Katie Maloney On Scheana Shay’s Divorce: None Of Us Saw It Coming


Katie Maloney and her husband Tom Schwartz are the latest to react to Scheana Shay announcing her divorce from her husband Mike and Katie says that none of them saw it coming.

“She has been very strong and very mature about it all,” Katie told The Daily Dish, with her husband Tom Schwartz adding, “I think both of them have.”

Katie said their friends have really rallied together during this time. “None of us saw it coming. I don’t think that even she did,” Katie said. “I think it just got to a point where it was just the best decision for the both of them. And she has a very healthy perspective on it. And I just have been trying to encourage her and be there for her emotionally or just to kind of distract her, keep her busy just having fun.” But, Katie notes, Scheana is “handling it very well on her own, I will say.”

Photo Credit: Bravo