Kathy Wakile


“If you can’t take the heat, get out of my kitchen!”

“We’re old-school, we believe in respect!”

“People say that I’m sweet, but I’m tough, so don’t cross me.”

Birthday: October 4th, 1965
Sign: Libra

Kathy Wakile, Italian-American Jersey mother, sister, daughter, and wife, has been busy since last season developing her hobbies into a career, while still keeping her family the priority. Juggling home, work, and family she manages to find time for other activities that are close to her heart, which is why her Goddess Eye jewelry line gives a portion of sales to the National Brain Tumor Society and The Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation, to help raise brain tumor awareness.

Kathy’s national best-selling dessert cook book Indulge: Delicious Little Desserts That Keep Life Real Sweet has inspired her dessert line, Indulge By Kathy Wakile, to expand from the cannoli kit to gluten-free, speciality coffees and more! Bingo is an old family favorite that’s new again which is why Kathy is also proud to have partnered with Pala Interactive on PalaBingoUSA.com, to help promote 90-Ball Bingo as the brand ambassador.

Kathy lives with her loving Lebanese husband of 25 years, Rich, and their two children, Victoria, 22, and Joseph, 20, in a home they recently designed and built in Franklin Lakes. Despite all the changes in the last year, Kathy lives life to the fullest and continues to have a positive approach to all things she is involved in.  She is a “housewife” in every sense of the word, effortlessly balancing responsibilities and being grateful for everything and everyone that enters her life.

2 Replies to “Kathy Wakile”

  1. You’ve come so far in living your dream of your love of baking but the one thing that ruins the whole picture of you is the word BUT!!!!!!!!! the way you say it Ba! takes away from all you’ve achieved it makes a person sound like they are dumb! I hate it, get some speach therapy to help with that and many more people help you take your dream farther ! Sorry it sounds so mean but i hope you can think about it PLease!

    1. If a pronunciation of a word takes away everything that a person has accomplished then you’re nothing but a stupid moron. people like you need to get a life because you’re obviously spending too much time that you got to the point where you get annoyed by someones pronunciation of a common word.

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