Katie Maloney-Schwartz Reacts to Cheating Rumors

I was shocked when Tom Schwartz was accused of cheating on Katie Maloney-Schwartz again during this season of Vanderpump Rules. Now, Katie is reacting to possible infidelity, saying she’s “really devastated.”

Katie shares that the hardest part of everything was the fact that they had gotten past issues like when they married in August 2016.

“It was just disappointing that we had been in such a good place. I mean, we went to hell and back before we got married, and essentially we’d had to burn our relationship to the ground, and once we had gotten married we’d really recommitted and were on such a good path together that I just would never have expected to hear that,” Katie told Us Weekly. “And then there was also some doubts in my mind, too, of the legitimacy of the story, just wondering why Lala [Kent] was bringing it up. So there was just kind of a combination of, like, a lot of things, and mostly a lot of embarrassment.”

Katie went on to say that Tom still “does not recall anything and could not even pick this girl out of a crowd.” She also said that she believes that Tom genuinely doesn’t remember anything happening with this woman.

But she is not giving her husband a free pass. “I don’t think cheating is OK. I don’t condone it. I don’t recommend it, but I think it’s something that unfortunately happens even to the best people,” Katie said. “And people can make really bad decisions and hurt people when they didn’t want to. But, I think if you have a realistic outlook on just the unfortunate things that happen, you know, there’s no such thing as happily ever after. And relationships are hard work and we are human and flawed individuals. So, I think as much as it’s not easy to deal with, I think it’s something that is realistic and if you can be open to that, I think you can handle it better. But it’s not about OKing it and just slapping the wrist. It’s discretion that obviously lasts for some time. But that’s just how I do it.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo