Kathy Wakile Speaks Out About Gia Giudice’s Involvement In Gorga Family Feud!


In the premiere of Season 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey we saw Teresa and Joe Giudice’s daughter, Gia, involved in the feud with Teresa’s brother and his wife, Joe and Melissa Gorga. Gia overheard Joe calling Melissa names, and even typed a text message to Melissa from Teresa’s phone. Now, Teresa’s cousin, Kathy Wakile, is speaking out on the children being involved in the family’s feud. “I can only speak from how it made me feel and how those situations have arose in my own family unit,” Kathy told RadarOnline in an interview. “We’ll totally stress to my kids, ‘This has nothing to do with you. Do you understand? Nothing to do with you.’”

Kathy says she teaches her children to be respectful of their family members, and not to worry about the adult’s drama. “’You need to respect your aunt and uncle. You need to treat them well. If they’re good to you, you’re good to them,’” Kathy said. “’We have issues that have nothing to do with you and I don’t want that to ever cloud your feelings.’”

“’I’m a big girl; I can handle myself,’” she says. “’Daddy’s a big boy; He can handle himself. You don’t need to fight our battles or you don’t need to come in and feel like you need to speak for me.'”

“I will encourage that forever,” she says. “They are their own people and I am my own person. My child certainly doesn’t need to speak up for me.”

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17 Replies to “Kathy Wakile Speaks Out About Gia Giudice’s Involvement In Gorga Family Feud!”

  1. Teresa is an embarrassment to Italian Americans. I call her Neanderthal woman because of her looks. A very crude woman indeed.

    1. Yes her vampira hairline is very disturbing. She’s naturally endowed with testosterone I think. She’d fight with anyone or anything, and she’s very hairy.

    2. I know, everytime I see Teresa I’m reminded of what a hot looking Neanderthal woman would look like. I mean she has alot of testosterone in her blood.

  2. That is a nice sentiment Kathy, we all teach our children this, too bad your kids are not respectful. You’re full of garbage, along with that scum of a husband. Your kids on twitter have been absolutely vile, along with their father. Your jealousy is showing. BTW, wear clothes that are the right size for you, ughhhhhhhhhhh!

  3. Gia is in trouble. I know her dopey dad will not do anything, but I hope her greedy, fame hungry mom will wake up and see what they’re doing to their little girl with all the hate, name calling, screaming and hollering they do about Gia’s uncle and his wife. That child is more important than any big houses, fancy cars, fame, photo-ops, money, or anything. Gia is in turmoil, growing up way too fast, trying to be an adult in the family and she’s not even into puberty yet. Parents wake up and wise up.

  4. These people says all kinds of shit about Tre & Joe I’m front of their kids. katfish & yellow teeth have nothing if they aren’t trashing the Guidices

  5. The minute Melissa announced on TV that she was moving because her nieces were all bullies effected Gia directly. I am sure she heard about it plenty in school. For her to be so mature and still help be part of the solution speaks volumes on Teresa’s excellent parenting skills.

    Why didn’t Kathy speak of the Giudice children when Melissa was unfairly attacking them???

    1. Kathy has no problem with her cousin Joe calling his sister garbage right in front of Gia and all of the children, Or her husband telling her son and daughter not to invite their friends to a party when Teresa would be. Rember Richie told his children that it would be bad if people at their school knew that they were related to Teresa.

      Didn’t Kathy tell Teresa not to talk about the other ladies to the magazines?

  6. If my SIL said she didn’t want her kids to go to school with my kids, my husband would have said a lot worse. How dare Melissa bring the children into this! She could have made up a million reasons why she wanted to move. Theresa and her husband are completely warranted in talking shit about that bitch.

    1. Why would she lie about wanting to move? Teresa is the one that started this by always talking trash about her family in front of the kids. Did Milania start singing and climbing up a pole “Like Melissa” by coincidence? HMMM. Melissa would never do something that disgusting. Maybe if her kids weren’t being bullied, she wouldn’t have to bring it up.

      1. If her kids are being bullied, then why did we just watch a play date between them? If Antona was being bullied, then why would she write that letter to her cousin? The only excuse your beloved Melissa had was, she did not want Theresa talking shit about her to her kids. I’ve

        How do you know Melissa so well? Are you two friends?

        1. lol. Okay, so would you want your own family to talk crap about you in front of your kids? That’s even worse. I don’t know Melissa, but from what I’VE seen, she’s a good mom and not a trash talker like Teresa. BTW I’ve never said Guidice kids were the ones bullying, but they’re definitely not shy. I think you’re upset that someone finds Teresa to be an awful mother when it comes to discipline/respect. I mean seriously, who lets their 10 year old text people they’re having issues with?

          1. Don’t make assumptions about me; you know me as much as I know you. This whole franchise has gone down the drain and each of the women have made it hard to be Team Anyone! My opinion is based per case, not the person.

            As for your question, no, if anyone in my family or my husbands family talked shit on either of us, there would be no relationship. If they talked shit on our kids, there old be hell to pay.

  7. I am always astounded by the amount of hate coming from the Marco camp. Truly miserable people. Oh well Haters are gonna hate but Teresa just LOVES LOVES LOVES!

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