Kathy Wakile Takes A Break From The Hate On Social Media


Just as the premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is approaching, Kathy Wakile took to her Facebook page to announce that she is taking a break from the hate!

“Taking a break from posting!! Y’all have to much hateful comments without knowing the facts! Just because I chose to share my life with y’all doesn’t give you the right to trash, bash and judge my every move without knowing the facts!” Kathy wrote. “Y’all take beautiful moments and make them dirty, hateful & into something disrespectful!!. For those who have kind & loving comments to share Thank you & I LOVE YOU ALL!!”

Kathy has been using Twitter and Instagram to update fans on the progress of her new home and her son’s graduation.


Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Kyle

    Won’t miss ya Kathy!

  • Aunt Bee

    I understand how you feel. I always thought you and Caroline were the only two on that show that were decent and level headed. You brought your kids up to be respectful. I will miss you both and have decided to no longer watch the train wreck in New Jersey. Good luck to you Kathy and God Bless.

  • Ann

    You have got to be kidding Aunt Bee. Caroline is lower than low. She just used the show to
    promote her own agenda. Number one being her children who have as much ambition as a
    snail. Actually, Christopher actually did work.
    But is seems Albie is the one Mama wanted to succeed . I would hate to be standing next to her
    when the bus rolled by.

  • JD

    Kathy should direct this to her husband who is expert at spewing hate, making nasty comments/tweets and then hastily deleting them before he is “caught”. When questioned about it at the reunion, she defended him. Yet, alot that comes out of his mouth is unprovoked, i.e. his derogatory comments towards Victoria’s friends at the cafeteria referencing their weight. P.S. Victoria was not exactly waif-like herself at the time.

  • Aunt Bee

    Ann every housewife on every show is promoting something. The last show of Orange County was one big commercial. They are all the same.

  • ceebee

    I like Kathy. But I still won’t be watching RHONJ. I just can’t abide Teresa and Juicy Joe.

    • One Rotten Egg

      I agree with you. Kathy always seemed to be nice and caring and the “reasonable” one when trying to diffuse situations. Carolyn also was the voice of reason. Don’t know why so many people hate on them. Must have been The Fraudice’s fans.

  • leah

    I loved Kathy and Rosie…….

  • Aunt Bee

    Dear one Rotten Egg: I think you are right about the Fraudices and that is why I no longer watch – also Dina is a piece of work. This show no longer has any redeeming value to me.

  • Shut up Kathi and stick another crap desert in your mouth! You are as passive aggressive as your “family”you bore everyone to tears, your book didn’t sell 100 copies despite a national TV Marketinf platform and your alleged bond with your children is unhealthy and desperate. GO AWAY honestly the world will go on without hearing from you! STFUP