Katie Maloney On Scheana Shay’s Divorce: None Of Us Saw It Coming


Katie Maloney and her husband Tom Schwartz are the latest to react to Scheana Shay announcing her divorce from her husband Mike and Katie says that none of them saw it coming.

“She has been very strong and very mature about it all,” Katie told The Daily Dish, with her husband Tom Schwartz adding, “I think both of them have.”

Katie said their friends have really rallied together during this time. “None of us saw it coming. I don’t think that even she did,” Katie said. “I think it just got to a point where it was just the best decision for the both of them. And she has a very healthy perspective on it. And I just have been trying to encourage her and be there for her emotionally or just to kind of distract her, keep her busy just having fun.” But, Katie notes, Scheana is “handling it very well on her own, I will say.”

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20 Replies to “Katie Maloney On Scheana Shay’s Divorce: None Of Us Saw It Coming”

  1. Really. She never saw it coming. No one did? They must all be oblivious to a lot. Then again Katie seems to think her hubby Tom wanted to marry her and he did, but to me it seemed like he was forced into it and had more than cold feet. I guess only time will tell how long their marriage lasts. Katie seems to rule in that arrangement.

      1. I think her weight fluctuates. These shows are not new, and she looks thinner in more recent pictures, like the one above. I used to think she looked pregnant too.

  2. She should be more concerned about her future divorce . Watching them last night was awkward and just plain sad. I thought he was being difficult when they went to the wedding venue . Katie was her typical victim obnoxious self at the Porsche dealership . She does NOT listen and it’s all about her entitlements to being heard, understood, obeyed

    Tom and Ariana trying to be romantic on their date was a bit creepy. There is something about that girl that I can’t put on finger on , but I don’t like it. And using her brother as an excuse to why they’re not having sex anymore is baloney. When you want to, you find a way. They’re in trouble but they don’t know it

    1. Rain, I KNOW…that was awkward embarrassing on WWHL.lol. They do seem like comfortable best friends, but he does have to agree with her constantly to keep the peace. The most embarrassing thing was watching them see the overwhelming poll results that they probably won’t make it…gulp!

      1. Within 2 seasons Katie went from being the sweet girl to a mean girl. However ,she’s never been nice to Schwartz. I don’t think she know how to be in a relationship without being in total control . She has zero emotional awareness…He’s a sweet man but he needs to find his balls

    1. I agree, between Scheana’s weight loss and nose job, plus colored eye contacts, she hardly looks the same. At least she admitted that she looks a little crazy from all of her Botox. I thought she looked much prettier when her hair was in a pony tail with very little make up at the lunch scene.

  3. 1. I can hardly look at this girl because of that damn nose ring. And yes Rain… COWS is the perfect description.
    2. This marriage won’t last. Tom is TERRIFIED of her and for the life of me, the only reason I can come up with is that Tom has huge Mommy issues and transferred that over to that angry jealous little girl he married. I don’t even know what he sees in her quite frankly.
    3. If none of them saw Sheanna and Shay’s divorce coming, then they all need to grow up and get a dose of real life. It was doomed from the start, as is Tom and Katie’s.
    4. All of these little kids on this show need a smack upside the head.
    5. Jax needs to stop with the coke.

    1. TY GIGICAT about the awful nose ring. I hate those on anyone. It is plain old sickening. They were both rude and inconsiderate to the staff at the venue. God, why would those 2 even be together, much less getting married? He thinks she’s keeping the cost below $30,000? Bad, bad, bad way to start, if it wasn’t BAD enough already.
      Sheana was pretty for her first season, I mean, IMO, really pretty. If she would let nature take it’s course, she might still be pretty. She looks like a huge plastic doll.
      Jax is just disgusting, always was. His GF has to ASK him to shower? That says it all.
      And James. Honey, NO ONE believes that you didn’t hook up with the girl, are you seriously kidding. You are the biggest liar since Viki. AND Tom, James DID deserve to be fired. Many, many times.

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