Kathy Wakile On The True Meaning Of A Real Housewife

Former RHONJ star Kathy Wakile is speaking out about what life is like after being on the show in a new interview. Kathy had a lot to say about how she thought the term housewife was used literally, not as an aspiring entrepreneur.

“I don’t give a sh*t. I’m wearing it for who I am, what makes me comfortable,” she told Broadly. “As you can see, I dressed up for you today. I put makeup on. That’s a big deal.”

So in Kathy’s mind what is the difference between a Real Housewife and a Housewife? “Housewife means a woman who stays at home, a stay-at-home mom—the woman that takes care of everything in the house. A domestic engineer, I guess you could call it,” she said. “The whole pop-culture, TV persona thing of [the Real] Housewife is completely different.”

She continued, “It’s a wannabe socialite. You wanna see your name on E! News, or you wanna open up one of those tabloids and see your face: ‘Who wore it better?'”

During the day, Kathy pointed out, she cooks and cleans, whereas on the Real Housewives franchise “nobody is doing laundry,” she said. “I have laundry to do!” She held up her hands, which had perfect French tips. “I have the hands to prove it. Dishwasher hands are real, and they exist in Franklin Lakes.”

Kathy says she quit the show and when asked about her relationship with her famous cousin Teresa Giudice she said things were good, but when her husband Rich walked in the room, he had a different response. “You should do a story on how people are stupid and commit crimes on TV… Does Bravo make these women do an IQ test?” he said, before Kathy told him to stop talking.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Kathy is desperate to extend her fifteen minutes so she can see herself vying for ‘who wears it better’ even though she would come in last. Included in HER definition of housewife is being subservient to a husband like Rich.
Sorry Kathy your time is up

kathy is just resentful she is no longer a paid full time housewife. hope she wasn’t relying on her bravo salary to pay for her new mansion. the premise of the show was to follow the lives of rich glamorous houewives. Kathy did not fit into that lifestyle as she admitted herself. she is just ur oridnary housewife. if she didn’t want to keep up w the image the show projected then it’s her own fault for signing up.

Yes – the the “housewife” is used very loosely in this case for sure. On many of the RHW shows, the women are not even married IE: RHWOA