Kathy Wakile Says Teresa Giudice Is NOT The Only One To Blame For Family Feud!


Kathy Wakile and her sister Rosie Pierri appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Sunday night, and a caller asked Kathy if she thinks Teresa is the only person to blame for the family feud or if everyone has played a part in it. “Oh I definitely think we’ve all played a part in it,” Kathy admits. “We did a lot of talking and not enough listening. So I think that we’ve all played our part in it. To say that one person is totally blameless would be very unfair.”

Rosie agreed, adding, “It’s about love. When you get hurt, it hurts the most and you blowup. No one is at fault and no one is the wrong one. It just is what it is.”

Kathy also explained how she felt about her husbands comment where he told Melissa Gorga he fantasized about her. “Rich is very sarcastic and he said it right in front of me so it’s not like he’s hitting on her. I know my husband, that’s the way he jokes. He hits on Rosie all the time. When my husband starts hitting on people when I’m not around that’s when I have to worry,” Kathy said.

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3 Replies to “Kathy Wakile Says Teresa Giudice Is NOT The Only One To Blame For Family Feud!”

  1. How hilarious was it when WWHL (fixed) poll said Teresa was the hot head. Teresa didn’t tweak her hand pounding on a table or charge someone to body slam them like her brother did. This show is becoming such a joke.

    1. Lest we forget teresa did pound a table, right before she flipped it and pushed kim g aside so she could chase danielle out of the country club.

  2. Tre was so right when she didn’t want to film with her family. No matter how much of a mess their life together had been, I’m sure it’s much worse now. I don’t think breaking up a family is funny at all if it’s fake or not. The children are all getting older. Do they all understand? I hope they do because I don’t.

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