Kathy Wakile Shares The Progress Of Her New Home


Kathy Wakile returned to appear on RHONJ Sunday night, and in a new interview, Kathy is opening up about the dream home she is building with her husband Rich in Franklin Lakes. The new build will have a very open floor plan, making it “very conducive to entertaining, which I love to do,” Wakile tells RadarOnline.

Kathy is co-designing her home with an architect to be centered around the kitchen, her favorite room.

“All the rooms lead to the kitchen because all roads lead to home, right? All roads lead to the kitchen,” she says, adding that she will be baking goods for her business from the kitchen in her new home. “I can legitimately say this is homemade.”

The Wakiles hope to have their new home finished by Christmas.

Photo Credit: RadarOnline/Getty Images