Kathy Wakile’s Son Joseph In Car Accident


On New Year’s Eve, RHONJ star Kathy Wakile has confirmed that her son Joseph was in a car accident while the rest of the family was moving into their new home in Franklin Lakes, NJ. Kathy explains that Joseph swerved to miss a deer, but ended up hitting a tree.

“The Jeeps roll, so he rolled it over,” Kathy told the Daily Dish. “He climbed out and got out, thankfully, without a scratch. And the deer was safe and Joseph was safe. And we met every rescue worker in the neighborhood and they were so wonderful. And they welcomed us to the neighborhood with a quick response and made sure everything is OK and, thankfully, he’s OK. What a way to end an old year.”

But Joseph isn’t feeling nervous about getting back behind the wheel. “We made him drive that evening, As soon as we knew he was OK, we made him get back in the car right away,” she said. “He’s a good driver; he’s a great driver and [there’s] no sense in making him get hung up on it.”

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  1. Where I live there are a lot of deer, we hit one in my husbands big four wheel drive on our way up to the hospital. He was having an operation, I had to drive the car 60 miles home with the parking sensors going off every two minutes. The deer leg had pierced right through the front grill and the car was in for two weeks being repaired.
    He was very lucky he got out of that car without being injured. I think out of choice I would have hit the deer rather than a lamppost!! Good he drove again straight away!

    1. I live where there is a lot of deer as well. Thank God, I have never hit one. But when I have had to drive early in the morning or at night I think about them (deer) and keep my fingers crossed. There is always dead deer along the roads. I’m glad neither you or your husband was hurt Sally. 🙂

  2. The Jeeps like he drove do roll over. Now is time for a safer vehicle. The deer are everywhere around here, and where they live in Franklin Lakes, there are also occasional bears. Hitting a tree and walking away is a miracle. It would be safer to hit the deer than a tree, if you want to survive. That is true. Of course, we all try to avoid them, but steer away from trees. My old friend from h.s. nearly killed me when we were young when her car spun out of control when she tried to avoid a cat on a high speed highway. She just hit her brakes…crazy. I actually saw the cat before her but knew she was going too fast to avoid it and would freak out…and she did.

  3. Honestly, I’ve always loved the look of a classic Jeep, but I’ll be darned if I haven’t always been scared to drive one for long periods of time because if their reputation for flipping over. Thank goodness her son was spared serious injury.

    1. I had a red one when we lived in Dubai but once I had my daughter it had to go, I loved it and it was such fun but so impracticable. Great for the beach and the sand dunes though!!

      1. Jeep Wrangler driver here….love it!! Never been afraid of it flipping, but I’m a responsible 4×4 driver! Been perfect for us Texsans digging out of 11 inches of snow! I hope to drive one till I can’t climb it one anymore…lol!!

        1. When you see Range Rovers coming towards you with what looks like no driver, then you see who is driving and it’s a child, a local, you want something much more stable and solid so I’m afraid I joined the ranks of Range Rovers, luckily a friend was going home so I bought his off him, I don’t know if they are safer but I felt safer in it with my Daughter in her carry cot, (they were no baby seats then for very young babies). On saying all of that with the original jeep there was nothing nicer than driving up and down sand dunes, Wadi bashing a great day out!

  4. Those darn deer. I see them when we are in Tahoe and I’m driving back from Carson up the hill. Absolutely beautiful creatures. I’ve never hit one tho. My dad hit one when we were all packed in a station wagon driving to Canada on vacation in the 1960’s. It was brutal. We all cried. I have a Jeep in Newport Beach that I drive but I drive to knitting, and grocery store and don’t drive at night but I also drive like a little old lady WHICH I AM NOT, but I drive like one. Too many idiots on bicycles there and God forbid they follow the rules.

  5. A teenaged boy in my town was killed a few years back when he avoided hitting a deer. It is sad, and there are so many deer. You are to brake and not swerve drastically.

    1. None of us want to kill an animal but at times it has to be. What sort of deer do you get? Here it’s the Roe Deer so very small. When we hit one we didn’t even see it, if it had been my car I would but not in the big four wheel drive.

      1. We have white tailed deer here. They can be very large at up to 200 lbs and stand to around 6 feet tall on their hind legs to reach the tree branches and shrubs they want to eat. Their racks are quite large on many deer too. Sometimes when deer are starving they may appear smaller, with the males the largest in size compared to the smaller females. https://njaes.rutgers.edu/pubs/fs1202/white-tailed-deer.asp

        1. Roe deer are around 22kgs and the smallest of deer found in UK. They are very shy so don’t come into the gardens much. The large Red Deer are usually found in the Islands and Highlands. Although where I was born in Richmond there are a huge population in Richmond Park. Roe deer are around the height of a Labrador dog. So much much smaller than your big beasts!! Thanks Sandyxoxo

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