a jealous b…tch and a witch. I feel sorry for Schwartz. You act like a domineering top with him. When not put a collar and a leash on him?
    I am definitely no fan of Lala either, but she was treated like an outcast by the mean girl clique.

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