Kathy Wakile’s Cookbook WILL Be Released


Rumors have been circulating the web that Kathy Wakile’s book may not be published due to her decreased role on The Real Houeswives of New Jersey. But RumorFix’s Real. Mr Housewife has the scoop, and he says these reports are completely untrue. The site has obtained the cover to Kathy’s book, which they report is confirmation the book has a set release date. The book feature Kathy’s dessert recipes, many of which have been seen on the show. RF reports that Kathy will likely go on a book tour after its release.

Photo Credit: RumorFix


5 Replies to “Kathy Wakile’s Cookbook WILL Be Released”

  1. It shouldn’t really matter if Kathy has a role on the show or not. Making desserts has been something she seems to always have enjoyed doing. And if she’s really good at it, and I think she is, then she has the ability to create a quality dessert book for people who want to enjoy the recipes. So, good for her, I hope she has great success with it.

  2. i cannot wait to get this 🙂 I love her and it makes me sad with the changes they are making 🙁 lost a viewer because I have no need to watch the Teresa Guidice (or whatever) show. Leave Caroline Kathy Rosie Melissa and Rosie and lose Teresa and Dina and youd have a great show

  3. Let me guess. St. Martin’s Press. If they’ll publish Gorga’s written in crayon piece of garbage, then they’ll publish this yawn fest.

  4. I’m very happy for Kathy! I wish happiness & plenty of success! Kathy is still one of my favorite housewives! Best of luck to her & family.

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